• Kelty Salida 2 Backpacking Tent
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    Kelty Salida 2 Backpacking Tent

    The Kelty Salida two person backpacking tent is the perfect option for backpackers or campers who are on a budget. There are plenty of features here that balance price, weight and performance and, in my opinion, it is just a really great little tent. There is features here like shorter length poles. So you have got two cross poles here. They provide a really easy pitch. So there is a series of clips here. You just clip it to the pole and you are set up. It is a free standing tent so that also makes it very easy to set up. But once it is pitched, you have got…

  • Marmot Tungsten tent review
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    Marmot Tungsten tent review

    Hello my name is Joff Summerfeld and welcome to Iceland. This is another of my On the road reviews. Today are we talking about the Marmot Tungsten one-person tent this is the first time I’ve used this on this trip and now I’ve been sleeping in it for about 20 days. I have to say I’m very impressed it’s not very big its light and it does the trick it’s not leaking at all and I’ve had plenty of rain here in Iceland so the main thing is that it doesn’t leak now temperature-wise here it has been cold and with this type of tent because the wind can blow…