• Headquarters Summer Picnic 2019
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    Headquarters Summer Picnic 2019

    The Restored Church of God hosts large socials throughout the year to promote fellowship and unity among members. These include the Summer Picnic, which is held on its World Headquarters Campus every August. This year, many out-of-town guests attended, to participate in an action-packed weekend! On Friday evening, a singles event took place in the Grand Garden. The next day, Sabbath Services were held, featuring messages that explained why socials are so important for Christians, as well as special music. After services, members enjoyed conversing with one another. A group of visitors enjoyed a guided tour of campus buildings. On Sunday morning, attendees greeted one another at the Pavilion, looking…

  • Headquarters Summer Picnic 2018 – The Restored Church of God
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    Headquarters Summer Picnic 2018 – The Restored Church of God

    The Summer Picnic is held annually on The Restored Church of God’s World Headquarters Campus, drawing attendees from a number of states as well as Canada. It is a memorable occasion for members to enjoy fellowship, food and games. This year, the event took place on Sunday, August 12th. Fellowship quickly began as local members and out-of-town guests arrived at the Pavilion in the morning. Children’s games were held. An auction to generate funds for the Work took place. Donated goods and services were offered to the highest bidder. Attendees then enjoyed a delicious lunch. Creative desserts were a big hit. The “dunk tank” was a fun challenge. A variety…

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    – (Sydney) Eric is about to win! Eric is about to win! Eric won! – (Tori) Are you impressed, Sydney? – No. – (Tori) Gabbie, so in the nicest way, what are you doing here? What were we doing with you today? – We were reacting to my own video, which is always awkward. ♪ That’s right, I’m single and I can’t keep a man ♪ – (Tori) What are you expecting the YouTubers to say when they come in and film this on Sunday? – I mean, I hope that they like it. I hope that they relate. I don’t think anybody would talk [bleep] on camera because they…

  • The ULTIMATE Picnic Table (Cup Holders Included)
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    The ULTIMATE Picnic Table (Cup Holders Included)

    In today’s video, we’re going to be showing you how to build the ultimate picnic table. Not only is it weather proof, but it also has a built-in cooler, cup holders, and condiment trays. [Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] [Music] [Music] Here’s the supplies we’re going to need to get started on this picnic table. We’ve got five boards of composite deck material. This is sort of like MDF, if it were made out of plastic. It’s textured to look like wood, is extremely durable, and is pretty much completely weatherproof. Each of the boards I have is 8 feet long, and they are the same width as…

  • 4 EASY VEGAN PICNIC RECIPES | hot for food
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    4 EASY VEGAN PICNIC RECIPES | hot for food

    [lauren] you just put the whole one in your mouth? [lauren] that’s a lot of dough at once [john] it’s really dry. [lauren] don’t say it’s dry! [john] well if you ate a spoonful of peanut butter that would also have made a really tough dough [lauren] well you’re not supposed to put it all in your mouth at once, i don’t think. [lauren] hey everyone, what’s going on it’s lauren. [john] and john. [lauren] from hot for food. and today we’re doing an impromptu little video for you [lauren] because, um, we have to go to a picnic [lauren] more or less. and we have to bring some stuff.…

  • Summer Picnic Ideas | HONEYSUCKLE
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    Summer Picnic Ideas | HONEYSUCKLE

    Spring and Summer’s the perfect time to have an outdoor picnic it’s a great time to get out of the house, smell the fresh air it’s also kind of romantic too today I’m going to show you a few things I like to pack in my picnic basket let’s get started! So, for a light snack, I always like to pack a fruit and cheese platter I usually use grapes and strawberries ’cause they go really well with cheese and for the cheese, I used a smoked cheddar and a gouda so I like to get a hard cheese and a soft cheese to balance. Salads make a really great…