• The Hickery Brothers at the Yates Place Hang, NC
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    The Hickery Brothers at the Yates Place Hang, NC

    we have the Shug here and Here I am in the Linville Gorge and I’m at pine needle camp Jen is over in the tent over there and I just got down here after driving eighteen hours there’s Hickery’s hammock and I am setting up right down here with my Eldorado my warbonnet diamondback top quilt Frankenquilt and I’m talking into the GoPro camera here which I’m going to have to use this whole trip so I left town Monday morning early ….EARLY!!! left about four drove through Chicago stopped and visited with my daughter and Bean the dog who you might have seen in a few videos and I…

  • Hickery Brothers Camp and Stuff in NC
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    Hickery Brothers Camp and Stuff in NC

    so here’s the deal..so were at this hang the Yates hang it’s been fun it’s been laid-back I was kind of sitting here thinking while we’re breaking down getting ready to go up a backpack at the Birkhead wilderness and a got about three guys are gonna come along with us we got Bob we got pickle and we got grease doc who’s a friend of ours from the gorge and tonight by the time we get up there and daylight savings time but probably it’s gonna get to the trailhead and flop out there know about a two-day walk and then we got to split and go home but…

  • Hammock Chat
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    Hammock Chat

    Hey everybody Shug here and those kind of hoping to have a chat with you today about just the bigger picture of hammocks sort of the broad scope I want to sort of speak esoterically a little bit about hammocks not so much showing how to do anything here but just just things to get on my mind about hammocks and maybe they get on your minds and it’s things that people ask me from time to time or I see come up on forums so let’s just have a little chat about it I’m gonna sit back and have myself a little sip of my Medaglia D’oro instant espresso.…

  • Talking Winter Camping…Part 1
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    Talking Winter Camping…Part 1

    get me some coffee add myself a mocha and talk about winter with you let’s get me in there a little better how’s that getting to be that time of year where people are starting to ask the winter question so uh what we do tonight is have our first preliminary talk about wintertime camping or people that don’t have a winter as Extreme as Minnesota um how you can kind of you know get into winter camping and a lot of you have gotten gear these past couple of years and you know getting down to the 40’s and stuff you feel pretty good now you want to get…

  • Layering Underquilts, Top Quilts and Sleeping Bags for Deep Winter Camping
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    Layering Underquilts, Top Quilts and Sleeping Bags for Deep Winter Camping

    hey everybody it’s Shug here. Come along with me what I want to show you today is how you can stack your under quilts so you can get to some lower temperatures you can stack your top quilts you can stack your sleeping bag you can put a top quilt inside a sleeping bag and get down with like maybe a 40 degree or a 20 degree and get down and do some winter camping in the lot colder weather it’s a great time to be out and I hope you do get out there this year and maybe even get down to your personal low sounds like 101 Dalmatians…

  • Talking Winter Camping…Part 4
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    Talking Winter Camping…Part 4

    On the last video is talking about stoves and I mentioned I use my old MSR whisper light and that’s the stove right here had this stove for 20-something years. It used to be the stove I used for every trip now with the advent of canister stoves and alcohol stoves and all that I’ve gone alcohol for most of my trips except for winter Other than having my Medallia daughter from the from the hammock. I have to melt a lot of snow. So here’s how this one works So first thing you do is you I got my bottle in here with my fuel Giving it a few…

  • Backpack and Boots…what to do with them Hammock Camping
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    Backpack and Boots…what to do with them Hammock Camping

    I’m Shug and I’m talking to you what I’m talking to you about today is your backpack and your boots when you’re in your hammock this is kind of a worry for a lot of new hammockers but the question has come up over and over and over and over and over and over again about where you put your pack and your boots at night so I wanted to say I’ve done a video on packs and boots before but it was 2014-2015 and what happens as new viewers ask the question they don’t want to go back into my catalogue and look for it nor do I a…

  • 👉 Centering Tarp Over Hammock
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    👉 Centering Tarp Over Hammock

    hey its Shug here. Hey new hammockers.. could I have a word with you? Come here… want to talk to you about centering your tarp over your hammock. So today we’re just gonna look at sort of centering that and dealing with water maybe coming in on the end of your hammock so we’re not going to deal with doors on the tarp stuff like that we don’t want to put our socks on over our boots. And what we use today is my Blackcrow DIY tarp that I made it’s got an 11-foot Ridgeline and a Dutchware netles shammock that’s an 11 foot hammock and I have a ridgeline…

  • Talking Winter Camping Part 2
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    Talking Winter Camping Part 2

    thinking more of those winter thoughts okay this is part two of talking about winter camping the first thing I want to say is this is really geared toward people that are wanting to go camping maybe below freezing 20 degrees possibly the high teens if we start getting to zero degrees that opens up a whole new level of winter camping gear wise preparedness wise stove wise a lot of different factors come into play there so bear in mind that this video we’re really talking about people that have been camping and maybe 40 degrees now and they want to get down to freezing 32 maybe they want…