• 10 EXPEDITION VEHICLES That Will Get You From Point A to B With Confidence
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    10 EXPEDITION VEHICLES That Will Get You From Point A to B With Confidence

    – [Glen] Expedition vehicles are made for going out and exploring the wilderness and the world around us. From four to eight wheels, these vehicles will get you where you want to go. This is Glen and today we are bringing you ten exceptional expedition vehicles you will want to try. – [Announcer] Number 10 – [Glen] The MAN TGM 13.290 is a four-by-four family expedition truck that will fit a crew of four or more, and comes with cruise control, climate control, acclimatized driver’s seat, four registered seats in the cab, and has a lockable crawl-through to the living area. This expedition truck driven in tropical, or cold regions,…

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    15 IMPRESSIVE Mini Bikes and Scooters | Urban & Off Road Dirt Bikes

    – [Glen] Minibikes and scooters are a wonderful way to have fun while saving on the cost of fuel. Minibikes can be seen tearing up go-kart tracks around the world, while scooters are a great way to maneuver around on any city street. This is Glen, and today we are bringing you 15 minibikes and scooters for any adventure. (upbeat electronic music) (electronic static) – [Woman] Number 15. – [Glen] The Challenger by KUBERG is an electric bike made specifically for trail riding and comes with a 48-volt lithium-ion battery. This is made with a lightweight frame that has a super strong structural integrity, comes with a clutchless one-speed transmission,…

  • 10 Impressive Off Road Campers & Tow Behind Trailers 2019 – 2020
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    10 Impressive Off Road Campers & Tow Behind Trailers 2019 – 2020

    Tow behind trailers such as tear-drops and smaller Caravans are prominent in the camper industry not only because of the diversity and design and pricing But also due to the ability to tow them using smaller vehicles This alone has increased the possibility of owning one to a large percentage of the population Myself included I’m Reacher and if you’re like me in that regard Then you may find just the one you need in this video as we’re bringing you ten Campers and caravans sure to get you on your next outdoor journey Number ten This caravan by Australian-based Innovan has a fiberglass molded body on a monocoque composite…

  • 15 Mini Caravans & Compact Camper Vans 2019 – 2020
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    15 Mini Caravans & Compact Camper Vans 2019 – 2020

    Mini. Tiny. Small. Compact. These a few of the terms that define the direction a lot of manufacturers are moving in due to a demand that is growing exponentially. I’m Reacher. Whether you want to tow it or drive it, there are more choices than there are words to describe them. With that in mind we’re bringing you 15 of our favorite mini-caravans & compact camper vans. Number Fifteen Hailing from due north, Canadian based ProLite currently offers 15 different models as of this video. The second smallest of those is the Eco, a trailer measuring just shy of 13 feet long that is light enough to be towed by…

  • 15 Innovative Trikes and Three-Wheeled Vehicles 2019 – 2020
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    15 Innovative Trikes and Three-Wheeled Vehicles 2019 – 2020

    – [Glen] Do you sometimes feel four wheels on a bike are just too many yet two doesn’t feel right either? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. I’m Glen and today we’re bringing you 15 innovative three-wheeled vehicles. (upbeat music) – Thank you for watching Mind’s Eye Design. – [Woman] Number 15. – [Glen] Starting off this list is Arcimoto’s FUV or Fun Urban Vehicle Evergreen edition. This FUV has a top speed of 75 miles per hour, and lasts an estimated 100 miles per charge. Let’s not forget about the bells and whistles, heated seats and grips, Bluetooth speakers and removable doors, let’s the Evergreen really stand out from…

  • 10 Unusual but Awesome Tiny Homes & Vacation Cabins
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    10 Unusual but Awesome Tiny Homes & Vacation Cabins

    The minimalist lifestyle is on the rise. From the United States to Denmark, here are some tiny abodes you’ll want to see! I’m Glen, and I’ll be your tour guide as we explore 10 unusual but amazing small homes and cabins! Number ten. A distinct sloped roof design makes the FlexSe standout, as well as the fact that it’s constructed out of 100% recyclable materials. Created by S.A. Lab, a firm in Russia, this 328 sq-ft building is bragged to work on various foundations, making it suitable even on water! It’s a design that can be used as a sauna, office space, small shop, or small home. You enter through…

  • 10 Crazy and Cool Vehicles | the 60s | Unusual and Weird Cars
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    10 Crazy and Cool Vehicles | the 60s | Unusual and Weird Cars

    – [Eric] My grandfather owns a 1957 Plymouth Savoy he bought brand new. He’s driven it across country 11 times, and last year reached one million miles traveled in that car. His fantastic achievement got me thinking about other cars from around that era. Hello everyone, I’m Eric, and today we’re looking at 10 iconic and obscure vehicles from the 60s, part one. (gentle music) – [Announcer] Number 10. – [Eric] Based on their already successful 140 series, Volvo’s 164 seek to stake their own claim in the luxury sedan market, hoping to push past Jaguar and Mercedes Benz. The 164 carried a longer body than the 140 and weighed…

  • 15 Must See Caravans, Campers & Motorhomes 2019 – 2020
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    15 Must See Caravans, Campers & Motorhomes 2019 – 2020

    Caravans, Motorhomes, RVs, & Camper Vans. They’re just as diverse as the people who choose to buy them. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, the commitment of living the van life, or anything in between, there’s no shortage of choices on the market these days. I’m Reacher and like most of you who are traveling on this long, strange trip, I like to keep my options open. Having that in mind, here are 15 of our top picks for those open road moments. Number 15 German company Weinsberg took a different approach to their toy hauler integrating a sealed-off garage instead of the standard open floor design. The Carabus & Caratour…

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    10 Best Camper Vans for a Long Drive to Everywhere 2019 – 2020

    Camper vans and the van life. Like anything, it has its ups and downs. Whether you’re a fan of a solid foundation or a firm believer in not being tied down, one thing that can’t be argued against is the freedom of the open road. I’m Reacher. Unless you’re thumbing it down the pavement trail, you’re gonna need a solid ride. With that in mind, we’re bringing you 10 Camper Vans for the drive down the long highway to everywhere. Number 10 French company Citroën is celebrating 100 years in the business with the release of The Citroënist Concept, which is a modified version of their SpaceTourer van. They chose…

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    – [Glen] Whether you’re heading out to the water, soaring into the air or if you prefer to stay on the ground, one of these vehicles will prove to be a blast. This is Glen and today we’ve got 15 crazy-cool land, air and sea vehicles for you. (electronic music) – [Female Voice] Number 15. – [Glen] The king of dawrf cars, Ernie Adams, loved the original ’49 Mercury so much he decided to build his own from scratch. The car, made famous originally by James Dean in his movie Rebel Without a Cause, soon became a household name. Adams made his first dwarf car in 1965 out of the…