• snow camping – 2010 – Schneezelten (English subtitles)
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    snow camping – 2010 – Schneezelten (English subtitles)

    OK It’s shortly after 5 pm, the tent is put up (more or less). Let’s step back a bit for a better view. Looks a bit botchy 😉 We’re somewhere in the Franconian Forest, the depth of the snow is far beyond half a meter which we had to shovel away nearly to the ground level, (here you can see the wall) to drive the tent pegs into the earth. But now the tent will keep stable, here we’re going to spend the night. The sun has (as you can see) already set. Everywhere… nothing. We take up quarters now, 9:45 pm, pitch-black, cold as ice 11 pm, nearly -17°C…

  • OZtrail Gazebo Tent Inner Kit 3.0 – Great way to convert your Oztrail Gazebo into a Tent!
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    OZtrail Gazebo Tent Inner Kit 3.0 – Great way to convert your Oztrail Gazebo into a Tent!

    – G’day folks, Jarrod here from Tentworld. These days you’re gonna be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t own a gazebo similar to this. They’re fantastic for markets very popular there. They’re great for outdoor use as well, so in your back yard if you’re wanting to entertain your mates and give them some shade, but for us here at Tentworld they’re great for camping. And so if you’re looking for a good budget tent, then you really can’t look past the OZtrail Tent Inner Kit. So today we’re gonna run through the features, talk with you about a couple of the specifications for these as well, gonna run…

  • MSR Tents: Elixir 3 Overview
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    MSR Tents: Elixir 3 Overview

    Hi, I’m Dale Karacostas with Mountain Safety Research, here today to introduce you to the new MSR® Elixir™ 3 tent. The Elixir™ 3 backpacking tent from MSR offers significantly more livability features than other leading tents while being as lightweight or lighter. You can set up the tent in two different freestanding modes: standard setup with the tent body, or in Fast & Light® setup with the included footprint. We designed the tent to be extremely easy to set up. Color-coded poles, clips and webbing show you how everything fits together. Once set up, you can see how the tent offers so much livable space: the symmetrical pole geometry maximizes…

  • Outwell Wind Gust Tent Pump Review
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    Outwell Wind Gust Tent Pump Review

    So, if like us you’ve got an inflatable tent it certainly makes putting up the tent a lot quicker than a traditional tent. However, you might not quite like all the pumping involved. Well, we’re going to get out a new device from Outwell called the Wind Gust and as you might have expected, it’s an electric pump. Unlike smaller pumps that, say you use to inflate air beds, this one is designed specifically to inflate your tent, along with some cutout settings as well so you don’t over inflate the air beams and – pop – ruin your tent. So we’re going to give this a test. It looks…

  • Darche Intrepidor 1400 Rooftop Tent
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    Darche Intrepidor 1400 Rooftop Tent

    – Hey guys! We’ve got the Darche Intrepidor 2, or 1400 rooftop tent set up here in our Keswick showroom, and I wanna talk you for a walkthrough. Lets check it out ♪Hit it!♪ (bright music beat) Hey guys, Ben from snowys here today, with the Darche Intrepidor 2 or 1400 rooftop tent, set up behind me in our Keswick showroom here. And I wanna take you for a bit of a walkthrough I’ll start at this end here which is the entry end into the tent. So this is the end that will fold down away and overhang the side of your vehicle, so that’s the end that you…

  • Black Wolf Turbo 240 X-Lite LF
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    Black Wolf Turbo 240 X-Lite LF

    Howdy folks, Ben from Snowys here again today with a brand-new product from Black Wolf. This is the Turbo 240 X Lite LF Tent. It’s designed to be a little more compact, lighter weight of 14 kilos and great for weekend getaways. Now, I want to talk to you about the vestibule of the tent, it’s a little bit different than what we’ve known in the past. We can open this front door up, extend it as an awning if we like and use that as an entrance to the tent. Alternatively, if we were to leave it closed we do have a gusseted window, there is a gusset here…

  • Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Tent
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    Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Tent

    Hi! I’m Liling Pang from Trekaroo and today we’re camping in a memorial park here in Pescadora California and our family of 5 is checking out the new Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Man Tent. It’s about the size of a pack and play and feels just about as heavy as a pack and play If you are going to set up a tent, always make sure you bring along a tarp because that will help to keep your tent clean The Eureka Jade Canyon 6 has some interesting features that you might want to know about the roof here has this illuminate technology. Basically a reflective surface that if you…

  • How to replace the shock cord in a Hilleberg tent pole.
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    How to replace the shock cord in a Hilleberg tent pole.

    How to replace the shock cord in a pole Cut a new length of shock cord that is 70% the length of your pole. We recommend heating the ends of the cord to seal them so that the cord won’t fray inside your pole. Lay out the pole and pull one of the pole’s end-stops out until the knot in the shock cord is exposed. You can use pliers if needed to pull out the endstop. Untie or cut the knot to release the end-stop. Pull the end-stop out of the other end of the pole and pull the old shock cord completely out. Untie or cut off the end-stop.…

  • LightHouse Max 1.2m Tent | HydroGarden Product Video
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    LightHouse Max 1.2m Tent | HydroGarden Product Video

    Welcome to the HydroGarden video on the LightHouse MAX 1.2m grow tent. Here you can see we have it set up. Lighthouse portable grow tents have both budget and premium options, and are designed to offer the best indoor self-contained growing environment available. The LightHouse tents are very simple to assemble, they come in these handy carry cases. Once you have unpacked the grow tent, the first thing you need to do is assemble the top and the bottom halves of the framework. The steel poles in the MAX tent range between 22mm and 25mm, and have welded corners for added stability. The top and the bottom halves of the…

  • Stout Tent Presents Nomads- Canvas Bell Tent Glamping
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    Stout Tent Presents Nomads- Canvas Bell Tent Glamping

    mankind has been roaming this world for quite some time now in school you learned about great explorers and pioneers who experienced the wonders of undiscovered lands at unseen beauty tales of adventure enticed others to take them trip and find their own frontiers then came new inventions and devices that brought the frontiers to your doorstep and for a moment you thought that could be enough but you quickly realized that you can’t feel the salt of the sea breeze or the rush a mountain peaks through a scream it’s human nature to live life through experiences in the search for the unknown you were born into this new…