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    Kakadu National Park Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Kakadu lies 150 miles east of Darwin, in a region Australians fondly call The Top End. While Canberra might be the seat of the nation’s power, Kakadu is one of those few places where you’ll discover the country’s soul. World Heritage-listed Kakadu is a geological, biological, and cultural wonderland. It’s more than just a national park, it’s a national treasure. The Bininj and Mungguy people have been caring for this country for over 50,000 years, and today, are happy to share parts of their Country, knowledge and Dreaming, with you. A three hour drive from Darwin, Kakadu is open year round, but most visitors come during the Dry Season, from…

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    Darwin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory, in a place Australian’s like call, “The Top End”. Situated at the edge of the Timor Sea, the city is closer to Bali than to Australia’s other major capitals. Traditionally the home of the Larrakia People, Darwin was settled by Europeans in 1869. The city’s isolation has meant that it’s population has always been low, and that’s just the way locals like it. Darwin is very much a gateway city. It’s the gateway to wild outback adventures, …it’s the gateway to the Aboriginal Dreamtime, …and, it’s the gateway to a relaxed state of mind that you can only appreciate once you’re here.…