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    Awesome Convertable Picnic Table / Bench Review

    Welcome to Tomahawk DIY. Today I want to tell you about some picnic tables that I absolutely love and think they’re just really cool. We’ve had these for a little bit and they work great. These are from Lifetime, is the company. And there’s one special feature with them that makes them extra versatile. If you pull, take a look, this is actually two separate tables here. The thing that I love is with the flip of a lever it becomes some benches You can turn these tables into benches extremely easily, just like that. When it’s time for picnicking, you flip them up and you’ve got a picnic table.…

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    Recycled Plastic Picnic Table by Kedel – Derwent Junior Range

    Hello, my name is Lewis Walch, I’m one of the directors of Kedel Limited based in Colne in Lancashire, and every time I come out here to talk about our products it seems to look like it’s going to rain. And I’m hoping I’m not going to get soaked. This is very typical of British weather. And the Products that I’m talking about, it’s very appropriate today because they’re completely impervious to water. The look like wood; but we call it ‘synthetic wood’, or ‘plastic wood’. It doesn’t rot. It doesn’t absorb water. It’s impervious to frost, insects. And it’ll last far longer than any wooden bench you could ever…

  • Red Cedar Octagon Walk-In Picnic Table from CedarStore.com
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    Red Cedar Octagon Walk-In Picnic Table from CedarStore.com

    Here we are with the Western Red Cedar Walk-In Picnic Table. Big seller for many, many years; it’s manufactured right here in Pennsylvania. You’ll love this table, it’s a walk-in for a reason! You can walk in, sit down, it seats 8 people comfortably. A great part about it, also, is the thick table top with rounded, sanded edges. Deep seats, too, are a big benefit there. It ships with the zinc hardware, but you can also upgrade to our stainless steel hardware. Another thing about it is that if you let the Cedar go, it’s rot resistant and decay resistant so it’ll weather to a silver grey. It’s a…

  • Neat Camping Hack
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    Neat Camping Hack

    Here’s a camp hack for having something handy for those camp messes. All you’re going to need is a roll of paper towels some paracord and a big rubber band. So, what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your paper towels, feed the paracord like so. Throw the rubber band on the end, then you’re going to take that and wrap it around your picnic table. Make sure it’s pretty tight, and then secure it just using a couple of overhand knots, nothing fancy. And then, to top it all off, all you’re going to do is take the rubber band, go over the paper towels so…