• How to Pack for a Camping Trip : Choose the Right Camping Stove
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    How to Pack for a Camping Trip : Choose the Right Camping Stove

    Hi! My name is Dan and I am here with Expert Village. Today we are going to be talking about stoves. If you are going camping you don’t want to build a campfire, you want to bring a camp stove with you. There are many different kinds of stoves; there is light weight stoves, slightly heavier weights, there is also can fuel as opposed to liquid fuel stoves. Can fuel stoves tend to perform coldly in cold weather and high altitudes whereas stoves with liquid fuel and a pump on them can perform well in almost all circumstances? There is a variety of different options you can get with a…

  • Gone Bushcraft: Wood Burning Gasifier Stove Demonstration
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    Gone Bushcraft: Wood Burning Gasifier Stove Demonstration

    This wood burning stove has a double wall, which allows pre-heated air to flow up in to the combustion chamber. The pre-heated air combines with smoke and wood gas to create a secondary combustion. The stove breaks down into four parts, which pack together nicely. A bit of a false start there… Pine fatwood to the rescue! This full pot of water boils in about 3-4 minutes. It’s important to keep feeding bio mass into the combustion chamber. The stove burns very efficiently, so you don’t need a lot of fuel to keep the stove running.

  • How to build a propane tank rocket stove  2/3
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    How to build a propane tank rocket stove 2/3

    inside diameter here will be as long as I can make the food feed tube which may not be bad I’d like to make it a little longer and if I do what I’m going to do is cut the hole here a little bit bigger at the top look at this upside down now I’ll cut my hole a little bit bigger at the top bend it out put my pipe in there bend it back and then weld it and ran to flush I’m not sure when I’m done I’m going to measure this and get a look how long the feed tube is going to be and…

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    let’s rang it out again I’m going to talk a little less will be here is grind the top edge and the bottom edge off nigga up make sure it don’t fly so it’s got a couple of cabins and narrow it up grind them out and then this coating on the side is a plastic coating I’m better I got to find that off so it doesn’t melt off plus i’m going to be painting this so I want that operator so that’s what I’m doing that this has got some slag in here that I’m going to get a hammer and knock that slag off so it’s easier…

  • Chinese multifuel stove (first impressions)
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    Chinese multifuel stove (first impressions)

    I think it records… … How are you? All these days we prepare ourselves for the trip… As typical Greeks we are, we’ve bought some goodies from e-bay… Cause our money are not enough to buy them from our market… Here they are… Brake pads set. I bought them from Greece… many things… A small tripod, to help us get some cool shots on the road… a waterproof case for the mobile phone… a normal size tripod… With 5 euros I recommend buying one! It should work for at least one week… A big – long lighter… A small light that operates with batteries… For our nights in the tent!…

  • Rocket stove corn bread,,,,,,,sort of
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    Rocket stove corn bread,,,,,,,sort of

    I’m not a big fan of anything that says low fat because usually low fat means low flavor but I’m going to try and making this cornbread but I’m gonna make it in my rocket stove oven I never had anything well yeah I did make something I can’t remember what I made anyway let me get this mixed up and get my rocket stove started see you out there all right i got my rocket stove going and fixing to slide it up underneath my living there’s my cornbread and as fire I got it really going to much but I wanted to get a bunch of coals in…

  • Wood Gas Stove SCIENCE! V5.4 Secondary Air VORTEX!
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    Wood Gas Stove SCIENCE! V5.4 Secondary Air VORTEX!

    welcome to wood gas stove science where I attempt to learn science behind wood gas stoves this is secondary air port experiment part five-point four… in this experiment I use the optimized primary air port layout Arrived at in previous videos I Tweaked the secondary air ports so the air enters the burn chamber at an angle fuel parameters are kept same throughout the experiments… one measured cup wood pellets and 1 tablespoon wood pellets soaked in HEET from the yellow bottle by five minutes into the burn all sixteen secondary air ports have good flame and the Jets at an angle seem to be causing the vortex well very…

  • Backpacking Stoves – 6 Tips for Max Performance
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    Backpacking Stoves – 6 Tips for Max Performance

    Hello there my friends, John here, and I’m sure that many of you will agree with me when I say that there’s nothing quite like a warm and hearty meal at the end of a long day spent out on the trail. Like most hikers you probably utilize some type of small stove such as this that runs off of a fuel canister for your cooking needs while you’re in the outdoors. Well, in today’s video, I’m going to share a few tips with you on how to best use your stove to maximize the fuel efficiency of your canister and get the most mileage, that you can, out of…

  • Chudlow Flat Pack Woodgas Stove
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    Chudlow Flat Pack Woodgas Stove

    Hi, I’m Rich and this is Bosmer Bushcraft Hi guys, welcome to my channel. Today I’m going to be showing you my new flat-pack wood gas stove. And this, is it! So, the stove come in 11 pieces, the outer stove, and the inner stove. We’ll start by putting the outer stove together. The stove is designed to simply slot together. Make sure that the 2-prong base plate is facing outwards, so the final piece slots on easily. And that is as simple as it is for the outside stove. Next, we follow exactly the same procedure for the inner stove. Again, make sure the 2 tab section is the…