• Lake Conroe Camping & Crazy Texas Weather
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    Lake Conroe Camping & Crazy Texas Weather

    well good morning everybody welcome to sunny Texas here as we begin I am preparing to go south here in Texas probably all the way to the Gulf but gonna find some new stuff and I want to let you know this is one of my new favorite Thousand Trails campgrounds here at Lake Conroe it is a massive park they’ve made a lot of upgrades and I want to show you around a little bit but first I got a hack for the projector for tonight let me show you once it gets dark tonight I’ll get a chance to check it but I’ve got the projector screen still…

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    Small wild Bird Winter Shelter Roost Construction and Review Hot Glue?

    so today I’m gonna kind of kill several birds with one stone here and I’m going to test this gorilla hot-glue I’m also going to test out this hot glue gun Chandler it’s a CT 60 which means it’s a 60 watt version and we’re gonna throw together a really ugly bird box here it’s not a nest box it’s going to be a winter shelter sometimes it’s called a roost small birds use it at night to escape heavy weather sleet snow extreme cold things like that we just want to get them out of the wind I’m not going to use any hardware on this box every joint…

  • Hardballheaven airsoft – The water fort – 30 july 2017.
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    Hardballheaven airsoft – The water fort – 30 july 2017.

    This video got shortened a bit, because it started to rain As you can see behind me…. But that´s what happens, when you play outdoors In Denmark ,at summer But enjoy the video anyway ! bang bang ! Nice try F… , some agressive bee´s No armband, got the fort ! No armband, can not respawn ! no armband one dead in A (spawn point) Fuck, I´m hit where are you !… here! Whatch that window, if they pass ! Left side…. Got it ! Give info, if you see them ! Good shooting ! remember to watch each other…. i don´t see them there is too many, I can´t…

  • Prison Tycoon 3 – brutalmoose
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    Prison Tycoon 3 – brutalmoose

    [Hidden Block music] [Intro] I’ve not seen such bravery. In 2011, Matt Damon bought a zoo. Now, that brings his total number of zoos up to one, while my total number of zoos is still zero. Now, using some complicated math, we can arrive to the conclusion that that– [pause] — is total bullshit. But the day I let Matt Damon beat me is the day that I die, so I guess it’s time to buy a zoo. But, wait! That would just make me as good as Matt Damon. I wanna be better than him! So let’s… build a zoo No! Wait. We can do better. What’s better than…

  • 힐레베르그 날로 3 리뷰 – 대표 터널형 텐트 / 백패킹 캠핑 / 동계 겨울 / HILLEBERG NALLO 3 BACKPACKING CAMPING TENT REVIEW
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    힐레베르그 날로 3 리뷰 – 대표 터널형 텐트 / 백패킹 캠핑 / 동계 겨울 / HILLEBERG NALLO 3 BACKPACKING CAMPING TENT REVIEW

    There are four different types of Hilleberg. Black Red Yellow Blue The two things we are most familiar with are Black Label and red Label. One of the tents belonging to the Red Label. Here’s Hilleberg Nallo 3. When I look at Hilleberg, I always feel It’s like saying, “We want to be the best.” But it is an expensive tent worth more than 1 million won. Why is it so expensive? The advantage of Nallo3 is that it is the first tunnel type tent. Tunnel tents are the biggest feature and advantage of strong wind. And second, it is convenient to install. Put two poles If you just insert…

  • S3: Hell Prison
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    S3: Hell Prison

    Section 3: Hell Prison Welcome to Section 3, home of the near nasties and abode of the vile and despicable video treasures that made the youth of the 80’s into murderous thugs…or not. This episode we head back to the jungle to pay a visit to the sleaziest prison on the planet where the men are men, the women are criminals and the rules are, well rather strict…..Girls, guards and inappropriate restraint techniques become the order of the day as we take a short rest in … Hell Prison. Welcome to the Hell Prison, a place of incarceration for the feminine criminal types of this faraway land. The prison is…

  • HILARIOUS Sri Lankan Dudes at Galle Fort Beach. 🇱🇰
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    HILARIOUS Sri Lankan Dudes at Galle Fort Beach. 🇱🇰

    Do I want to take a Sri Lanka lady? Maybe, maybe I will try. Where? Your wife, or no? No, no, no. Where your wife? Where your one? 1, 2, 3, 4 5 people like me. I don’t know these ladies. You don’t know these ladies? Go. Talk! Talk to them! I go tell them you want to talk, okay? I’ll go tell them, these ladies, these men want to talk. Good morning Sri Lanka. As you can see I’m at the train station. That’s because I’m gonna take a wee day trip. A wee 2 hour train ride down to Galle. Or Galle as it’s pronounced in Sinhalese. Thank…

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    The Dirty Secrets of RV Cassette Toilets

    Good afternoon from some beautiful undisclosed location along the Colorado River here in Arizona! If you haven’t watched us before, we are Ben and Rebecca of His and Hers Vlogs! For the last year, we’ve been living in Denny, the Expedition Vehicle you see behind us! Before we share with you what we’re going to do for a video today, I do want to do the obligatory plug for our website… www.hisandhershub.com We’ve got courses, ebooks, magazines, newsletters… You can watch our videos there… The list goes on, check it out!… Today though, we are going to do a video about; “The dirtiest secrets of having a cassette toilet!” And…

  • Goal Zero Venture 30 Portable Recharger – Charge Your Phone At The Campsite
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    Goal Zero Venture 30 Portable Recharger – Charge Your Phone At The Campsite

    – Hi everyone, Tentworld, Browns Plains back here with another product review of the Goal Zero Venture 30 portable recharger. Okay, let’s get into it. So this portable recharger stands in at 11.2 centimetres tall, about eight centimetres wide, and weighs in at about 250 grammes. It has a internal battery capacity of 7,800 milliamps, so that pretty much equates to two to three full phone charges. Up on the top here, you press that button there, it’s got your current battery indicator. It’s got five different levels there, and on the other button, on the other side there, it’s got a cool torch there, so that is actually really…

  • SLENDER BADGER – Phil Plays: Shelter #2
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    SLENDER BADGER – Phil Plays: Shelter #2

    Hey guys! So, back by popular demand: it’s now time to be a mother badger again in Shelter. Got my outdoor coat. Got my outdoor hat. *sigh* Feels good to be back. Okay! So, we resume our game after falling out of this log in this mysterious land. I thought it might be badger heaven I think its just badger nighttime. So, who do we got left? We got Billy, Brenda, Barry and THOR. Belinda is our mother badger. Okay, I’m gonna stick to the light here, guys. Stick to the light. We don’t know what is out there. Hopefully, no more giant birds that will pick your eyes out.…