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    Vacation Journal Android App Overview

    Welcome to Majorforms Vacation Journal. It’s a brand new application that allows you to document a trip or vacation that you take. Let me show you on this opening screen that comes up on your smart phone the trip that we setup on our recent vacation to Orlando. The main thing that you want to keep in mind is that not only does it let you setup information about the trip, such things like participants on the trip and then allows you to create events underneath each trip so you can come over here and create an event. You can see each one of those events that are labeled here.…

  • SVALBARD Photo Adventure – part 2 | remote solo camping and wildlife photography behind the scenes
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    SVALBARD Photo Adventure – part 2 | remote solo camping and wildlife photography behind the scenes

    Look at this, look at this… It has been snowing during the night, and I had my D 850 outside making a time lapse before it started snowing. I brought two power banks for charging batteries and I have this external power bank for powering up the D 850 so for the D 850 it’s fine, I have enough batteries for the rest of today. The other batteries I charged last night so I have enough for another full day, maybe a little more. But, there’s really thick, heavy clouds and even with my big solar charger it’s not easy to charge anything in this weather and I’m using a…

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    Carinthia Observer Plus Biwakzelt IRR – Testbericht Gear Review

    Hey Guys today i introduce you to the Bivy Tent Observer Plus from Carinthia. I’ve already tested it for a while and will tell you a little bit about it. Have fun and see you later! The bivy tent of Carinthia, in contrast to a normal bivy bag has free-standing poles that forms a kind of dome at the head end. Through this expanded space, the one-man tent is good for observation, wildlife photography as a hiding place or for hunting. Of course it can also be used as inconspicuous weatherproof one-man camping tent. The Observer Plus will be delivered in a spacious pack sack with compression straps and has,…

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    Camping In Hong Kong

    A lesson I’ve learnt whilst living in HK is that it’s all about finding a balance. Sometimes you have to take a break from the urban jungle and head to greener pastures. Camping is something I had always wanted to try. So I rallied up a group of friends who were all brave enough to face no running water, no power, no toilet and no Facebook. Finding the perfect camping spot in Hong Kong’s great outdoors is a journey in itself. We picked Tung Lung Chau in the New Territories. To get there, we lugged our camping gear and took a 30 minute ferry ride together with other weekend campers.…

  • Solo Winter Camping
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    Solo Winter Camping

    I used two sleeping mats No air mat this time, but this works fine too. 4 o’clock in the morning There is nothing like hot coffee to make you wake up Made over a fire These are my winter camp boots “Foot bags” made of cotton Very comfy Under is a sturdy fabric, good for walking Inside at the bottom I place pieces of cell foam As insulation Inside the bags on my feet I have wool socks And a pair of wool inner shoes They are very warm and comfy Feels like moccasins One advantage with these are that they go high up So they can be used in…

  • PRO CAMP TABLES – by Front Runner
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    PRO CAMP TABLES – by Front Runner

    Front Runner bietet 3 Tische in 2 verschiedenen Größen an. Der Standard- Campingtisch und den schmaleren Zubereitungstisch. So wie eine Version des Zubereitungstisches mit einem Ausschnitt für ein Waschbecken. Unsere Tische sind ideal für die Zubereitung, das Servieren und verzehren von Speisen. Einfach sauber zu halten und ideal für eine gemütliche Runde im Camp. Die Tische bestehen aus: Der hochwertigen Edelstahlplatte und einem pulverbeschichteten Aluminiumrahmen, zusammenfaltbaren Tischbeine aus Aluminium und abgerundeten Nylonecken die Verletzungen oder Beschädigungen an anderen Gegenständen verhindern. Die hygienischen, leicht zu reinigenden Edelstahlplatten sind genau das, was die “Profis” in Restaurants auf der ganzen Welt verwenden. Diese Tische sind extrem robust! Probiere das nicht mit einem anderen…

  • Outwell Earth tents 2,3,4 and 5 persons (2019) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Earth tents 2,3,4 and 5 persons (2019) | Innovative Family Camping

    : With excellent ventilation and interior light The Earth tents performance-oriented design ensures practical living for active campers The Wind Guard System wraps around the poles this help spread the load and ensures the best stability in windy conditions The front is supplied with a detachable groundsheet while the inner features an integral fully sealed groundsheet for insect free nights Thank you so much for watching, for all your camping comfort essentials, come to Outwell.com

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    Awesome Convertable Picnic Table / Bench Review

    Welcome to Tomahawk DIY. Today I want to tell you about some picnic tables that I absolutely love and think they’re just really cool. We’ve had these for a little bit and they work great. These are from Lifetime, is the company. And there’s one special feature with them that makes them extra versatile. If you pull, take a look, this is actually two separate tables here. The thing that I love is with the flip of a lever it becomes some benches You can turn these tables into benches extremely easily, just like that. When it’s time for picnicking, you flip them up and you’ve got a picnic table.…