• Quechua Conception – Tent Test
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    Quechua Conception – Tent Test

    When designing tents, Quechua always bears in mind their primary function: providing shelter from the wind, the sun and the rain We find labs where we can simulate this reality. During the rain test, first we put sensors in sensitive places, like zips or the ties between the inner chamber and the outer roof. Then we put absorbent pads inside the tent to absorb every last drop of water. Now we’re ready to test using the rain simulator with a range of 120 to 450 litres an hour per sq.m, equivalent to tropical rain. We check the tent won’t collapse under the weight of the water and that no moisture…

  • Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Tent
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    Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Tent

    Hi! I’m Liling Pang from Trekaroo and today we’re camping in a memorial park here in Pescadora California and our family of 5 is checking out the new Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Man Tent. It’s about the size of a pack and play and feels just about as heavy as a pack and play If you are going to set up a tent, always make sure you bring along a tarp because that will help to keep your tent clean The Eureka Jade Canyon 6 has some interesting features that you might want to know about the roof here has this illuminate technology. Basically a reflective surface that if you…

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    Outwell Touring Canopy – Campervan Canopy (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    Fitting attachment heights between 180-240 cm and featuring our innovative Dual Beading the updated Touring Canopy suits a wide variety of vehicles With a width of 3 meters 20 at the front the Touring Canopy provides ample and easily pitched shelter against the sun and rain Thank you so much for watching, now go check out the Touring Canopy or our Drive Away options at www.Outwell.com

  • Outwell Montana 6P – Steel Poled Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Montana 6P – Steel Poled Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    Let’s have a closer look at the updated 2020 version of the Classic Outwell Montana 6P with abundant living room space, and accommodation for 6 persons The Outwell Power Stability System, is a full steel frame that works with the wind stabilizers and storm guylines to provide unrivalled protection against rough weather The Quick and quiet inner door provides silent and easy access to the bedroom if you need to sneak out during the night For the best comfort in sleeping bags, mats and everything camping come visit us at www.Outwell.com

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    What Are You Thankful For? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

    I just want to say, we met in this house as strangers, now you guys are life long friends. They say in life you can’t pick your family, you can pick your friends. I didn’t pick you guys, but you’re family and I love every single one of you and I have a relationship with you all that I don’t think I’ll have with anybody else for the rest of my life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. So I would just like to end on a note where I’m going to say, “Oh yeah, Friends-Giving, yeah!” Oh! He’s screaming at the table. I’m thankful for all of…

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    Jen Shows Up & ‘S**t 💩 Is Gonna Hit the Fan’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

    (hip hop music) – [Narrator] Cancel your plans for tonight. The couch is the only place you need to be. Jersey Shore is all new tonight. (knocking on door) – Yo. – Who the hell that? – Maybe housekeeping hasn’t come yet. – Angeliners? – Shut up! – Hey. – Hey. (hip hop music) – Holy (bleep). What the hell is Jen doin’ here? – Uh. – Where’s Ron at? (beeping) – Ron is not here. – Oh! (bleep) is gonna hit the fan. – [Narrator] That’s not all! – [Pauly] I need to win one, baby. – I only have a hundred. I’m not putting a hundred in. –…

  • Outwell Hartsdale 4PA & 6PA – Inflatable Air Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Hartsdale 4PA & 6PA – Inflatable Air Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    With lots of windows and a warm light toned roof the Hartsdale 4 and 6PA are versatile, bright and airy tunnel tents sleeping four or six in two dark Premier bedrooms The deep front canopy with side walls and windows offers full shelter against sun and rain and allows the panoramic front door to remain open even in heavy rain The Wing lounge area really adds to the living space and is perfect for dining or relaxing, or simply as added storage Thank you for watching, now go check all the other features like Cable Entry points, Toggle-up curtains and many more at www.Outwell.com

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    Outwell Blossburg 380 Air – Inflatable Drive Away Awning (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    Pitching parallel alongside your vehicle, our new inflatable Blossburg 380 Air requires minimum pitch size while maximizing sheltered space The extremely versatile Link Access Zone, can be placed at either side of the awning or completely removed to use the Blossburg as a stand-alone tent The optional extra inner tent adds to the already versatile Blossburg, by adding sleeping options for guests or when using the awning as a regular camping tent Thank you for watching, for all your camping comfort essentials come join us at www.Outwell.com

  • The Best of Ronnie – Never Before Seen! | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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    The Best of Ronnie – Never Before Seen! | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

    – It’s time to recap the star of our vacation, big Ronnie. So let’s take a look at Ronnie Magro’s family vacation. (men yelling) – [Man] Yeah buddy. – Look at this watermelon, this sulcular, succulent, voluptuous, smooth watermelon. Now that’s a rampage remedy with vodka and cranberry and ice. Swallowed by everybody in the house. – Ron, Ron juice. – Spiraling just like we are gonna be tonight. – [Woman] Look now he’s happy (laughs). – [Man] (laughs) look at him smile. – Yo, you could see the devil in his face, yo, you see that? – Yo when the bras go up, your nose goes down bro. –…