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    [이제 만나러 갑니다] 북한 정치범 탈북자 김혜숙씨 증언

    North Korea (NK) is the world’s most horrendous place for human rights. At Channel A’s “Now on My Way to See You,” the NK beauties here have actively shared their personal stories to let everyone know about NK’s atrocious realities and for the betterment of NK people’s human rights. However, it’s a pity how even with all of our efforts, there hasn’t been much discernable improvements in NK’s human rights situation. Okay. I have a question for Ms. Hyon-Joo Yoo. Did you learn anything about human rights in NK? Nope. No one really knows what human rights means in NK. Is it something you eat or wear? When I first…

  • Last to Leave Fort WINS $10,000!
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    Last to Leave Fort WINS $10,000!

    Justin: What’s up guys? Welcome to the finale of Last to Leave the Fort Wins. We are here with Matt, we got Aaron, of course Andrew, myself. Andrew: If you guys watch the first episode, it was for 5,000, but we got caught. So, this is part two, where we’re doubling it, so this is for $10,000. Justin: Are you ready for this, guys? Ten Gs. Matt: Yes! Yes! Justin: You’ve got to be kidding. Andrew: You’re not gonna believe it, but today’s episode is sponsored by Fortnite. Justin: It’s time to get into showing you guys what this challenge is all about. Andrew, why don’t you do a quick…

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    I just built it you it out to I’ve never actually been in the office this late at night before it’s kind of creepy But you know I’m in my safe box fort you know. I showed you guys like I got spider-man right over there I got my light. I got a minecraft poster right there. Oh my other posters on them. Oh weird, okay? I have my snacks. We got some Dr. pepper I am better here I could just like rest here and be here until Hopefully like the next morning roi will come to the office and we’ll be good but for now. This is my…

  • Tommy Robinson Transferred To Uk Prison Known As A “Jihadist Training Camp”
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    Tommy Robinson Transferred To Uk Prison Known As A “Jihadist Training Camp”

    UK activist Tommy Robinson was sentenced to six months in prison last week for three counts of contempt of court. He was sent back to prison immediately following the conclusion of the hearing. Ezra Levant Twitted. Judge says she wants to send Tommy to prison immediately — as in, this afternoon. The sentence is highly unusual as contempt of court cases almost always lead to a non-custodial sentence — especially for journalists. Typically, a media outlet or journalist would face a slap on the wrist or light fine. Yet, one of the judges in the case, Dame Victoria Sharp, said that “nothing less than a custodial penalty would reflect the…

  • ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’: Where To Search Between A Playground, A Campsite And A Footprint
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    ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’: Where To Search Between A Playground, A Campsite And A Footprint

    fortnight Battle Royale where to search between the playground the campsite and a footprint the season for week six battle past challenges are live in fortnight Battle Royale and in keeping with tradition we’ve got to search between three objects to find the battle star that’s how the game goes one week it’s a treasured map the other week it’s I’ll search between this time around the game asks does to search between the playground the campsite and a footprint you’re free to give the thing a roll on your own but if you’d like a little bit of help you can look below the best orienting point that we…

  • Campsite – Black Desert Online
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    Campsite – Black Desert Online

    Welcome back to another Black Desert video. In this video I’ll show you how to buy your own personal tent and then how show you how to set it up and then now we will look around the thing that I want to buy is that Naphart Campsite Lucky that we got the 10% discount At first I have struggle to figure out. How to set this tent up. So I open my inventory and look around and then right click left click anything doesn’t work and then I saw the little box the yellow box called the camping tool and you’re the right clip and you register it. You…

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    How to Build a Survival Shelter | Surviving in the Wild

    Alright Zach, what are we doing today? Today we’re gonna be covering a half faced no corsage survival shelter and this is going to be demonstrated in case you find yourself in a survival situation that requires the right wilderness skills and the right techniques get you through the night Let’s go find our spot The one tool I always try to bring the wilderness is a full tank fixed blade kinfe That should do it If you find yourself out under unforgiving circumstances out in the wilderness this half-face no corsage survival shelter may be one of the only things that actually keeps you out of the elements dry…

  • ✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Tent
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    ✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Tent

    Well, I mean if you’re using English subtitles, you must speak English… So… That means you can read English too, right? Ok, I can’t hear you right now, but I’m going to assume you said yes. So in that case, you just looked at subtitles to see if something funny would show up. Well what’s up with that?! Pay attention to the video! Ok if you’re still reading this, then that must mean you’re not in the mood to pay attention to this video. It’s fine! I’m totally cool with that decision ;( Wow! Look at me break that dirt! You really are missing out! Ok, fine. I get it,…

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    Welcome to Peru! | Best Essential Tips & Travel Guide

    What’s up? You’re watching Vagabrothers, and this is Peru. What’s going on Vagabuddies? Welcome back to the channel. Right now we are in Lima, Peru. It’s our first time coming to this country, and we are super excited to be here. We’ve got a lot of things to tell you. We’re in Peru because we’re part of a program at YouTube to make four virtual reality videos, and we’re going to make a VR tour of Machu Picchu. But we didn’t want to come all the way down here for just a couple of days. So we’ve arrived a little bit early to explore Cusco and Lima, as well. To…