• Siddavatam fort way to penna river
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    Siddavatam fort way to penna river

    Now we are inside Siddhavatam fort, kadapa,Andhrapradesh This secret way is directly into penna river from siddhavatam fort See , how deep it is! It is just like underground passage switching on the torch Penna Penna river in summer without water If the river is full of water , this exit door will submerge completely in the water So that no one even knows it See how nicely they have built secret way Great!

  • Rocks to Reefs Ep4 – 4WDing, Overlanding, Camping, Magic Pool, Pilbara
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    Rocks to Reefs Ep4 – 4WDing, Overlanding, Camping, Magic Pool, Pilbara

    welcome back to Rocks to Reefs, having just left karijini we stopped in at mt nameless just outside of Tom Price the views were simply amazing but sadly it had to come to an end and was time to head towards our camp for the night we’ve been recommended to check out a place called magic pool and little did we know just how magical it was going to be it was easily one of the highlights of the whole trip for me we just finished airing down, 20 psi front 23psi back this um this iron ore up here it’s really sharp the rocks it’s not like pea gravel…

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    Spectacular Free Camping Deep Into Florida Woods + Bloopers

    the easy I really lucked out with my travels today I’m not quite out of Florida and I just started driving up into the woods into the mountains I passed the Blackwater National Forest and then the Blackwater State Park and then I came out to a place that has a picture of a camping logo when you first come in and then just kind of dispersed camping throughout here with some evidence of some old makeshift fire rings and and whatnot but camping about a hundred yards from the water here what I know for absolutely certain is there’s not any signs here that say you can’t camp although…

  • Day 21 – Lake Paringa To Hokitika: Glaciers, Glowworms, Rainforests + Rain
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    Day 21 – Lake Paringa To Hokitika: Glaciers, Glowworms, Rainforests + Rain

    On day 21 we woke up next to Lake Paringa. It might have been nice to have breakfast sitting by the beautiful lake if it wasn’t for the giant sandflies. So we left the camping ground just before seven and drove up State Highway 6 hoping to find a good breakfast spot. This is Bruce Bay. It was the perfect place to have breakfast. I love these paintings on the fence at Jacobs River School. The school’s website says they have eight students. Two girls and six boys. There are thousands of glaciers in New Zealand. And today we saw two of the famous ones. First we saw Fox Glacier.…

  • Fort Lauderdale from Florida Maps: Then & Now
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    Fort Lauderdale from Florida Maps: Then & Now

    Welcome to Florida Maps: Then and Now, an animated map series from the State Archives of Florida this episode how its historic maps of Fort Lauderdale. Lounging green iguanas, discarded pets imported from another land, bake in the Sun contrasting sharply against the white limestone rocks along the New River in modern downtown Fort Lauderdale. This map from the confirmed Spanish Land Grant of Lewis Frankee shows the area at a much earlier time when the winding river was frequented only intermittently by Seminole Indians and shipwreck victims. William Cooley was one of the first American settlers to arrive in the area after Florida became a territory at the United…

  • Lees Ferry Private Boaters Campsite Volunteers Help in Grand Canyon National Park.
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    Lees Ferry Private Boaters Campsite Volunteers Help in Grand Canyon National Park.

    Lees Ferry is where boaters put in for their Grand Canyon Colorado River journey. Excitement and anticipation fills the air as groups gear up for their long-awaited river trips. The launch ramp is a flurry of activity each day with rigging for both commercial and noncommercial river trips. Groups with noncommercial river permits may camp the night before their trip starts just downstream of the launch ramp in the Lees Ferry Private Boater’s camp. In the morning, boaters meet with the Lees Ferry ranger for their pre-trip check in the morning to get an early start to their first day on the river. The Lees Ferry private boater’s camp is…

  • One month in the wilderness -Part One-
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    One month in the wilderness -Part One-

    Four weeks. Where have i put myself Oh my… Im so deep in wilderness than a man can get well, maybe not so literally but deep anyways. oh my…. getting moist of excitement well, it will probably turn in to sadness at some point but at this point, im really exhausted Totally kabut. Been awake for 36 hours in a row though i did have a small nap on the road oh boy… Bugs have found me… relatively fast when i started to set the tent up now i’ve got them to keep me company nothing disturbing atleast not yet. i managed to set the tent up i was supposed…

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    One month in the wilderness -Part Two-

    I have my gear on and I’m on my way to find a mobile signal Searching for connection here we go…. there’s no f*ing signal at all didn’t take me long to find other people. ASS!! There she floats down the river i am not going to make human contact What would be the idea in full isolation if i made contact i hope they don’t head in to shore but by all the logic, it’s 8am they have started early so i doubt they would make camp so soon. Feels bad There they row forward i don’t mind it at all i hope they row far away from my…