• Dungeon Visit at Night | Fort Santiago Manila Philippines (Ghost Caught on Camera?)
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    Dungeon Visit at Night | Fort Santiago Manila Philippines (Ghost Caught on Camera?)

    Hi guys! I’m in Manila, Metro Manila right now I’m going to Fort Santiago I heard they now allow visitors to go inside the old dungeon at night We might see a ghost in there… I’m at the gate of Fort Santiago on my left, you can see it’s beautiful facade check out the intricate design of the carving Fort Santiago was a defense fortress built in 1593 by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi so that’s around 16th century It’s located inside Intramuros It’s one of the most important historic sites in Manila or even in the entire Philippines Our National hero, Jose Rizal was imprisoned here while awaiting his execution…

  • 파전 – pajeon
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    파전 – pajeon

    I woke up in the morning and it snowed in the camping ground. This is the first time it snowed in a camping ground while camping. The snowy landscape is so beautiful. I took some pictures. Let’s take a look. ^^ Now that we’ve looked around, let’s eat something for breakfast. This snowy day is like pajeon. ^^ I like pajeon so much. So, I prepare a lot to eat once or twice. First, prepare the dough. Then light the gas burner and heat the pan. Cut the chives in half and place them on a greased pan. And then put the other half up. Chewing~~~ Chewing~ And pour the…

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    Relic Hunting With A Military PI Metal Detector – Vallon VMH3CS

    This is my new toy. A military (pulse induction) metal detector. Intended to find mines in war zones. It’s called “Vallon VMH3CS”. I bought it used. The coil. The manual doesn’t say anything about coins… Stormy weather, hopefully nothing falls on my head. I will be using a pulse induction machine for the first time. I bought a home made unit (without G.B.) once, but it was not working in my soil. I will learn how to detect with it, as I’m making the video… Please don’t expect miracles. The arm cuff was broken, but I “fixed” it with kydex. Feels solid. It weights 5.5 lbs (2,5 Kg). I’m turning…

  • [4K] Find shelter and food, survival in the forest, episode 1
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    [4K] Find shelter and food, survival in the forest, episode 1

    To be survived in the nature with basic tools we need more knowledge and experience There are non-edible plants which can be made into weapons or traps This forest here has a typical rock terrain so it’s not easy to move This will be different with the European or south American forests There will be water inside the bamboo Sometimes the water inside the bamboo is bitter like this one It’s safety, however The wild cassava has their tubes which are deep in the ground Exactly it If lucky, a tube can be eaten several days It’s not easy A really big tube Wild palm tree is very common in…

  • Most Powerful European Militaries  – Military / Army Comparison in 2019
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    Most Powerful European Militaries – Military / Army Comparison in 2019

    This episode is brought to you by Dashlane; Try Dashlane Premium free for 30 days at www.dashlane.com/infographics and never forget another password and keep all your online accounts secure! For centuries Europe has been a global military juggernaut, and throughout the 15th and 20th centuries its armies and navies dominated the world. Yet after two disastrous world wars, the European powers saw their former empires collapse, and along with them much of their global clout. Today, Europe remains amongst the preeminent military powers, but no European nation can even come close to matching their former might. Today we’re going to take a look at the top ten military powers in…

  • How Can a Cheap Submarine Sink an Expensive Military Aircraft Carrier?
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    How Can a Cheap Submarine Sink an Expensive Military Aircraft Carrier?

    Just off the coast of California a hunt is underway. American cruisers and the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier ply the deep Pacific waters, and underneath a Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine prowls for its quarry. Overhead, anti-submarine warfare helicopters buzz around the carrier battle group, routinely stopping to dip their hanging sonar into the water and listen for the sub everyone is hunting for. Poseidon aircraft fly overhead, their powerful magnetic anomaly sensors scouring the sea beneath the big planes. Thousands of eyes are glued to electronic screens, or scouring the sea with binoculars. Just three miles away from the mighty USS Ronald Reagan, a slender periscope breaks…

  • Learn and Work at Galvanize Fort Collins – Old Town
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    Learn and Work at Galvanize Fort Collins – Old Town

    If you want to ground and expand your capacity to be the best entrepreneur you can be, then I would say give Galvanize a shot. The people make this an amazing place. We’re not just working next to each other here, and I think that makes it really different. There’s something so magical when you see two community members who didn’t know each other before, had no idea what their businesses where they were working on, sit down, get to know each other, and connect in an incredibly meaningful way. Just the energy that is being cultivated here. Me working with other companies and collaborating has been helpful for my…

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    Germany vs Poland – Who Would Win – Military Comparison

    Germany and Poland are presently enjoying peace, but it wasn’t always that way. Separated by a 290 mile border (467 km) – once said to be the most policed border on the planet – the two nations have at various times been the worst of enemies. The Treaty of Versailles handed former German territories to Poland after the First World War, which rankled Germany to the extreme. This was one of the reasons for the invasion of Poland in 1939. 16 days later, the Soviets invaded Poland from the other side of the country. You could say this was the start of some difficult times for the Polish. Poland now…

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    let’s make it to the pass and check the faces behind it maybe make it down to the “Refuge De La Femma” leave some food there and get organized to ride something anyway if there’s something to ride if there’s nothing to ride, I’m going back to “Fond Des Fours” I’ll get my phone You left your phone there? I left my phone over there at the shelter? in the dormitory shit shit happen freeriding is compromised too it’s getting fast we need a refresh please reset three weeks without snow 7°c at 2000m and some wind it’s coming it’s the same you guys do have 20-kilo bags, I think…

  • “This Is Our Reality”: Finding Refuge in a Red Cross Shelter
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    “This Is Our Reality”: Finding Refuge in a Red Cross Shelter

    when this particular one Matthew started turning towards land and they said landfall in Brevard County category 4 we we knew it was time to move there is a complete slice-of-life here there are people that I’ve recognized that are very wealthy people and there are people that probably you know are in dire straits here and this is a this is a lifeboat for them it’s a lifeboat for all of us really so we’re very thankful to have the opportunity to come here and to have the American Red Cross provide us a good safe haven. Because when you sit at home and it’s happening in somebody else’s…