• Getting over the vacation blues
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    Getting over the vacation blues

    Hello. I’ve just gotten back from vacation, and I hope you have, too. or at least some nice weekend trip thing away, and I was just thinking there must be some way that you can go back to that amazingness, beach, warm, and keep that somehow with you as you go back to work to get over the vacation high and go back to your daily routine without falling completely into depression So I tried a couple ideas out to see how to avoid that depression and really just maintain the glow of vacation and relaxation and wonderfulness Like getting my nails done – by me – with all of…

  • Picnic Blanket Food Crochet Tutorial – Crochet Applique Tutorial
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    Picnic Blanket Food Crochet Tutorial – Crochet Applique Tutorial

    Hello everyone, thank you for joining me, I’m Kerri. Today I’ll be showing you how to crochet this plate of biscuits and the cake which will go on the plaid picnic blanket which is part of my series of the teddy bears picnic baby blanket. This will be the last crocheted item for the baby blanket. Next week I’ll be showing you how to put it all together. I’ll be using 4 ply crochet cotton. I’ve got yellow for the plate. I’ve got a creamy color, orange, light brown, dark brown and white for the cake and the biscuits. I’ve got scissors. I’ve got a 1.5 millimeter crochet hook, a…

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    Best Carbonara Ever! – Cooking in the Forest

    First, get the fire started Now, get some water in your pan Heat the water and pour it into a pot Put the pot on the fire to heat it up Then, mix it by hand Now, knead the dough Dice it into small pieces Smash it into little bits Dice this up to fine size Add the garlic yum ooh close up And the parsley Flatten the dough into a thin, medium circle Roll the circle into a wrap- halfway in on both sides Cut the whole role into small strips Open your pot of boiling water and gently place the noodles inside Mix thoroughly Vigorously whisk Plate your…

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    Darwin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory, in a place Australian’s like call, “The Top End”. Situated at the edge of the Timor Sea, the city is closer to Bali than to Australia’s other major capitals. Traditionally the home of the Larrakia People, Darwin was settled by Europeans in 1869. The city’s isolation has meant that it’s population has always been low, and that’s just the way locals like it. Darwin is very much a gateway city. It’s the gateway to wild outback adventures, …it’s the gateway to the Aboriginal Dreamtime, …and, it’s the gateway to a relaxed state of mind that you can only appreciate once you’re here.…

  • Motorcycle Camping Trailer – How to Set up Solace – a Demonstration
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    Motorcycle Camping Trailer – How to Set up Solace – a Demonstration

    to set up your new solace camper you will need solid ground and at least 15 feet of unobstructed side to side space first set up the stabilizer jacks they swing-out from underneath the trailer box by pulling the foot away from the hinge and down the tubular top rack doubles as the front floor ground support bars the bars have small locking buttons that need to be pushed in now extend the bars into the support position release the four side latches at the corners to allow the top to fold out pull out the top and position as shown the mattress platforms A & B will be supported…