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    Fearful Dog – Shelter Stories: Bailey

    Hey everybody! Ian here with Simpawtico Dog Training. we’re starting a new program on the channel today called “Shelter Stories.” Now last January I was offered a position with the Chemung County Humane Society and SPCA as their canine behavior and training manager, and I thought it would be kind of cool to document some of the things we do with enrichment and rehabilitation. Today we’re gonna start with a story about a very special lady named Bailey. Bailey is an eight-year-old Shepherd mix surrendered by elderly owners in Virginia who were no longer able to care for her. Having been transported up to us just 24 hours after being…

  • Reactive Dog – Shelter Dog Case Study, All or None Training
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    Reactive Dog – Shelter Dog Case Study, All or None Training

    Working with shelters is usually pretty fun and exciting. I get to pet a lot of dogs and hang out with some really cool people. Today I want to focus on one little case study on a dog named Clover or as I like to call it, Project: Cloverfield. Ian here with Simpawtico Dog Training and before we take a look at little Clover please make sure you’re subscribed so you never miss any of our videos. Also follow us on all the big social networks so we can get better acquainted. And don’t forget to check the YouTube description for notes, links, and resources about the stuff we talked…