• Robens Verdin Tent  Trekking / Hiking Tent (2019) | Pure Outdoor Passion
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    Robens Verdin Tent Trekking / Hiking Tent (2019) | Pure Outdoor Passion

    The newest addition to our Lite Range, the Verdin is a high performance 2-person tent for the discerning Outdoorsman or Woman The Hydrotex All Weather tension – Lite fabric is a double siliconized ripstop polyester and tested to an extremely high tear strength and UV-resistance The 10-denier breathable nylon inner not only reduces the risk of condensation, but is packed with practical features like internal storage pockets and gear rope. Thank you so much for watching, go check out all the specifications for the Verdin tent, at Robens.de

  • Discovering Winter Camping
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    Discovering Winter Camping

    All across the nation Scout units are discovering winter camping? [ ♫ ] Hey ScouterStan here… Winter Camping? Than is something when… You have to understand a little bit about my history. I love winter camping. In my past, when I was a youth. My father was a professional Scouter and when you’re in professional Scouting every three to four years you move to a new area. So I lived all over the Northeast. I love winter camping. I remember… I believe it I was living in Saratoga Springs (NY). My father was a professional Scouter and that was the that was the district and Saratoga… Camp Saratoga was beautiful…

  • Outwell Knigthdale 5PA & 7PA – Inflatable Air Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Knigthdale 5PA & 7PA – Inflatable Air Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    Looking for a large tent for the entire family, our Knightdale 5 and 7PA are designed to provide room for everyone The full mesh door at the front, in combination with ventilation panels along the side and across the rear ensures ample airflow throughout the Knightdale tents The included front inner can be used for single person accommodation, storage or easily removed to increase living space Thank you for watching, now go check out the Universal Extension and other extras at www.outwell.com

  • 【冬ソロキャンプ】道志の森キャンプ場でDDハンモック泊&すき焼きを焚き火で料理。【実録ひとりキャンプで食って寝る】
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    Timeline 01:04 #DD tarp & #DD hammock 09:26 Coffee and snack time 13:08 Sharpening stone (trouble occured) 18:02 Fresh juice 21:06 Sukiyaki 39:29 Night view & Night sky 41:36 Morning of the second day 45:20 Caplico (snack) challenge committee 49:19 Sukiyaki & udon noodle 54:46 Finishing up Doushi-no-mori Camping site (February) Hi everyone, I’m Tana from TANA channel. Arrived at Doushi-no-mori Camping site. I’m gonna try sleeping in a hammock for the first time I purchased a DD tarp and hammock. I’m looking forward to using them. I struggled to set this up in the beginning. It was my first attempt at making a bowline. I liked them a lot.…

  • How To Easily Stake Your Tent Out On Rocky Ground
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    How To Easily Stake Your Tent Out On Rocky Ground

    Hi there I’m Chris, and staking out your tent is crucial if you want to stay dry and protected, no matter what is happening outside of these tent walls. However, staking out your tent can be easier said than done if you’re dealing with hard, rocky, ground. Luckily, this simple tip will help you build an effective anchor in areas where it is difficult to build a good anchor otherwise. I call this method the, “Big rock, little rock” system and that’s because it utilizes a big rock and that’s right, you guessed it, a little rock. So what I do is, I take my guy line and I kind…

  • Outwell Newburg 160 – Poled Drive Away Awning (2020) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Newburg 160 – Poled Drive Away Awning (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    Looking for a compact, fully featured drive-away awning? For 2020 we introduce the Outwell Newburgh 160 The Full mesh front door allows for ample insect free ventilation throughout your entire home away from home Our innovative HookTrack System gives you full control of hanging points and running cables throughout the entire Newburg 160 Thank you for watching, to check out other options from our Cruising Collection come visit us at www.Outwell.com

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    How to make a Tarp Tipi / Teepee Tent Shelter

    welcome to Patrick’s Bushcraft… I’m going to show you how to make your own DIY tarp tipi / teepee survival tent shelter for cheap ! I will be using a 12 x 16 foot tarp that I got for around 24 dollars, some duct tape, some string, a tape measure, a marker and some tent stakes…let’s begin making the tipi tarp shelter ! first thing is to find a flat spot and pin the four corners of the tarp down. This will keep the wind from blowing the tarp around… next, find the center line of the tarp by measuring it out or folding the tarp in half and finding…

  • How to Set Up a Tent : Setting Up a Tent Rain Cover
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    How to Set Up a Tent : Setting Up a Tent Rain Cover

    Hi, this is John Stewart, and this is how to set up the rain fly on your tent. Most tents come with a rain fly, as a separate piece, some of them come all put together to where you just state out the rain fly. If you do have a tent with a rain fly as part of the actual tent, all you have to do is stake it out nice and tight and just get it pulled firmly on the tent to where when it rains, wind and stuff like that doesn’t penetrate into the tent and it just rolls off the side of your tent and doesn’t pool…

  • snow camping – 2010 – Schneezelten (English subtitles)
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    snow camping – 2010 – Schneezelten (English subtitles)

    OK It’s shortly after 5 pm, the tent is put up (more or less). Let’s step back a bit for a better view. Looks a bit botchy 😉 We’re somewhere in the Franconian Forest, the depth of the snow is far beyond half a meter which we had to shovel away nearly to the ground level, (here you can see the wall) to drive the tent pegs into the earth. But now the tent will keep stable, here we’re going to spend the night. The sun has (as you can see) already set. Everywhere… nothing. We take up quarters now, 9:45 pm, pitch-black, cold as ice 11 pm, nearly -17°C…

  • Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Tent
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    Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Tent

    Hi! I’m Liling Pang from Trekaroo and today we’re camping in a memorial park here in Pescadora California and our family of 5 is checking out the new Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Man Tent. It’s about the size of a pack and play and feels just about as heavy as a pack and play If you are going to set up a tent, always make sure you bring along a tarp because that will help to keep your tent clean The Eureka Jade Canyon 6 has some interesting features that you might want to know about the roof here has this illuminate technology. Basically a reflective surface that if you…