• Pasture Run In Shelter
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    Pasture Run In Shelter

    my name is Kyle stumping horse and I’m the owner of rural renovators which specializes in post rain buildings so typical barns today we’re building a pasture running shelter for my wife’s horse we’ve been wanting to do this project for a few years her horses getting older and to have this place for it to be out of the weather long-term it’s just awesome and I can’t wait to show it to her so far I think I’ve really enjoyed working with the lp building products mostly because everything is very precise so it’s been like engineered which is giving it like true dimensions which as a carpenter or…

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    My Favorite Place on Earth: Miranda’s Animal Rescue – A No-Kill Shelter (Re-Upload)

    What’s up everybody! You’re back with Mr. Berger and today we’re going to go to one of my favorite places on earth: Miranda’s Animal Rescue Here, show the camera how cute you are! This is Bonnie, shes my favorite! Come adopt her She needs a loving home because she’s a loving dog Nearly all of the animals that you saw in this video today are curently up for adoption Some of them cannot be adopted And others will already have been adopted by the time you see this video That being said, I come here every weekend And every weekend Some dogs are gone because they’ve been adopted And theres…

  • Kodiak Canvas 8101 Swag 1 Person Tent TV Commercial
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    Kodiak Canvas 8101 Swag 1 Person Tent TV Commercial

    Born in the Australian outback the Kodiak Canvas swag tent is a highly versatile and rugged personal portable sleep system – an advanced evolution of the traditional bedroll -used on the ground, in the bed of a pickup, or with a compatible cot. All Kodiak Canvas tents use top-of-the-line materials and components. The swag is made from premium grade Hydra Shield 100% cotton duck canvas. The tight weave and silicone finish make the canvas watertight yet breathable minimizing condensation and mugginess. Unlike canvas tents of years past our canvas will not wick water. Watertight and breathable means you stay more comfortable. The aluminum alloy poles are lightweight, yet durable. The…

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    FLOOR iS LAVA!! Breakfast Picnic at the Park with Adley and Baby Niko! (and learn about fish)

    – [Dad] Careful, being careful? – Yeah, whoa! – [Dad] This is actually so cool! Whoa, we doing this, Niko? We did it! Right there? – Yeah, right there. Try and catch a fish. – [Dad] Watch. – [Adley] Gonna catch one. – [Dad] Yeah, watch. – [Adley] Catch one, catch one, hurry, hurry. – [Dad] I touched it! Oh! Adley, I almost caught it, did you see? – No! I didn’t, try again! – It is eight thirty in the morning, why are we awake? And in the car? – ‘Cause last night we were craving scones. – So we woke up early to go get scones. Niko, shut…

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    UC Davis Picnic Day 2016 – Equine Artificial Insemination Demonstration

    …here at the facility. He is also a show animal. He has been used for reining shows, and has had a success-sess-sessful career as a reining stallion. Now, we all know that animals have emotions, correct? They have personalities, we get to know them a little bit. And, for Don Walla Walla we kind of figure that we found his soul. We know what he is like. And we’d just like to introduce Don Walla Walla to ya real quick. [music] “I feel pretty…” Everybody say hello to Don Walla Walla. He is one of our pretty boys at the facility, we feel like he is just a happy go…

  • Wagon Camping in the 1800s and Recipes from Lewis & Clark
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    Wagon Camping in the 1800s and Recipes from Lewis & Clark

    Frank Paluka lived here bring the turn of the century He died from a rattlesnake bite in 1936 and is buried with the snake let’s go down the road a little further i wanna show you are really cool campsite next to the lake. The forest service has put up barricades so you don’t park too close to the lake. This is a good place to camp American beauty berry bushes keep the mosquitoes away Turks Cap are edible greens and the flowers are sweet and the young leaves the tender leaves are tasty are like them just as a salad raw or they can be cooked Passion Vines provide…