• Current Conversations, NCORE: Dr. Bob Suzuki and Dr. Tom Hill, Episode #116
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    Current Conversations, NCORE: Dr. Bob Suzuki and Dr. Tom Hill, Episode #116

    Funding for Current Conversations is provided by University of Oklahoma President’s Office, University of Oklahoma OUtreach, and World Literature Today. RC Davis: Welcome to Current Conversations, I’m RC Davis Undiano. Today’s show was shot at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Washington DC in early June of 2015. We caught up with two extraordinary social activitsts who have both devoted their lives to the struggle for racial justice. The first, Dr. Bob Suzuki, is Emeritus President at Cal State Polytechnic University in Pomona, and the second is Dr. Tom Hill Senior Vice President for Student Affairs at Iowa State University. We’ll start with Professor Bob Suzuki, and I…

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    “Escape from Camp 14” | 60second Book Review

    Are you into dystopias? Well, what if I were to tell you that this week’s Pick features a dystopia like you wouldn’t believe? And then what if I were to tell you that the dystopia? It’s real. For years, the only world that Shin ever knew was the world inside the electric fences and the guard towers. All he knew was unimaginable hunger, and going to school only to learn what a worthless human being he was. He knew of no outside world—he didn’t even know that the earth was round. It may sound hard to believe, but it’s true: Shin was born and raised in Camp 14, one of…

  • How To Install Gas Strut Cabinet Supports – DIY RV Upgrade
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    How To Install Gas Strut Cabinet Supports – DIY RV Upgrade

    Now tell me honestly what you prefer okay, these are great cabinets knotty alder and they’ve got Really nice Slow closed lids but the problem is the lids are not supported What do you think about this one? Supported And we retain the Slow closed feature. I’m going to install four of these gas struts They come in pairs But honestly these doors are not that heavy and one strut is more than adequate for this door I’ve got three more to go but I thought it would be a fun little project for you guys to take a look at but I think Much nicer and I think Beth…

  • NATO: How has the MOST IMPORTANT military ALLIANCE changed? – VisualPolitik EN
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    NATO: How has the MOST IMPORTANT military ALLIANCE changed? – VisualPolitik EN

    NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the most important military alliance in the world, has just turned 70. This anniversary comes in the midst of one of the most significant political and diplomatic crises it has suffered in its entire history. Today on VISUALPOLITIK, you and I will get to know NATO a little better. Because… as 2019 marks the anniversary of NATO, some of the VISUALPOLITIK team traveled to Romania to learn more about how this organization works, to talk to some of the people in charge and to witness NATO maneuvers live. Don’t tell me that isn’t a fitting way to celebrate its 70th birthday. (We visited the…

  • Darche Cold Mountain Sleeping Bags
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    Darche Cold Mountain Sleeping Bags

    G’day guys, it’s Ben from Snowys here. Today we’re going to be talking about the Darche Cold Mountain Sleeping Bags. There’s been a lot of questions online, so that’s what we’re here to do. Basically there are five bags in the range. You’ve got the canvas range where you’ve got the 1400 and the 1100 wide bags and then in a synthetic range, you’ve got the 1400, the 1100 and the 900 range, so let’s get straight into it. Down here on the ground with me we’ve got two types of bags, on my right here we’ve got the canvas bag and on the left here we’ve got the synthetic…

  • United — Shelter from the Storm
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    United — Shelter from the Storm

    – Oh, my God. Aye, mi amore. I’m back in Puerto Rico after being separated from my kids for two months. Oh, you’ve gotten so big. Are you okay? When the hurricane struck, it was so scary — devastating. There was no electricity. There was no school. My family was surviving. My kids were surviving. But, they didn’t deserve that. So, my decision to leave was based on their needs. Leaving my kids here with my mother while starting a new job, it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. – When I first met Ariana, I was in the lobby. She told me she was…

  • Bowser’s military hierarchy | Unraveled
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    Bowser’s military hierarchy | Unraveled

    Bowser. King Koopa. The authoritarian turtle with a penchant for princess-napping. His very name strikes fear into the heart of man and mushroom alike. And he’s also pretty good at figure skating. But when you focus on Bowser’s many attempts to put the Mushroom Kingdom under his rule, you might forget that to order fuel his violent vanity projects, he must put hundreds of henchmen into harm’s way. And by harm’s way, I mean in front of Mario. But me? I never forget the troops. And today I’m honoring those who have put their lives on the line for a megalomaniacal turtle. Today, I’m presenting you with Bowser’s military hierarchy.…

  • Last Shelter Gathering Station – 5th APC!!!
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    Last Shelter Gathering Station – 5th APC!!!

    alright guys this is Acer of spades team BLA state 268 we are number one and the title of this video is last shelter survival v a PC and yes that is right five not four but five a PC so when you start lash out to survival you are pretty much introduced to the a PC I’m sure that’s an acronym for something but to be very very honest I have no clue what it means still in all if you know about it then write that in a comment section below teach us all something new maybe you can even make up an acronym I don’t know either…

  • Japanese American Internment Documentary
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    Japanese American Internment Documentary

    (Train Horn) – These are the very tracks that brought internees to camp. They’re still used today. It took four days and three nights to get here from California. The quarters were cramped. It was especially difficult for elderly and children and the entire way, the window shades were drawn. The internees were not allowed to look outside and they had no idea, where they were going. – We were so tired, all we wanted to do was go to sleep. – [Narrator] Toshi Ito remembers the exhausting trip from Los Angeles. She was just 17 at the time. (Train Sounds) – We arrived in a sand storm. The dirt…

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    wait go up higher in a tornado that one intense are you I think what today’s was this box won’t but before I get started he was big was up and subscribe to our Channel we have done so many awesome box fort and buck mansion videos it looks like our box 4 is finally crumbling I’m hitting my head we have walls and ceilings that have completely fallen over we have boxes that are sliding into other boxes lights are no longer strapped up to the ceiling they’re falling down things aren’t looking good in our box fort mansion quite great guys ok I just got news from the…