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    In Russland Fahrrad fahren? – Erfahrungen und Hinweise

    Okay shall we try it? Now the neighbours are coming Okay, next point is animals Welcome to our new video, today with the topic Russia! How to cycle through Russia We’ll start with Visa and Registration you need for Russia Visa Olga as a Russian. No Visa needed! No Visa needed, I with a german passport Need a Visa and it’s quite complicated And difficult to get a longer Visa I have a three months private visa Organised it via a german visa agency Then we could go to Russia, quite expensive Quite difficult But that’s the only possibility to get a three months visa Otherwise you just get a…

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    Stealth Camping at Tunnel Bridges / Washouts – Bicycle Road trip Tour Vlog #12

    Bicycle Touring Road Trip Eastbound Across the Southwest USA – Vlog #12 Tunnel and Bridge Stealth Camping and Tips there were many times during my cross country travel that I couldn’t find any trees or bushes to stealth camp at… eventually I figured out that I could go down around the base of the tunnel bridges, or washouts some call them, and pitch a shelter which was usually my tarp or military poncho… as you can see, I could camp in these locations undetected from passers by on the road above… this first location was a pretty good sized bridge that made for easy bicycle stealth camping. There was a…

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    Planänderung – Wilde Tiere – Unser Kalender ist da | Update Fahrrad Weltreise #7

    Welcome to a new update from us We are in Lutchigorsk, in the east of Russia The last two weeks some stuff happened Change of plans Many unexpected situations We speak about this We answer a question And we have a big Announcement for you. Have fun Two weeks ago we were in Komsomolsk na Amur From there we wanted to take a Ferry to Sakhalin island Unfortunately our plans changed The water was too high In general in that region Where some floodings So the ferries were cancelled And we didn’t know when the next ferry would go Maybe in a week or something And we didn’t want to…

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    Mit dem Fahrrad über die gefährlichste Brücke Russlands | Ein Tag auf unserer Weltreise

    Exhausting, i don’t like it Galileo (German TV Show) says This is the most dangerous bridge in the world Here it’s getting worse Good morning Good morning and welcome to a new video -Somewhere in Siberia- We are in the middle of Siberia, in Russia On a very special Road The so called BAM Road This it’s not The BAM Road is over there 300m away BAM is short for Baikal-Amur-Magistral Like a Baikal-Amur-Highway A road and a railway Which connects lake Baikal to the River Amur In the very east of Russia Several thousand kilometer We are here for Around a week Around 10 days On this Road now…

  • Cycling the Middle East #4 – Winter in Jordan
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    Cycling the Middle East #4 – Winter in Jordan

    Morning! We pack our stuff And then we move on soon Yesterday, or in the night It snowed a bit The winter always catches up to us But now we have blue sky and it’s warm Quite good, i think We cycled 2km We have another great view on Petra Down there It is Looks amazing Snow on the mountains Looks amazing Down there are the goats! This is little Petra Here we are allowed To bring our bicycles with us Over there is the entrance Here we can make a nice pic. Yesterday… In Petra We tried to convince them That we are travelblogger And we could take a…

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    3 Years of living our Dream and cycling around the World

    Hello! Welcome to a new video I’m Olga, I’m Michel Now we start We are in Netherlands, Belgium Luxemburg, France Spain, Portugal Monaco, Italy Slovenia, Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro Albania, Kosovo Macedonia, Bulgaria Greece, Turkey Israel, Jordan Georgia, Russia Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan, Uzbekistan Azerbaijan, Iran Dubai, Oman India, Nepal Myanmar, Thailand Laos, Vietnam China Germany, Mai 2016 Netherlands, June 2016 Belgium, June 2016 Luxemburg, June 2016 France, July 2016 Spain, August 2016 Portugal, August 2016 Monaco, September 2016 Italy, October 2016 Slovenia, October 2016 Croatia, October 2016 Bosnia and Herzegovina, November 2016 Montenegro, November 2016 Albania, November 2016 Kosovo, November 2016 Northern Macedonia, December 2016 Bulgaria, December 2016 Greece,…

  • THAILAND VACATION – Secluded Beaches and Wildlife Heaven
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    THAILAND VACATION – Secluded Beaches and Wildlife Heaven

    We had two weeks to spend traveling Thailand. She likes sugar and spice and everything nice. I liked snakes, snails and puppy-dog tails. She was seeking crystal-clear waters and beautiful resorts on Private beaches. I was there to rough it in the jungles and see the wildlife, the elephants, the monkeys and lizards and snakes! We were both there for the food, to spend as little money as possible and to avoid these guys at all costs. This is our quest for the perfect dream vacation in Thailand first Stop, Khao Sok. We’re boating with a small group to our isolated floating bungalows for a night. our tour guide reassured…

  • 2018 Winnebago Sunstar LX 27 N Class A Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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    2018 Winnebago Sunstar LX 27 N Class A Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com

    Greeting the ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Guaranty RV Supercenter in Junction City, Oregon. My name is Erik Sakshaug and today I’ve got something extra special for you. This is a brand new 2018 Winnebago Sunstar LX 27 N. There is a whole lot to see about this coach come on in let’s have a look around. Right, so starting in the back of the 27 N LX Sunstar you’ve got a queen-size bed as you would expect but check out the size of that wardrobe. Is that just too good or what? That is on both sides, you can actually get two or three seasons worth of clothes…

  • 2018 Pleasure-Way Ascent Class B Diesel Camper Van Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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    2018 Pleasure-Way Ascent Class B Diesel Camper Van Video Tour • Guaranty.com

    welcome to the world famous guaranty RV supercenters. I’m Gary Christiance, known as “The Van Guy” and what luck do we have for you! Don I got this done, it’s in the can, you’re gonna get it this is the scent you’ve been waiting for for three months. It finally came in! Come on inside. Nice opening door. Plenty of room to get in and out. Come on sneak inside.I’m going to reach over and close the door. Let’s come back here in the back. You can step around the corner. I’m going to show you we’ve got two different panels here. One’s in the rear, where you can access…

  • 2018 Lance 650 Truck Camper • Guaranty.com
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    2018 Lance 650 Truck Camper • Guaranty.com

    Folks, today I’m going to be showing you a brand new 2018 Lance 650. This is a great little camper for short-bed half-ton truck, well actually is the only camper that’ll go on a 5 foot plus short bed Nissan, or with the Toyota, in the Tundra, that size of a pickup, or Chevy, or Ford, or Dodge and the half-ton short box. Let’s take a look inside. Of course, it does have electric jacks that are ran by a remote. Small and compact, but does a very, very good job. It’s got the two burner stove, sink here, this particular one it’s equipped with a microwave. Now it has…