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    북한 수용소실태 실화 Musical Yoduk Story(English subtitles )- North Korea Prison Camps

    Hellish prison, hellish prison, hellish prison, Yoduk! “Comrade Captain, which cell should I put her in?” “Dance.” “I’m not supposed to be here. I’m not!” “Everyone calls you the best dancer. Now dance!” “Really, something went wrong.” “I took my first step on the blue grass, I had my dreams while listening to the national anthem. My country was more important than anything else, I sang for you, our Dear General. (Cry) “Take off your clothes.” “No!” “Hurry up, take off your clothes!” “No, I can’t. Please, don’t.” If you have a relationship with your fellow captains You son of a bitch! : “Get out!” Come on! No! Don’t do…

  • Why I Support “Kill Shelters”
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    Why I Support “Kill Shelters”

    What’s up guys? Today, I wanted to make a video about a term I hear thrown around a lot. And that term is “kill shelter.” This is a term usually used by well-meaning people, To describe animal shelters that kill healthy or treatable animals. Some of the common sentiments I hear are things like, “I would never adopt from a kill shelter!” “I’d never volunteer for a kill shelter!” “I’d never give money to a kill sheter!” “I won’t even step foot in a kill shelter!” This is often said with a self-righteous tone, Looking down on people who work in or work with “kill shelters.” So today I wanted…

  • Camp Camp: Episode 8 – Into Town | Rooster Teeth
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    Camp Camp: Episode 8 – Into Town | Rooster Teeth

    *Yawn* *Grunts of displeasure* What did I say? I said don’t do fire safety camp and political history camp in the same day. Unless you reeeaaally want it to turn into riot control camp. *Groan* Go. Get out of here. What? You’re not going to do anyone any good if you keep letting Max get to you like this. Take a break! I’ll cover underwater basket weaving tomorrow. Take the campmobile and get outta dodge for a day. Reset! What… should I do? How the hell should I know? Go into town and do.. whatever it is that you do to blow off steam before you kill someone. That’s… not…