• Kings Creek Station, Kings Canyon
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    Kings Creek Station, Kings Canyon

    [Music playing] [Click sound] [Music playing] [Car door closed] [Music playing] Hey John. [Music playing] [Quad bike sound and music playing] [Music playing] [Helicopter sound] When you’re driving along main field, not just at the edge into the road, is different. You come up into the… You come up here and you can just see everything like that. You realise how big this place is. And it’s just amazing. [Music playing] Hello mate. Hi. How you’re going guys? Good. I’m Jack. Good to meet you. I’m Simon. My name is Jack. This is Jack. Hello. How are you? Good. Ready for a ride. [Music playing] [Camel sound] [Music playing]

  • ibiza- Tent Life (Adventure)
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    ibiza- Tent Life (Adventure)

    run Emil run Emil, behind you beautiful view of Coliseum Bro, I think that at night you will be fly from strong wind dont worry 24 october. night at 11:35pm. We are in Ibiza. We already made our tent. Soon I will sleep its strong Elvin, look at this I know. I know its very strong give me iron. i will put it also Emil, I want keep it with me why ? for the night security yes for security i keep this iron with me and here is for airy we are parked in front of the villa and the sea near us here is inside of the tent…

  • We Found Military Trucks In The Streets Of Manhattan | Carspotting
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    We Found Military Trucks In The Streets Of Manhattan | Carspotting

    – This vehicle’s not supposed to be a vehicle made by somebody. This vehicle is supposed to be America in vehicular form. (upbeat music) Hi, and welcome to Carspotting, the show in which we find interesting cars parked on the street in New York, (upbeat music) or driving through New York. (upbeat music) Now is the part where I go walk off and look at cars, but I can’t, because I’m stuck in the middle of Park Avenue. (laughs) (upbeat music) What a weird show. (upbeat music) Hi, welcome to Carspotting, the show in which I waste all of my camera people’s time. (laughs) (upbeat music) Everyone’s pretty relaxed on…

  • 소근커플 데이트#30 [Eng Sub] 캠핑장에 가다! Go Camping !
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    소근커플 데이트#30 [Eng Sub] 캠핑장에 가다! Go Camping !

    So Keun Couple Date #30 Go Camping! Hello~ Let’s go camping, today! I really wanna go camping before!! But don’t you think this is out of the blue??? That makes camping much interesting, you know! But I am so excited!! Your face is telling me that you’re so excited! Of course, I am! What about you?! I am not excited (serious all of a sudden) We’re gonna eat barbeque~!! and also eat ramen!!! Also put butter on a corn?!?! We should be in a hurry!! Let’s buy things fast!!!>>>Quick Shopping>>>So Excited~~~!! I am not excited! (Liar…) But I am so excited!! (Humph!) He is so exctied now.. lol SoYoung, you’re…

  • Sister’s Slam Dunk | 언니들의 슬램덩크 – Ep.32 [ENG/2017.02.03]
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    Sister’s Slam Dunk | 언니들의 슬램덩크 – Ep.32 [ENG/2017.02.03]

    (They laughed and cried together) (Before they found each other) (Miran was alone with her dreams) I’ve been going camping for 7 years. I went with my son alone. When he was younger, he’d come along to play. But now, he has plans with friends or he’s busy. Now that he has grown up, he prefers to not go. My husband is busy. I can go anytime. I went camping by myself once. But it was so boring. It’d be nice if I could go with others. (And she met these dreamer colleagues) I want to go backpacking. But going to the mountain all alone is a bit scary. So…

  • Paloalto – 그늘 (Shelter) (feat. ZENE THE ZILLA, Sway D & SUPERBEE) [Official Video]
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    Paloalto – 그늘 (Shelter) (feat. ZENE THE ZILLA, Sway D & SUPERBEE) [Official Video]

    Yo, this ZENE dude started without a single parasol eventually my Samsung rings, from my veteran brother P(Paloalto) I tell ya, Sambong(ZENE THE ZILLA) has been kidnapped by success Now i’m lying in the shade enjoying myself, uh Thanks to HipHopLE(hiphop community site) Mr.Typhoon, uh I had played under the tree but now I’m at above the tree, uh I achived the dream at one burst, uh Pay or fame or fam or don’t talk, ZILLA is simple-minded person, uh blah-blah-blah Don’t act like you know it, and stop getting involved in everyone else’s I earn money again when my phone began to ring I am going to build a…

  • Florida Travel: Visit Wekiwa Springs State Park & Wekiva Island
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    Florida Travel: Visit Wekiwa Springs State Park & Wekiva Island

    (upbeat instrumental music) – Wekiwa Springs, this is the best kept secret of Central Florida. This is where the locals come to hang out, and it’s only 20 minutes from Orlando. (upbeat instrumental music) The 7,000 acre area contains diverse plants and wildlife, and is also very popular for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boards. Are you ready to explore? Let’s go. (upbeat instrumental music) Wekiva Springs is a constantly refreshing and cool 72 degrees. (upbeat instrumental music) The Tooting Otter is the local’s favorite bar here on Wekiva Island. Cheers. (upbeat instrumental music) Nothing beats an afternoon soaking up the sun by the water and enjoying great…

  • [INDONESIA TRAVEL SERIES] Jalan2Men 2014 – Tanakita – Episode 6 (Part 1)
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    [INDONESIA TRAVEL SERIES] Jalan2Men 2014 – Tanakita – Episode 6 (Part 1)

    Subtitled & Translated by Andy Fu West Java is very well-known to have so many mountains men. Wherever there is a mountain, there must be people who are climbing it. Therefore, the workers who opened up the paths really help other people to have their activities there, men. Today, I am Jebraw, the true traveller superhero will go across a very big mountain, which is called “Gunung Gede” (Big Mountain). A creative name right. To solve Naya’s mysterious riddle, she stated a mysterious sentence last year. And we obtained four different coordinates in West Java, where we can get some clues to solve that mysterious riddle. So, Let’s go! Yesterday,…