• 15 Crazy Vehicles That are a Legend on Pinterest
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    15 Crazy Vehicles That are a Legend on Pinterest

    When people think of Pinterest, they probably imagine a bunch of photos of cute animals or really cool looking furniture that they’ll never buy. One of the many other things you’ll find there are vehicles…crazy, crazy vehicles. I’m Reacher and today we’re bringing you 15 of the craziest vehicles we’ve found on Pinterest. Number Fifteen Airships are generally associated with sporting events, but probably not one that looks like this! Lockheed Martin first created the P-791 as part of the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle Program. It was later re-designed as a civilian cargo ship and branded the “Skytug”. It has room for 19 passengers, two crew members, and up to…

  • Coastal Camping in A Jimny! We Got Our Own Beach! (2020)
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    Coastal Camping in A Jimny! We Got Our Own Beach! (2020)

    Okay so today has been a difficult day, the GPS took us the wrong border post, then took us to the wrong campsite and I was starting to get nervous and I forgot that this was one of our most expensive bookings yet and now I know why… we have our own beach! there is the campsite there’s the Jimny and there’s the lake, epic! this is so cool this is this is very rewarding, we here for two nights so we have a whole day of exploring tomorrow and setting up camp again and in the morning we leave for St. Lucia but while we have this yes please…

  • Fort Wayne Indiana New Years Eve Ball Drop
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    Fort Wayne Indiana New Years Eve Ball Drop

    A new event is coming to Fort Wayne this year that will likely become a tradition. Really excited about this one. The first-ever New Years Eve Ball Drop will be happening Downtown. And this morning were joined by Shane Arajulo and Dan Butler with the New Years Eve Ball Drop Committee. Good morning guys and thanks for coming in. Wane TV is a proud sponsor of this and Alyssa ivanson myself for really happy to be the emcees for the whole night and all the festivities. Since this is brand-new give us an overview of what people can expect this year. Well first and foremost it’s free, and all ages…

  • 荃錦營地. 特色露營. (Eng Sub) Twisk campsite. A Review.
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    荃錦營地. 特色露營. (Eng Sub) Twisk campsite. A Review.

    hi, the date is 29 Jan 2020 Lunar 5th, Wednesday. Today lets review the Twisk campsite. Right now is Lunar New Year Holiday. Also, during the outbreak of new Wuhan SARS incident. Government just ask the people stay home office. Thus, don’t know if people camping here today, because this place is normally busy. Lets go up and have a look. There are many people tented here indeed. But there seems to be free space around. This campsite is very convenient. From Tsuen Wan, take bus51, get off at Tai Mo Shan Country Park stop, and you’re there. But the bus is single deck, and only one bus per hour.…

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    that’s right now I honestly have no idea what Logan’s gotten us into or what he’s thinking your pals here wait Logan where’s there a box full of supplies what’s going on pop JQ from tea with me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we well we’re somewhere special check this out oh yeah oh yeah that’s right you guys have been asking for it and today is the day we are gonna see if we can build a box port that can survive on the ocean for 24 hours and who knows maybe maybe we even cross it oh yo you ready for…

  • Leave safe shelter, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 85
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    Leave safe shelter, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 85

    Food is becoming scarce gradually It’s not sustainable without agriculture The weather is nice Wild banana flowers Wild fruits There are so many fruits and no traces of animals What a pleasant smell It’s sweet but not ok What a pity Food from banana is a safety choice Grilled banana flowers taste good but a little acrid This area is quite flat so we can stay overnight here Need to set traps to find more protein for our bodies There are a lot of paths of the rodents And here 2 traps maybe enough for the next breakfast This is rainforest These leaves prevent small rain at night The next…

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    Nakhind Trek | Vangani – Nakhind Ridge – Peb Fort – Anandvadi | Peb Rescue Operation | നാക്കിന്ഡ്

    Hi all, welcome back to another night trekking Today we are going to explore Nakhind and Peb fort in the Matheran hill range Its already 12.30 AM. Right now we are at Vagani Railway Station in the Mumbai-Karjat local train route First, we are going to the top of Nakhind Ridge and we will be camping over there tonight. Tomorrow, we will proceed towards Peb Fort Then to Matheran via Railway track route From Matheran, we will be trekking towards Bhivpuri Railway Station via Garbett Plateau and Dhom Lake We expect it will take around 25-30 KM to cover all these places Let’s start !!! We have covered the halfway…

  • Petco Foundation Surprises Animal Shelters Across the Country with Valentine’s Day Love!
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    Petco Foundation Surprises Animal Shelters Across the Country with Valentine’s Day Love!

    – One, two, three. (crowd cheers) – I am so excited to be here today on behalf of the Petco Foundation with my friends from Petco to deliver love to animals in the Cincinnati area. In addition to the grant investments we want to really say thank you to all of the staff who work tirelessly, day in and day out, to really fulfill the lifesaving mission of the Petco Foundation. – At Petco Foundation we are dedicated to creating a better life for pets. (crowd cheers) – We are so grateful to Petco for everything they’ve done. This is so impactful on many different levels. Number one, the $50,000…

  • Tasting Lithuanian Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)
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    Tasting Lithuanian Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

    What’s up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory, Where safety is number one priority today Today I’m going to do taste test on Lithuanian MRE This was sent by a fan from Latvia and his name is I know that your Latvinen and it’s really hard to pronounce for me this name Honestly I do not know how to pronounce it But I think this is name Damentose Thank you so much. He wrote me a little note So I’m going to to a taste test … of this number 1 Lithuanian MRE Lithuanian MRE meal number 1 This one is cooked pork with rice I honestly have no idea…

  • 露營用品分享 | 北歐煮食爐具🥣一房一廳帳篷+天幕🏖行山背囊+睡袋地蓆9種小工具介紹🎒 | 香港露營裝備2020年更新
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    露營用品分享 | 北歐煮食爐具🥣一房一廳帳篷+天幕🏖行山背囊+睡袋地蓆9種小工具介紹🎒 | 香港露營裝備2020年更新

    Hi I’m Dickson You may have seen some of my camping video before And you may noticed I have talked about some of my gear But in this video I’ll be showing all of them together Just to be clear, there is not a sponsored video Lets begin Ok lets start with my backpack first So this is a Deuter AirContact 65+10 camping bag So in total there’s 75L in volume The reason I bought such a huge backpack is Because I was going on a backpack travel to Europe About 5 years ago, which I need to carry many things During that a month and a half I like…