• How Powerful is Philippines? Philippines Military Power 2020
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    How Powerful is Philippines? Philippines Military Power 2020

    How Powerful is Philippines? Global Rank: 64 Active Personnel: 125000 Reserve Personnel: 180000 Combat Tanks: 18 Armored Fighting Vehicles: 530 Towed Artillery: 286 Total Aircraft Strength: 171 Attack: 20 Transports: 22 Trainers: 24 Total Helicopter Strength: 97 Total Naval Assets: 119 Frigates: 3 Corvettes: 10 Patrol Vessels: 39 Defense Budget: $ 3 billion dollars External Debt: $ 76 billion dollars

  • Rebelle Rally | Toyota Racing Development
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    Rebelle Rally | Toyota Racing Development

    (energetic music) – I think being a female-owned, small business in a male dominated industry has challenged me from day one. When it came to us supporting the Rebelle Rally I love that it’s an opportunity for ladies to get together to challenge themselves mentally. Physically, the eight days of competition is extremely demanding. You get an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, and push yourself to the next level. – Being partners with Total Chaos is so important for us, because, they help us in so many ways. They’re on a course. They’re our media drivers. They’re team goes out with me, throughout the year, and pre-runs…

  • How to make a wood gas stove
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    How to make a wood gas stove

    well this is a Friday and my wife’s surgery it is Tuesday and he’s scared to death and I’m scared here with you dead and I can’t stop thinking about it so I got to do something I’m coming out here to my shop but uh I’m gonna make a little wood gas stove but first let me tell you something my discover a friend of mine has YouTube channel and because the sleeves off all his work shirts and you know this is summertime and uh I think it you know I like that so uh there it is I have J no my work shirt it’s kind of…