• What happens in camp tents at night?
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    What happens in camp tents at night?

    Okay so this is day 2 We…. Didn’t do much yesterday because it was raining Also we didn’t shoot much Hi. No I don’t wanna be seen what you’re doing I want to see what you’re doing Okay So this is day 2 Things went south yesterday and… Why is everyone…(staring) Oh my god. You may have seen a lot of camps in your life We’re gonna address to the real sh*t today, stay with us. lets go. What did you like the most about this camp? the activities are pretty good Oh, are they? Food is good Oh you’re saying the food is good? We’ll cut the lies out…

  • Building a Wickiup Shelter (Day 2)
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    Building a Wickiup Shelter (Day 2)

    Hey guys ! Thanks for watching the video this is day two of my wickiup shelter build, so today i plan on working on the shelter making a raised bed and also cooking some smokies for dinner I made it to the shelter. Last time it was dark so I couldn’t get a clear shot of where I was at so this is where i left the shelter last time. I brought this reflective vest here, just good to have something to signal with and it’s still kinda’ the end of hunting season so I just don’t want to get shot good practice to be visible so plan for today’s…

  • Why You Need A BOMB SHELTER And How To Build One
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    Why You Need A BOMB SHELTER And How To Build One

    Nuclear war. It’s going to happen and you and everyone you know and love are going to die a horrible, terrible death. Including your pets. Well, maybe it’s not 100% for sure that the world will go up in nuclear flames, but for some people having a bomb shelter is as necessary as having a kitchen, and if the worst comes to pass, it’ll be them who are left laughing while we burn in a radioactive wasteland. Then when the smoke clears, it’ll be those prepared who rise up from their shelters to take back the world from the feral ghouls we’ve all become. But today we’re going to teach…

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    How to make a Tarp Tipi / Teepee Tent Shelter

    welcome to Patrick’s Bushcraft… I’m going to show you how to make your own DIY tarp tipi / teepee survival tent shelter for cheap ! I will be using a 12 x 16 foot tarp that I got for around 24 dollars, some duct tape, some string, a tape measure, a marker and some tent stakes…let’s begin making the tipi tarp shelter ! first thing is to find a flat spot and pin the four corners of the tarp down. This will keep the wind from blowing the tarp around… next, find the center line of the tarp by measuring it out or folding the tarp in half and finding…

  • MSR Tents: Elixir 3 Overview
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    MSR Tents: Elixir 3 Overview

    Hi, I’m Dale Karacostas with Mountain Safety Research, here today to introduce you to the new MSR® Elixir™ 3 tent. The Elixir™ 3 backpacking tent from MSR offers significantly more livability features than other leading tents while being as lightweight or lighter. You can set up the tent in two different freestanding modes: standard setup with the tent body, or in Fast & Light® setup with the included footprint. We designed the tent to be extremely easy to set up. Color-coded poles, clips and webbing show you how everything fits together. Once set up, you can see how the tent offers so much livable space: the symmetrical pole geometry maximizes…

  • Building a Wickiup Shelter (Day 1)
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    Building a Wickiup Shelter (Day 1)

    Hey guys ! thanks for tuning in so I’m looking for a spot where i can cross this river here and then i’ll be looking for a good spot to build my wickiup. I don’t know if you guys can see but there’s some cool otter tracks and see where they slide with their belly and they go from 1 little water hole to another. We’re in mid-november so there’s probably one or two inches of ice on this river and a bit of snow to hide it, it’s really dangerous I can’t cross that…. So I can’t cross the river, but there might be this spot, I don’t know…

  • I Spent the Night on a Roof and It Didn’t Go as Planned (Sleep on a Roof Challenge)
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    I Spent the Night on a Roof and It Didn’t Go as Planned (Sleep on a Roof Challenge)

    (intense music) – I’m gonna be spending a full day on the roof, the roof of the house. Here’s the house. It’s not gonna be this little roof just here. It’s gonna be this roof, right where that little bird is, just there. So obviously this thing is insanely dangerous, so do not try this at home. I mentioned on my last video that I wanted to do this, but the other day it was just rainy as hell Just rain, rain, rain all day. And when you’re on a roof and it rains, not only do you get wet through because you got nowhere to get under shelter, but…

  • Shelter Homes, Bunker homes underground home builder in Texas
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    Shelter Homes, Bunker homes underground home builder in Texas

    Hello, I am Mike Scarlett with Scarlett Custom Homes. Let me show you how I can protect you and your family from manmade disasters or natural disasters with underground shelters ranging from tornado shelters to safe rooms to full survival bunkers. Whatever you need, I can provide you. We are capable of building your shelters out of steel, concrete, or a combination of both. We start with the soils test. This allows us to know what we are dealing with, with your soil. We will then take that soils test and design the proper foundation to make sure that your shelter is stable for years to come. We also have…