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    Summer Picnic Menu + Vegan Nutella | Healthy Lunch Recipes – Mind Over Munch

    Hey munchies summer is just around the corner and this time of year I get a lot of requests for potluck ideas, cookout recipes, on-the-go lunches, and so on. So I thought it would be fun to share a variety of dishes that are very versatile in the form of a picnic menu. Of course you don’t need to use them for a picnic but I thought it was a fun way to present the recipes. All of these items are intended to be eaten cold or at room temperature so you don’t need to worry about heating them up which makes them perfect for a picnic or potluck. The…

  • How To:  Set Up Camp
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    How To: Set Up Camp

    Arriving in camp is going to be pretty much the same every day. You’re going to get off the boats, go find a place to camp and the come back to the boats: that’s where you’re going to do the fire line. You’re going to unload everything off the boats: bags, kitchen equipment, water jugs, all that sort of stuff. Once the boats are unloaded, you can take all of your personal bags and then go back to that camp that you found and set it up.

  • How To Assembly Your Quality Picnic Table
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    How To Assembly Your Quality Picnic Table

    Quality Picnic Tables thanks you for your purchase. In this video we will show you step by step how to assemble your new picnic table. If you find any parts of the picnic table missing or damaged, contact me directly at the number listed below. Tools you will need to assemble the Quality Picnic Table include: 1/2 inch socket and socket wrench or a 1/2 inch box end or open end wrench and a tape measurer. Your pallet will include the following set of items for every Quality Picnic Table on your order: Two table legs One table top Two table seats Two center bars One center support bracket Twenty-…

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    Tour de Mont Blanc Detailed Packing List | Wilderness Backpack for maximum self-sufficiency

    Hello, there! We are Angelina and Dima from Walking Nature World. And we are going to show what’s inside our backpacks for Tour de Mont Blanc and Dolomites Hike. As we’ll be wild camping most of the time and we’ll be out in the wilderness we tried to be as autonomous as possible and as independent as possible. So we brought lots of interesting stuff this time and lots of new one so we are very excited to share this with you. So let’s begin with my backpack! So we’ll start right from the backpack, I have a new backpack this time – this is a 20 L Quechua backpack.…

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    ✔️ Best Camping Pot! – The Toaks 750ml Pot – Review

    hello hello everyone I am back this Brian with ZimCo Survival and today I’m gonna go ahead and do a review for you guys on one component of my ultralight cooking kit now I’ve already done reviews on the two larger pots but this is the Toaks 750 ml pot typically my kit and I’ll go ahead and do reviews on these as well for in just a second but this is part of my ultralight cooking kit now if I’m going out alone I’ll bring this if I’m going out with myself and my wife I’ll bring the Toaks 1100 ml pot and if I’m going out with a…

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    Camping Tip: How To Roll Your Self Inflating Mattress

    – Hi, guys. Teigan from Tentworld Online. Today I’m here to talk to you about the easiest way to pack down a self-inflating mattress. Now these mats can be quite difficult to pack away, but hopefully with these few steps, it’ll make the pack down process easier. So the first step is to make sure that your valves are open so the air can escape. The second step is to roll the mattress from the opposite end of the valves, ensuring to squeeze as hard as you can when rolling to remove most of the air. Now when you get to this point, close the valves off and unroll the…

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    How To Set Up the CampRight Avalanche Truck Tent

    To set up the CampRight Truck Tent, put the tent over the whole bed of the truck and the tailgate sleeve where the door is over the tailgate of the truck. Then move to put each of the poles into their corresponding pole sleeves. Here we have gray matches up with gray, green pole matches up with green, and so on. Once you’ve done that you want to hook each of the black straps under the side of the truck like so. Just cinch them tight enough to keep them in place. Then you’ll go to the other side of the tent and put the pole into its corresponding pole…

  • Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Campfire? • Tasty
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    Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Campfire? • Tasty

    previously on chef out of water what am I gonna do the blindfold Oh God I think I’m ready welcome to the season finale of chef’s out of water I’m Alexis your chef who’s always up for a challenge all season long the Internet has been choosing what I should cook with and today it looks like you’ve chosen where I don’t know who I’m cooking for and they don’t know what I’m cooking with although I’m guessing they’ll probably be able to figure it out I can smell pine needles and I hear a babbling brook so this is amazing this is my dream all season long I’ve been…

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    6 Amazing Cooking Tricks

    Alright, let’s get going, six little tricks to use in the kitchen. First off take a hardboiled egg, place it in a jar, add a little bit of water to cover, then you just place your hand over the jar and shake it like mad. Once you’re done which is pretty soon just take the egg out and the shell is basically falling off the boiled egg. It’s that easy to remove. Alright trick number five, staying on the same shaking idea, this is a garlic bulb and I’m just going to place it in a jar and again shake like mad. Okay once you’ve done that for a little…

  • Polymer Clay Miniature 1 to 12  –  Small Basket For A Picnic
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    Polymer Clay Miniature 1 to 12 – Small Basket For A Picnic

    using a piece of scrap clay I’m going to make a mold for a basket and I’m just rolling it into a ball and I am squeezing it a bit flat here on the side and I’m going to cut it and you use scrap clay this is just because the blue colors because I have so much blue colored clay so I’m using blue color so I have like a half moon here and I am going to take something to flatten it out here for the bottom my basket so I’m going to save it until I like the size and the shape and then I’m going to…