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    Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is an unpack with me. I thought I would share with you our routine, as soon as we get home from vacation, and how I unpack and wash everything. So, we’ve just been away for a week in Cyprus. If you haven’t seen that blog, I will link it down below, but I thought I’d share with you the not so glamorous side of going away as well. What I do is, as soon as we get some from holiday, I unpack, wash everything, and get it put away, all within 24 hours. That is because, if I don’t do it…

  • LanShan 2P tent
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    LanShan 2P tent

    I’d like to do a quick review on this tent trekking pole tent but first I have to tell you how I got to this point 4 years ago when I was introduced to backpacking I was taking the REI to get some equipment and I remember on the shelf was a plastic coffee cup for $2.99 I said oh that’s crazy I can buy that cup of Walmart for .69 then they had one next to it stainless steel for $4.99 next to that was an anodized aluminum which is about $7~8 these prices have not done just for demo purposes but for crying out loud next to that…

  • Base 23!! Building CoZ! Last Shelter Survival!
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    Base 23!! Building CoZ! Last Shelter Survival!

    this is acer of Spades team TSE state 268 we are number one and I’m coming at you because I was on my state chat talking to my good friend tried NT from Jo P listen the guy is incredible he’s one of the best players we have in our state he is kicking butt day after day so shout outs to you bro and chaos Terry who was the first president of our state to give me a presidential leadership appointment and I really appreciate you too bro so long story short they’re just talking about the fact that a lot of people really don’t know what they’re doing…

  • INFECTED is CRAZY! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Infected)
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    INFECTED is CRAZY! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Infected)

    Guys I was legitimately worried that modern warfare was not going to be getting infected today at least We have a Minecraft update only something works I essentially skipped uploading on Tuesday because I knew I wanted to wait for infected to be out I knew that’s what I wanted to record and then at 1 o’clock the game mode still wasn’t there I’m not recording this at 4 p.m. On Tuesday. And here it is We finally have it infected for public match eliminated survivors become infected. In fact everyone or survived the game to win. Here we go Oh, it’s a teen player. Oh, why is it not…

  • Kelty PK 50 Internal Frame Backpack
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    Kelty PK 50 Internal Frame Backpack

    I am wearing Kelty’s innovative PK 50 internal frame backpack. This unique pack incorporates organizational features that I haven’t seen in any other packs on the marketplace. It does so without any zippers, just a really unique offering. But we are going to take a closer look at what makes this pack so different from the others. Before we look at those organization features, I want to flip the PK 50 around and show you its suspension system. Should mention this is an early version of the pack. The model that will hit market is actually going to have a slightly broader aluminum stay from the one that you are…

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    Jon Swift & Rob Machado – Shelter Instrumental (Peace)

    John Swift is an astrophysicist haha thats a good word Jon Swift is an astrophysicist and on top of that he’s my best friend and I think I’ve learned so much from him just how’s life can be so complex and so intense with astrophysics at the same time he knows how to walk away from it all and really escape into solitude and just being alone and really enjoying peacefulness John Swift could be making six figures building bombs but he has no desire to do that he doesn’t like bombs nuclear weapons are so destructive and ballistic missiles are so swift that any substantially increased possibility of their…

  • Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock Bug Cover
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    Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock Bug Cover

    We are taking a look at the Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock Bug Shelter. This is a really easy to use bug net that works well with the Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock. We will take a look at the setup and the uses of the bug shelter. The main fabric here is no-see-um netting. This is just really a popular bug net that is both light weight, durable and doesn’t allow those pesky winged insects inside of where you are hanging out. The bottom of this is a more durable nylon. So this is part of the netting that might come into contact with the ground. So they used a little bit more…

  • How to Pack a Backpack
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    How to Pack a Backpack

    There’s a lot of different packs and a lot of different equipment on the market and every company has their own design and every backpacker has their own likes and dislikes and preferred way to do things. So this is going to be some tips and ways to pack basic backpacking gear into a backpack that’s going to make that process logical per items you need throughout the day versus items you need to have in camp, as well as a way to distribute weight in your pack that’s going to work with the packs suspension and general backpack design. So, we’ll start with the bottom of the pack here…

  • Do you need military experience to get defense contractor jobs?
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    Do you need military experience to get defense contractor jobs?

    Hey there, Contractor Kev here with Overseas Contractor Academy and today I�m going to be answering the question �Have I ever known anyone who got a six figure overseas job without having been in the military before?� I�ll answer that, then stay tuned at the end for the outtakes and credits that Sunny D adds� he says they�re the best part of these videos. *Run Bumper* Have I ever known anyone that got a six figure overseas job that didn�t have a military background? On the defense side of things, I�d say about half the people I knew working in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait were never in the military. Don�t…

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    Become a Bass Military Scholar at Vanderbilt

    When we think about our scholars here we really sum it up in three words. The first word is Patriot. That recognizes their service to the country. In Iraq is where I got wounded. I was hit with shrapnel in the back and a short time after that I deployed to Afghanistan. The next one is scholar. These are individuals who are very accomplished academically. I was able to develop in several ways as a midshipman at the Naval Academy and then even more so as an officer in the Navy and in the submarine community. And then the third part is leader. All of them have a military record…