• Car Camping Tips and Tricks
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    Car Camping Tips and Tricks

    (gun shots echoing) (cargo rattles on car roof) – So we’ve now completely re-upgraded the tarp. It’s an all new system. All new guy-lines, tent poles. Because during a recent car camping expedition in the snow, the system was destroyed. It collapsed under the snow. So this tarp was put together in Australia. Here’s the brand name, this is the company who make them. Very good quality, CrocSkins. 1300 550 788. So that tarp, it’s about 600 grams per square meter, so it’s very heavy fabric. And here’s all the new guy lines. With the Line-Lok cleat. Very easy to tighten the guy lines with these Line-Lok cleats. Step around…

  • Kuchenka turystyczna – jaką wybrać – skalnik.pl
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    Kuchenka turystyczna – jaką wybrać – skalnik.pl

    Hey! I’m Bartek from Skalnik. Today I prepared a movie about tourist stoves for you. I invite you! Tourist cookers can be divided first of all because of the fuel they use. We have gas stoves, solid fuel stoves and for liquid fuel. Each of these solutions has its own advantages and disadvantages. Fixed fuel cookers can be divided into two basic subgroups, these for fuel in the form of tablets, they have the advantage of being very light and very easy to use, unfortunately, we can not find such tablets everywhere. Nothing stands in the way of such a stove burn sticks, for example. Exactly the same sticks that…

  • Solo Camping: Cangkir Kayu, Bushcraft, Air Terjun
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    Solo Camping: Cangkir Kayu, Bushcraft, Air Terjun

    The cup can’t stand hot water Making wooden cups The tip of the knife is broken because I forced it too much Making holes in wood using coals Clean the burning part So that the coals can burn on the new parts of the wood Using bamboo as a tool Finishing using sandpaper It’s getting dark and it’s time to rest Getting ready to get to the waterfall The water is very cold

  • Camping Gear : Camping Gear Compasses
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    Camping Gear : Camping Gear Compasses

    I am going to talk about campuses now there a handy thing to help you keep on track. There is a number of different styles of campuses and you can really get confused looking at them. But you really need to look at what kind of navigating your going to do. If your going to use a map my preference is some form of a base plate campus. Base plate campus has a little plate and you can use that plate to line up between a couple objects on the map. There are also ones with a sighting mirror that allows you to hold it look through it like a…

  • Outwell Nevada 4P & 5P Family Tent (2019) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Nevada 4P & 5P Family Tent (2019) | Innovative Family Camping

    Sleeping 4 and 5 respectively, our classic Nevada 4 and 5P, are packed with innovative Outwell features Four zip-sliders at the panoramic front door, allows for flexible opening options and is backed by a full mesh panel, for insect free ventilation With a generous 230cm depth, The Darkened Ambassador Master Bedrooms offer plenty of floor space and full standing height combined with mains cable entry for enhanced levels of comfort Thank you so much for watching, now go check out the rest of the details for the Nevada tents at Outwell.com

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    Outwell Mayville 6SA Air Tent (2019) | Innovative Family Camping Gear

    Packed with inspired features, the Mayville 6SA is a superb tent for long camping holidays The full width front door truly lets the deep canopy extend upon the sheltered living space letting you enjoy and utilize every bit of the tent The very large windows, and light, warm-toned flysheet roof creates an unparalleled bright and airy feel inside the tent Thank you so much for watching, you can find more details for the Mayville 6SA or go check out the Mayville 3 and 5SA at Outwell.com

  • How to build a propane tank rocket stove  2/3
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    How to build a propane tank rocket stove 2/3

    inside diameter here will be as long as I can make the food feed tube which may not be bad I’d like to make it a little longer and if I do what I’m going to do is cut the hole here a little bit bigger at the top look at this upside down now I’ll cut my hole a little bit bigger at the top bend it out put my pipe in there bend it back and then weld it and ran to flush I’m not sure when I’m done I’m going to measure this and get a look how long the feed tube is going to be and…

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    How to Repair a Broken Tent Pole – EASY

    – Welcome to Tomahawk DIY everyone, I’m Mike. (rushing water) Here I am camping in the beauties of Yellowstone (National Park). Enjoying geysers, wildlife. And, my tent here had a great big wind storm come through on our last camping trip down in Southern Utah. Tore it up, and it broke at least three tent poles. I want to show you how I used FiberFix to fix them. So, you can see when this windstorm blew the whole tent over, it was staked down, and yet the whole thing blew over, filled with our gear. It was quite wind that came through. Ripped some holes in it and broke some…

  • Outwell Cloud tents (2019) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Cloud tents (2019) | Innovative Family Camping

    Great for spontaneous breaks and long weekends, our Cloud tents are available in 4 different sizes accommodating from 2 to up to 5 persons The Wind Guard System wraps around the poles, to provide great connection between poles and flysheet ensuring the best stability in windy conditions The Cloud tents feature an extra door at the back, providing direct access to the inner tent Thank you for watching, to see the details and dimensions for all our Cloud models come visit us at Outwell.com