• 10 Cozy Campers and Expandable Caravans
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    10 Cozy Campers and Expandable Caravans

    (energetic music) – [Chandnil] Campers for outdoor adventures can come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you’re looking for a vehicle capable of housing a large bustling family, or maybe you’re more in the market for a cozy camper for two. Whatever your needs, this is Chandnil from Minds Eye Design and here we have our 10 campers from little to large for your outdoor adventures. – [Female Voice] Number 10. – [Chandnil] To kickstart our Top 10 list, we begin with a BRS Pursuit Platinum. This robust and four wheel drive compatible hybrid camper has all the simplistic comforts of home combined together with an array of modern technology.…

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    – [Glen] Innovation does not always equate to success. Even nowadays, new and unique designs aren’t always loved by the public. I’m Glen, and today we’re looking at 10 vintage campers that may have been a bit ahead of their time. (funky music) (serene music) – This episode of Minds Eye Design is brought to you by Ztylus Stinger, an emergency escape tool that can save your life. With a sharp razor to cut your seatbelt, a two stage spring-loaded window punch, and can even be used, a phone charger in your car. For more information on this product, the link is the description below. (gentle music) (serene music) Number…

  • Top 10 Favorite Campers, Caravans & Motorhomes
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    Top 10 Favorite Campers, Caravans & Motorhomes

    – [Glen] Summer is here and that means nature beckons and what better way to reach out than to call back to one of our more popular series. I’m Glen and today we’ll go over ten of our favorite campers, caravans and motorhomes. (light electronic music) – [Narrator] Number 10. – [Glen] Starting off our list we have the Camp 365. This crazy-cool folded design allows for it to be stored easily with a folded height of just under seven feet and a width of four. After only a few minutes the camp 365 expands to a whopping seven feet, eight inches. Also worth mentioning is the fact that a…

  • 15 Impressive Campers and Caravans with Bathrooms
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    15 Impressive Campers and Caravans with Bathrooms

    – [Reacher] Getting to your outdoor destination should be the hardest part of camping. But there’s one other thing that can sometimes be a bigger hassle. I’m Reacher and here are 15 campers with bathrooms to help you get going once you get there. (bright music) – [Narrator] Number 15. – [Reacher] The name of this first entry could be mistaken for something made by Disney but one look at it tells you otherwise. The Hollywood’s interior measures just a hair shy of 24 feet while still managing to include the amenities of a caravan much bigger in size. Stepping through the door, you’ll find a kitchenette spanning the width…

  • 10 Remarkable Campers for Extravagant Camping Adventures
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    10 Remarkable Campers for Extravagant Camping Adventures

    – [Glen] In this list, we aren’t looking at your standard weekend-away camper for a little family holiday. These vehicles are some of the most expensive, luxurious, modern, and technologically advanced camper vans on the market in recent years. If you already own any of these design masterpieces, it’s safe to say you must be doing pretty well for yourself. (upbeat music) – [Female Narrator] Number ten. – [Glen] More like a holiday coach than a family camper van, the Deluxe certainly lives up to its name, combining space, comfort, and style. This is Carthago’s flagship model for a reason. Featuring a classic wood brown and cream leather finish with…

  • 15 Unusual Campers and Caravans Sure to Make an Impression
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    15 Unusual Campers and Caravans Sure to Make an Impression

    – [Reacher] Although necessity is the mother of invention, there are those who like to think outside the box and create something different than expected, shunning the societal norms ingrained in all of us from the moment we’re born. I’m Reacher, and here are 15 most unusual campers, caravans, and motor homes. (intense music) – [Voiceover] Number 15. – [Reacher] Including a popup on a camper trailer of this size doesn’t seem to be a feature on current styles, but then again it may not have been that prevalent back then. Either way, it’s worth mentioning just for being so over the top. And yes, the pun was intended. The…

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    – [Reacher] It’s been said that there’s a fine line between genius and madness, and some of these creations definitely fit the bill. I’m Reecher, and today we’re bringing you 15 more of our favorite crazy campers. (fast-paced music) – [Narrator] Number 15. – [Reacher] This mini version of an RV was designed with practicality in mind. It provides all of the conveniences of a larger RV but at six feet wide and 21 feet long it’s still small enough to fit in your average garage. The Vixen was smoother than most of its competitors on the market. With it’s folding windows and hinged roof that provided over six feet…