• snow camping – 2010 – Schneezelten (English subtitles)
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    snow camping – 2010 – Schneezelten (English subtitles)

    OK It’s shortly after 5 pm, the tent is put up (more or less). Let’s step back a bit for a better view. Looks a bit botchy 😉 We’re somewhere in the Franconian Forest, the depth of the snow is far beyond half a meter which we had to shovel away nearly to the ground level, (here you can see the wall) to drive the tent pegs into the earth. But now the tent will keep stable, here we’re going to spend the night. The sun has (as you can see) already set. Everywhere… nothing. We take up quarters now, 9:45 pm, pitch-black, cold as ice 11 pm, nearly -17°C…

  • 🐶FIELD TRIPS FOR SHELTER DOGS -🌴 Best Volunteer Job in Hawaii?
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    🐶FIELD TRIPS FOR SHELTER DOGS -🌴 Best Volunteer Job in Hawaii?

    Miracle smells food. Ready go. What is going on members of the Barrio It is Jon coming to you from the Humane Society for Animals Outside of Hilo And today we have a very special episode Adriana and I were looking to do something volunteer based while in Hawaii And it was really tough to find anything So they have a program here at this animal shelter where you can take a dog out for a field trip for a couple of hours. Take them around town. Showcase it to other people. Hopefully we can get this dog adopted. Or at least bring some light onto this awesome program. Adriana…

  • MUSEROAMER PROJECT (Part 2) The Ultimate DIY Overlanding Expedition Vehicle!
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    MUSEROAMER PROJECT (Part 2) The Ultimate DIY Overlanding Expedition Vehicle!

    We set off to build the expedition vehicle of my dreams from the ground up with a thirty thousand dollar budget. We documented every aspect of the build from the design process to all the hardships along the way. To be honest, this was one of the most challenging projects of my entire life, but the final product exceeded my wildest dreams. Watch as we build an incredible vehicle for Season Three of the Tiny Home Adventure series. This is the MUSEROAMER Project. On the previous episode we finished building the panels and attached them to the side and rear of the inner steel frame with through bolts. After getting…

  • Building a Wickiup Shelter (Day 1)
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    Building a Wickiup Shelter (Day 1)

    Hey guys ! thanks for tuning in so I’m looking for a spot where i can cross this river here and then i’ll be looking for a good spot to build my wickiup. I don’t know if you guys can see but there’s some cool otter tracks and see where they slide with their belly and they go from 1 little water hole to another. We’re in mid-november so there’s probably one or two inches of ice on this river and a bit of snow to hide it, it’s really dangerous I can’t cross that…. So I can’t cross the river, but there might be this spot, I don’t know…

  • INFECTED is CRAZY! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Infected)
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    INFECTED is CRAZY! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Infected)

    Guys I was legitimately worried that modern warfare was not going to be getting infected today at least We have a Minecraft update only something works I essentially skipped uploading on Tuesday because I knew I wanted to wait for infected to be out I knew that’s what I wanted to record and then at 1 o’clock the game mode still wasn’t there I’m not recording this at 4 p.m. On Tuesday. And here it is We finally have it infected for public match eliminated survivors become infected. In fact everyone or survived the game to win. Here we go Oh, it’s a teen player. Oh, why is it not…

  • Doc McStuffins Play Tent and Pretend Playing With Ava Kids Toys
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    Doc McStuffins Play Tent and Pretend Playing With Ava Kids Toys

    Hey, everyone! It’s Sandra from the Disney CarToys Channel, and today I have my little Doc McStuffins in training, and she’s super excited to go inside our giant Doc McStuffins tent and pull up some cool surprises. Are you excited? Yay!! Come on, little Doc McStuffins. Go pick out a prize! She’s so excited. It’s like her first video. Do you want to come out this way? Got one. That way? What do you have? Oh!You got a big egg!! Okay. Let’s see what we have here. Oh, a Pez Easter Pez. Do you want some of that? Yeah. Can I open? Yeah. You can open it, and wait! What’s…

  • 高原のキャンプ場で串揚げ&鍋 -Chapter5- Weekend Camping 【週末キャンプ16】
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    高原のキャンプ場で串揚げ&鍋 -Chapter5- Weekend Camping 【週末キャンプ16】

    Spit fried foods “kusiage” and hot pot cooking “nabe” at a camping ground in plateau. It’s difficult for us that I’m here in midwinter. If it’ll be the freezing point, there is no confidence that I stand. Because we’re usually living in the mild area, we don’t like the coldness. Two people went to bathe in hot springs. The impressions which bathed in hot springs? Very nice! I also bathe in hot springs in the next morning. When I camp, a body gets soiled, but a body is always beautiful today. An outdoor lamp disappeared into 22:18. I’ll sleep by and by. When going to bed, this heater extinguishes a…

  • Black Wolf Turbo 300 Tent – How to setup & pack away
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    Black Wolf Turbo 300 Tent – How to setup & pack away

    – These are the Turbo 300 tents from BlackWolf. I’m gonna show you how to set them up and pack them away. So let’s get started. (upbeat music) Hi guys, Ben from Snowys here today down on the BIG4 West Beach Holiday Park. This holiday park’s right in Adelaide’s western suburbs and it is a really easy getaway for you or your whole family and it’s fully equipped, plenty to do for everyone. I’ve got some space here today to show you some of our products. And these are the BlackWolf Turbo 300 tents in front of me here. This is the Turbo Lite 300, this is the Turbo 300.…

  • Victorinox Farmer review and survival shelter build.
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    Victorinox Farmer review and survival shelter build.

    Hello, you are very welcome to my day off Today we will examine this knife The Victorinox Farmer with the Alox Scales In my last Swiss Army Knife video I used this knife The Rangergrip 78 This is a beast of a folder and the fairly large saw gives it the same utility as a large chopping knife in my opinion but it may be too large for some people and may not be legal to carry in some countries because of it’s length and the locking blade So this brings us to the farmer To be honest I have wanted one of these since I saw my German friend…

  • Fast Tent Construction Tent System – A Walk Through Of Our Standard 6m / 8m /10m /12m 14m Range
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    Fast Tent Construction Tent System – A Walk Through Of Our Standard 6m / 8m /10m /12m 14m Range

    Good morning and welcome to Njordair I’m Aubrey and this morning what I’m going to do is I’m just going to give you a quick walk over or walk around our standard range of tents I’m just going to talk about the basic spec, dimensions of each module and you can see them all next to each other and get a good comparison really of how the sizing works out. So lets start with this tent that’s behind me. This is our 6m wide fast tent, that’s about 20 feet, and as you can see if you take a look inside at this one a little bit closer as you…