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    Our Story | Shelter Solutions of Arkansas

    I’m Brandon Shaw and I own Shelter Solutions of Arkansas and we sell, manufacture, and install storm shelters, safe roads, and I guess that’s about it. When my wife and I were looking for storm shelters in 2012 it was kind of difficult finding somebody to do it. There’s nobody that wanted to come out talk to us or taking measurements. They would just say, “alright put down your five hundred dollar deposit and we’ll get to you in four to six weeks”. I started in 2013 after we got out of the army and it’s something that you know I was interested in doing and working with equipment so…

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    An Introduction to Survive-a-Storm Shelters: America’s Storm Shelter Provided

    If you live in tornado alley you know that you need a storm shelter Survive-a-Storm is America’s leading storm shelter provider. Our shelters are available throughout tornado alley at Home Depot. With three residential models available and more options for larger applications, there is a Survive-a-Storm Shelter to fit your needs. All models of Survive-a-Storm Shelters are rated to withstand the full force of an EF5 tornado. Make the decision that could someday save the lives of you and your loved ones. Call Survive-a-Storm Shelters today. America’s storm shelter provider.