• Darche Rooftop Tents – How to setup
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    Darche Rooftop Tents – How to setup

    Before setting up your rooftop tent, ensure your car is parked on level ground. Undo the two webbing straps over the PVC transit cover. Unzip the transit cover and remove by sliding out of the sail track. Release the ladder strap, as well as the two hold down straps on either side of the rooftop tent. Extend out the telescopic ladder until all the locking pins are engaged. Using it as a lever, pull down on the ladder which will unfold the top half of the rooftop tent. Allow this half to drop until the entire floor of the rooftop tent is flat. Position the ladder on the ground, free…

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    Zempire Atom Hiking Tent – How to setup & pack away

    – This guys is the Zempire Atom Lightweight Hiking Tent a dual skin, single pole tent, with a bit of headspace for lightweight adventures. I’m gonna show you how to set it up and pack it away. (upbeat music) Ben from Snowys here folks down here in Adelaide’s leafy eastern suburbs at the Brown Hill Creek Terrace Park. It’s only 20 minutes to the city, 20 minutes to the beach and the Adelaide Hills just over my right shoulder here. I got some space down here in the caravan park today to show you some of our products. This is the Zempire Atom One Person Tent. It’s a single pole…

  • How to Season a Swag
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    How to Season a Swag

    G’day guys, it’s Ben from Snowys here and today we’re gonna run through with you how to season your brand new swag. So today we’re using the OZtrail Mitchell Expedition Swag, but the same applies for any swag that you might be using, so the steps will all be pretty much the same. Now first and foremost you need to set your swag up and you gotta also make sure that it’s set up nice and taut, so there’s no wrinkles in the fabric at all. Alright, so once you’ve got your swag set up, what you need to do is remove the mattress and then make sure that everything…

  • How to Roll a Swag
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    How to Roll a Swag

    Howdy folks, Ben from Snowy’s here today. I’ve gotta shout out to one of our YouTube viewers, Ri, I’m sorry, Ri, I don’t know how to pronounce your last name but it was a while ago now you asked us, ‘how do I, easiest way to pack up a swag?’ We’re out here with the Mitchell Expedition Swag from OZtrail here today. And we thought we’d take the opportunity to film up how to do it, because it’s pretty straightforward, but there are a few things that you can do to make it easier. So packing up of the swag is pretty easy, it’s pretty much just roll it and…

  • How to replace the shock cord in a Hilleberg tent pole.
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    How to replace the shock cord in a Hilleberg tent pole.

    How to replace the shock cord in a pole Cut a new length of shock cord that is 70% the length of your pole. We recommend heating the ends of the cord to seal them so that the cord won’t fray inside your pole. Lay out the pole and pull one of the pole’s end-stops out until the knot in the shock cord is exposed. You can use pliers if needed to pull out the endstop. Untie or cut the knot to release the end-stop. Pull the end-stop out of the other end of the pole and pull the old shock cord completely out. Untie or cut off the end-stop.…

  • Stout Tent Presents Nomads- Canvas Bell Tent Glamping
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    Stout Tent Presents Nomads- Canvas Bell Tent Glamping

    mankind has been roaming this world for quite some time now in school you learned about great explorers and pioneers who experienced the wonders of undiscovered lands at unseen beauty tales of adventure enticed others to take them trip and find their own frontiers then came new inventions and devices that brought the frontiers to your doorstep and for a moment you thought that could be enough but you quickly realized that you can’t feel the salt of the sea breeze or the rush a mountain peaks through a scream it’s human nature to live life through experiences in the search for the unknown you were born into this new…

  • Coleman Instant Up Gold 10P Tent – How to setup and pack away
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    Coleman Instant Up Gold 10P Tent – How to setup and pack away

    G’day, Kevin from Snowys Outdoors here. Today we’re going to look at the Coleman Instant Up 10 Person Touring Tent. It’s quite an easy tent to put up, takes about three minutes, it’s a bit lighter than the bigger canvas touring tents, so it’s a fairly easy thing to put up. One person should be able to handle it quite easily. So what we’ll do now is we’ll open up the bag and we’ll have a look and see what’s inside the bag. To start off with we’ve got a nice, sturdy canvas bag here. Inside there you’ve got some instructions that we can clearly see how the tent gets…

  • ✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Tent
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    ✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Tent

    Well, I mean if you’re using English subtitles, you must speak English… So… That means you can read English too, right? Ok, I can’t hear you right now, but I’m going to assume you said yes. So in that case, you just looked at subtitles to see if something funny would show up. Well what’s up with that?! Pay attention to the video! Ok if you’re still reading this, then that must mean you’re not in the mood to pay attention to this video. It’s fine! I’m totally cool with that decision ;( Wow! Look at me break that dirt! You really are missing out! Ok, fine. I get it,…

  • Black Wolf Turbo 300 Tent – How to setup & pack away
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    Black Wolf Turbo 300 Tent – How to setup & pack away

    – These are the Turbo 300 tents from BlackWolf. I’m gonna show you how to set them up and pack them away. So let’s get started. (upbeat music) Hi guys, Ben from Snowys here today down on the BIG4 West Beach Holiday Park. This holiday park’s right in Adelaide’s western suburbs and it is a really easy getaway for you or your whole family and it’s fully equipped, plenty to do for everyone. I’ve got some space here today to show you some of our products. And these are the BlackWolf Turbo 300 tents in front of me here. This is the Turbo Lite 300, this is the Turbo 300.…

  • How to make a baby car seat cover / tent / canopy
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    How to make a baby car seat cover / tent / canopy

    Hi I’m Angel with All Free Sewing and FleeceFun.com. Today I’m going to show you today how to make this adorable baby car seat cover. Now it used to be that you would just throw a blanket over your baby to protect them from the rain or the sun or the wind but now you can make these adorable covers. They’re great because they don’t block the handles, you can hold to the car seat really well, and it keeps the baby really warm and snug. Now this pattern can be made with different fabrics. It doesn’t just have to be fleece. Now this example is fleece on the exterior…