• Bushcraft Rocket Stove Campfire
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    Bushcraft Rocket Stove Campfire

    we get this kettle on the go in a second but what I’d like to try is that rocket stove I think I talked about it before but it’s extremely efficient extremely it’s an extremely good burn and you can boil it well a kettle cook on it if you need to I’ve got a very small logs I’m not going to cook tonight’s dinner on that so here we have it this is a pre-prepared rocket stove I’ve drilled a hole through there and another one about halfway down and they’re interlinked drilled in through screws on which my kettle will sit so let’s have a go let’s see…

  • How to design and make a Rocket Stove Griddle
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    How to design and make a Rocket Stove Griddle

    Friends! We are going to be using these gas bottles to make a rocket stove barbecue. This is where the idea for this rocket stove griddle barbecue came from. It was making a rocket stove from bean cans at a camp out. That was really great but I wanted something a bit more epic in scale. I already had the experience of making a rocket stove heater for the workshop which I talk all about in this video and assess it five years into it’s life. If you are interested in the principals and design of rocket stoves do check that out in the link below (video description). That’s the…

  • DIY Rocket Stove In A 5 Gal Bucket – GardenFork
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    DIY Rocket Stove In A 5 Gal Bucket – GardenFork

    – Today everyone, I’m gonna show you how to make a rocket stove in a five-gallon bucket, and it’s a really cool thing. Ready? Here we go. – [Camerawoman] What is a rocket stove? – It’s a really cool thing, so of course I have to make one. Rocket stoves are a highly efficient way of burning small amounts of wood. You might of seen them in, like, urban homesteading magazines or videos called a ‘rocket stove mass heater’, which uses a big barrel and a big piece of stone or cement and it creates a lot of heat that heats the whole house. Here, we’re gonna create a little,…

  • Wood Stove Upgrade – Part 1 – Window To Your Soul
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    Wood Stove Upgrade – Part 1 – Window To Your Soul

    Hi Everyone. The first major change I’m going to make to this old stove is to add a viewing window to the front door. The back side of the door has the square thing welded to it. I’m not sure what its function is for, but it’s going to get repurposed. I had a piece of neoceram clear ceramic custom cut to 7” square and I’ll convert this odd square into a holder for the glass. To get started, I marked the outer edge of the glass along the “new” bracket, then marked a cutting line about a 1/4″ in from that. This will provide a lip in the new…

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    let’s rang it out again I’m going to talk a little less will be here is grind the top edge and the bottom edge off nigga up make sure it don’t fly so it’s got a couple of cabins and narrow it up grind them out and then this coating on the side is a plastic coating I’m better I got to find that off so it doesn’t melt off plus i’m going to be painting this so I want that operator so that’s what I’m doing that this has got some slag in here that I’m going to get a hammer and knock that slag off so it’s easier…

  • The new Silverfire Survivor Rocket stove
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    The new Silverfire Survivor Rocket stove

    Hey what we have here is the new silver fire survivor stove Todd Albee the owner of silver fire has redesigned this and I’ll show you what I found that’s a little different the feed door has got I guess it would be an insulating it’s double steel the old one is a single piece still is a double piece of steel and I guess if you could sure pick this up without thinking you’re supposed to open it with a stick but you know when you’re in the middle of cooking bacon you sort of get excited you forget all that and this is the the difference this is…

  • Rocket stove corn bread,,,,,,,sort of
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    Rocket stove corn bread,,,,,,,sort of

    I’m not a big fan of anything that says low fat because usually low fat means low flavor but I’m going to try and making this cornbread but I’m gonna make it in my rocket stove oven I never had anything well yeah I did make something I can’t remember what I made anyway let me get this mixed up and get my rocket stove started see you out there all right i got my rocket stove going and fixing to slide it up underneath my living there’s my cornbread and as fire I got it really going to much but I wanted to get a bunch of coals in…