• TVF’s The Making Of… | A Historical Film (ft. Runveer & Deepu)
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    TVF’s The Making Of… | A Historical Film (ft. Runveer & Deepu)

    Famous film director, Sanjay Ram Leela Mastani, has been caught in the tangles of controversy once again! He was leaving from a press conference after announcing his film’s name and a controversy strcuk regarding hi films name. Yes! A community named Bapu Sena first started protesting, Then they blackened his face and after that it was … The beating he got there… Then even our camera took advantage of the situation and hence the footage after this even we don’t have it. Please forgive me. So, to discuss on this topic today we have with us, The head of Bapu Sena Party, Mr. Majenakar Controversial film director, Sanjay Ram Leela…

  • CAMPING @ PINERY PROV. PARK || Tent Life, Beach Fun & Bocce || The Weekly Diehl | The Good Diehls
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    CAMPING @ PINERY PROV. PARK || Tent Life, Beach Fun & Bocce || The Weekly Diehl | The Good Diehls

    we’re going camping yeah right guys here it is locked and loaded got the cooler got the empty beers but they will be filled when we return them we’ve got the chairs the Canadian chairs stuff sleeping bags towel hat a couple clothes okay guys so we’re driving along here oh no the light and that is as and we’re actually kind of close to the bathroom and the beach that’s Lake so you want to know what it looks like in real life Wow there’s another one and we’re coming up to it here we are pinery park at our camp site #103and we’re pretty close to the beach…

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    RM : Alright, how does this shit work? J : Jimin, why did you buy the cheapest one from Decathlon? *rip tent* RM : In the worst case, we could sleep on the floor… I even brought my Sponge Bob blanket RM : I knew that going camping with idiots like you was a bad idea JM : Oh my god, guys, I got an idea JM : We could just sleep in the trunk JK : We whould steal Namjoon’s car more often 😀 V : Yo, am I trippin or the sky is looking really weird today? (Stream Mono or perish) V : I don’t know what you…

  • Ultimate Camping Pranks
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    Ultimate Camping Pranks

    – Oh, hey! I hope you guys like pranks. – Oooh! – Today, we’re gonna be playing some classic crazy camping pranks on our best mate Mark. – Now doin’ some of these pranks is a little dangerous but they’re the best pranks. Fuck you. – Woooaaaagh! – Oh, Here comes Mark out of the tent. For the first prank. – Hey Mark. Did you have a good sleep? – Yeah, good thanks mate. What’s this? You guys put cornflakes in my shoe! – Woooaah! – Just jokin! – We got you but! – It’s a good prank. – Time for prank number 2. (silence) – Hey Mark, would you…

  • Types of People on Vacation
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    Types of People on Vacation

    – Where in the world is Superwoman today? Mexico! What up, everyone? It’s your girl, Superwoman. And I’m on vacation! Well, kind of, sort of. Okay, well, sort of. I’m still working, but I’m eating a lot of quesadillas and, like, drinking a lot of cosmos. Hola! Okay, I know it’s hola, but I just find it very amusing when people from out of the country try to speak another language and they’re so serious about it. (speaks in foreign language) It’s like when people come up to me and they’re like “Oh my God, I love speaking Indian. “Oh my God, I really like that movie, Kuch Kuch Hota…

  • Kenzington Goes Camping | Kamri Noel
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    Kenzington Goes Camping | Kamri Noel

    ♫ We’re going out ♫ It’s a beautiful day ♫ The bluest sky you’ve ever seen ♫ – Hi guys, it’s me Kenzington Kashmere Clark the third. And today I’m going to show you, what it’s like to be me, and go camping. I know, so unfortunate. But before we get started, if you want to see our other videos, click the information button, right here, and give me a huge thumbs up, and subscribe. Now on to the video. (upbeat rock and roll music) (spits) (needle scratches) (melodic orchestral music) – [Voiceover] I can’t wait for s’mores tonight guys! (overlapping conversations) (groans) – Why’d we have to go to…

  • How to Delay Your Period for Vacation
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    How to Delay Your Period for Vacation

    – Based on a true story. (hoof beats) (horse neighing) What up everyone, it’s your girl Superwoman, and tonight I am flying to Trinidad for a Carnival. For everyone who’s confused about what I just said, no Trinidad is not in Africa, no Carnival is not a circus, OK google a map, read a Wikipedia, educate yourself. Basically a tropical destination with lots of celebration. So I’m planning this trip like. – OK so we land on Saturday. – OK. – Party on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. – OK. – Beach day on Tuesday. – OK. But then I start hearing some key words. – Snorkeling and swimming in the…