• Future Military Robots Explained
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    Future Military Robots Explained

    Our wars used to be fought on foot, but then we harnessed horses for battle. Swords were our weapon of choice until guns were invented. Chariots slowly evolved into tanks, and in less than 100 years this [picture of the wright bros], turned into this . But the change that’s now underway will be the most significant in human history, as soldiers from the world’s richest countries will soon rarely come face to face with their enemies. This is a profile of the robotic takeover of the world’s militaries. For years now, the military of the United States and our closest allies, the Europeans, Israel, and South Korea have been…

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    What if NASA had the US Military’s Budget?

    Space, the final frontier. Except, we don’t have cool spaceships because the US government has a bit of a thing for aircraft carriers, F35’s, and ships bristling with guns. The United States spends roughly 600 billion dollars per year on the military. Which is about 54% of the annual discretionary budget. By comparison, NASA only gets 18.5 billion dollars per year, or less than 0.5% of the national budget. Now, we are not going to get tied up in debating whether or not the US needs such a massive military. But, here are some quick facts in case you’re interested. The next biggest spender is China, at a 190 billion…

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    5 Most Secret Military Aircraft

    Shortly after midnight on May 1, 2011 two unusual helicopters carrying 25 U.S. Navy SEALs… …descended on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The heavily modified Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters were able to fly 200 km undetected from the Afghanistan border… …with neighbors reporting that they didn’t hear the helicopters until they were directly overhead. Their existence might have remained secret had one of the helicopters not crash landed on the wall of the compound. U.S. forces destroyed the crashed Black Hawk with explosives, but a portion of the tail section survived… …revealing top secret stealth modifications stemming from a program that had supposedly been discontinued in 2006.…

  • Why Earth Is A Prison and How To Escape It
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    Why Earth Is A Prison and How To Escape It

    We are prisoners on Earth. The Universe taunts us, by showing all the places we can’t ever visit. However, if our species wants to have a long term future, we have to escape our prison. But what is keeping us here in the first place? Turns out, we owe the universe a debt that is 4.5 billion years old. *Intro* Everything with mass in the universe attracts every other thing with mass. We call this phenomenon ‘gravity’. The closer you are to a big chunk of mass, the stronger the attraction or the more you’re pulled in. This effect traps us on earth. We can imagine this as being prisoners…

  • 24 HOUR BOX FORT SPACE BASE CHALLENGE!! πŸ“¦πŸš€  Visiting A Planet, Box Fort Lander & More!
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    24 HOUR BOX FORT SPACE BASE CHALLENGE!! πŸ“¦πŸš€ Visiting A Planet, Box Fort Lander & More!

    previously on space and eventually I’ll be asleep and in here for a hundred years now I’m in the crowd chamber it’s time to get into position logan’s me to close the glass encasing and activate the cryo fusion yes I now it’s gotta wait a hundred years what should I do this is pretty fun I guess I’ll just monitor the ship and make sure everything’s okay in the meantime guys I guess I’m just gonna keep practicing my bottle flips been in the ship for a hundred years I don’t know how much longer I can take just I don’t even know what’s going on at some time…

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    ready to take this into space pressurizing the back gate door lock is closed in three two one door locks closed pressurize in the back we are good to go launch mode is initiated all right t-minus 20 seconds to takeoff we got this J launch sequence now hey yo what’s going on guys this Pappa Jake you’re from G but man we are back with a brand new video and today guys marks the day of a very special day today is the first day is twice week with the old space Logan we’re gonna be building the spaceship out a cardboard and every single day we’re gonna be…

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    previously spaced week Oh oh yeah Logan’s your pawn open yeah my paolo just opened are we there yet yeah cries over it must have been 30 years cheek are you okay muscles are just weak we got to get to the control panel the cryo rejuvenation kit all right looks like the system’s in a repo mode checking over all the history locks for the past 30 years looks like there was no huge anomalies about 15 years ago we had one of the power cycles shut off but that was rebooted fairly quickly other than that life-support systems have been fine hello Jake hope you slept well all…

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    previously on space it looks like we’ve entered the atmosphere uh looking at zero G’s turning on air system overwrite alpha Bravo two seven Niner over we are making our rendezvous to the International Space Station you’ve got Papa Jacob over here looks like we’re about 40,000 miles out from the International Space Station rendezvous should be taking place soon gonna do a cycle of the air system now air systems our good power systems are good we are good to go we are good to go uh Houston we’re seeing a bit of an issue here does not look like the International Space Station showing up on our radar…

  • 3AM BOX FORT SPACESHIP CHALLENGE!! πŸ“¦πŸ˜±Scary Aliens, Space & More!
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    3AM BOX FORT SPACESHIP CHALLENGE!! πŸ“¦πŸ˜±Scary Aliens, Space & More!

    previously spaced week do you think it’s an alien I don’t exactly know it seems like it’s alive but I can’t tell whatever you are I’m gonna find out what secrets do you hold what do you mean it burned through the gloves I don’t know it burned through its priests the quarantine zone we got we got sealing off you guys hit this room up now okay okay lab sealed off we’re gonna have to quarantine that zone whatever that is it broke through the quarantine box and burn my hand oh okay we gotta take you to the Med Bay man we got to fix your hand ah…