• Unboxing the Smokin Hot Rocket Stove  | What you get!
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    Unboxing the Smokin Hot Rocket Stove | What you get!

    – Okay so we’re just taking a quick, closer look at the box that the stove comes in. Now they do state on the box that it’s 10 kilos in weight, which is still quite light and portable. Three times more efficient than a campfire and two times more efficient than the home stove. Does burn quite clean so as far as your wood fires go you’re gonna get minimal smoke once the unit gets fired up. You can use it basically to keep warm around. You can do your marshmallows. But it also has a built in grill on the top where you can actually put your pan and…

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    Folding Rocket Stove

    What’s up guys how you all doing. And for today’s video I got something interesting in my fan mail PO Box.Boom Let’s open it up It’s actually a folding rocket camping stove let’s see what it’s all about. I really like the packaging it’s very well done. There’s a little bag and a couple of screws. So let me show you how to put this thing together. As you can see it’s pretty compact Boom open it up like this Take out all the parts from here Then what were going to do is slide this thing in inside here. It fits pretty snug so be patient with that. Then…