• Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Sleeping Pads in Camping
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    Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Sleeping Pads in Camping

    I’m going to talk about sleeping pads and a lot of people don’t think they’re that important but they kind of are. If you’re out there getting some sleep at night, you can really mess your time on your vacation backpacking if you can’t get enough sleep because you’re not comfortable. Some people can go with a closed cell foam pad. The advantage of this is it’s light but the down side, it’s not quite as cushy. Depends on if you’re a real heavy sleeper and it’s easy for you to get to sleep this is definitely a nice way to go. Another down side, it’s not very compact, so…

  • .50 Caliber Fondue Pot – For a Dinner Party, Tailgating, or Camping.
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    .50 Caliber Fondue Pot – For a Dinner Party, Tailgating, or Camping.

    Hello and thank you for your interest in the .50 Caliber Fondue Pot from AmmoBoxCreations.com. When you’re ready to use your Fondue Pot, you’ll want to open the box, and remove the parts. First is the fuel tray. Then the shelf. Then the fuel can. And finally, the fondue pan. The first thing you’ll want to install is the fuel tray. The reason this is necessary is the .50 caliber can has a bump that runs the length of the bottom, and we don’t want the fuel resting on an unstable surface. So we’ll install the fuel tray just in front of the access door. Next, we’ll install the shelf…

  • How To:  Set Up Camp
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    How To: Set Up Camp

    Arriving in camp is going to be pretty much the same every day. You’re going to get off the boats, go find a place to camp and the come back to the boats: that’s where you’re going to do the fire line. You’re going to unload everything off the boats: bags, kitchen equipment, water jugs, all that sort of stuff. Once the boats are unloaded, you can take all of your personal bags and then go back to that camp that you found and set it up.

  • 【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.9「Shiroishi Camping Ground」
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    【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.9「Shiroishi Camping Ground」

    Depart from Kinomura Campsite and have lunch at a Udon noodle restaurant. Then camp at the Shiroishi Camping Ground. Speaking of bicycles, the city cycle. Versatile and can do anything. Delicious. Kinpira flavor is good and chewy. Udon is smooth and delicious. Thank you for the meal. We can have coffee at the service. This is wonderful. There is a lot of ice in a small glass. Even after eating, you can drink without problems. Cold coffee is exceptional. It looks fashionable and is perfect as an after-meal coffee. The campground is nearby. Here? The building is strangely old. There is no sign of people. It looks like an abandoned…

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    Ep. 111: Refilling 1-lb. Propane Tanks | RV camping tips tricks and how-to

    Hey folks, welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and chances are you have some things in your camping kit, maybe even a bunch of things that use these little one-pound canisters of propane. But they’re awfully expensive in the store. We found a great way that we save a bunch of money with these, and we’ll share it with you on today’s episode, so stay tuned! Now if you buy one of these tanks in the store it’s going to cost you at least $4 for one of these one-pound canisters, but if you get a 20-pound tank refilled it’s going to cost you $13, $14,…

  • Why I Love Camping
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    Why I Love Camping

    (guitar music) – Alright. So you don’t like camping. Fine. But I find that offensive. (lively mandolin music) Saying you don’t like camping is like saying you don’t like food or music or stories. It’s just way too broad and frankly, it makes you sound kinda stupid There’s a 1,000 ways to sleep under the stars and yes, that’s reason number one that camping rules. (whip cracking) Okay. Obviously the proximity to nature thing is great. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And yeah, you can camp next to a fucking iceberg. This guy did it in Iceland. You ever cook dinner in the woods? It’s great! Look…

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    How to Prepare for a Camping Trip : How to Select Communications Equipment for Camping

    Hi,this is John Stewart, and this is some communication needs that you’ll need to address, for going on a camping trip. Going on a camping trip, backpacking trip, anything like that. You need to have ways to communicate. These things can be found in satellite phones, walkie talkies, GPS, stuff like that. All these things come in real handy. If you’re going out on the trail with other people, and they’re splitting off from you, a walkie talkie is real handy. You can get them from two to three mile ranges. Stay in touch with that person, in case of an emergency. Also cell phones, satellite phones, these come in…

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    Solo Overnight WINTER CAMPING FAIL (Almost)

    Well guys, it has been a busy couple hours up here in the mountains. So what has taken place is, I put my kids to sleep and packed up my bag and and I drove up to the trail and decided that I wanted to do a solo overnight. It’s about 12:30am and i’ve been processing wood, i’ve been getting the stove all prepped, trying to get ready for the evening of rest. So I am going to lay down here, and go to sleep. But what a cool setup, and I am just really psyched to be out doing a solo overnight, and kind of doing more with the…

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    Alvin and the Chipmunks go Camping with Theodore and Simon Toy Parody

    – [Girl] Family fun for everyone! – [Alvin] Woohoo, road trip! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! – [Simon] Um, Alvin, do you know where we’re going? – [Alvin] Of course I do! All these trees just look alike. We’re not lost. Uh, are we Simon? – According to my calculations, we should be almost there, so let’s hurry up and go! Oh, it’s really bumpy where we’re going. Where are we going exactly? – [Theodore] To tap into our inner chipmunks! Whoa! – [Simon] Ah-ha, here we are, finally. I knew we’d get us here all in one piece. All right, brothers, welcome back to Mother Nature. Like Theodore said, it’s time to tap…