• Many Voices, Many Stories: What Fort Snelling Means to Me
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    Many Voices, Many Stories: What Fort Snelling Means to Me

    (music) (Alisha Volante) Fort Snelling to me is like this living, breathing artifact. (Amber Annis) First and foremost, this is Dakota land. (Volante) It was here before Minnesota and it’s in a critical space where the Mississippi and the Minnesota Rivers meet. (Harold Brown) It was at Fort Snelling where my whole career in the military started. I’m one of the original Tuskegee Airmen. We were the first black pilots in the military and we fought in World War II. (Bud Nakasone) Fort Snelling had at one time a Military Intelligence Service Language School. They trained linguists in Japanese. [river flowing] (Annis) Juxtaposed right next to that patriotism and that…

  • True Story of Vishalgad Fort – Hindi
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    True Story of Vishalgad Fort – Hindi

    Friends, welcome to your channel once again. In this video, I will tell you about Vishalgad. Vishalgad is also called Khelana by villagers here. This fort is located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra state. Situated on the Sahyadri mountain range, this fort is situated at an altitude of 3500 feet above sea level. This fort was built by Raja Marasingh of Shilahar empire. Initially the fort was called as a Khilgil. But in 1659, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took the fort and changed the name of this fort to Vishalgad. Even though Shivaji did a lot of effort as Vishalgad had attacked a fort many times, but Adil Shah’s regiment did not allow…

  • Mahuli Fort, Asangaon Trek Vlog
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    Mahuli Fort, Asangaon Trek Vlog

    We planned ya’ll will scream… yaaay OMFG SO MUCH OF ENTHUSIASM *Crowd screams* I had never seen this much of enthusiasm in my life Pehle caves surakshit karao phir desh surakshit hoga BOOOOO! *singing bollywood song* We’re singing the wrong lyrics Now the biscuits are over and i’m leaving… okay… You’re talking like my mom we’ll come back tomorrow okay? These are so cute Chhote chaggan Duao mai yaad rakhna ha? (remember us in your prayers) Message us okay? Text me in the night Bye bye He’s following us Vaishnavi do you want to see your SOUL Yea. Here it is. My what? SOLE *singing bollywood song* Action. walk fast…

  • One man’s personal bid to save and promote Abrolhos seabirds
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    One man’s personal bid to save and promote Abrolhos seabirds

    This is one of the most significant seabird breeding sites in the Indian Ocean. In fact it’s the top breeding site in the eastern Indian Ocean which is our western coast. Marine ecologist Chris Surman has spent the past 29 years studying Abrolhos seabirds – most of it self-funded. His work focuses on Pelsaert Island – a 12-kilometre-long low-lying isle home to hundreds of thousands of seabirds. We have 14 species nesting there on one island, spread over an area, but within that area we have some threatened species, for example the lesser noddy. Lesser noddies only nest on three islands – all of those islands are in the Houtman…

  • Kayak Tour Day 1: Secret Campsite | Mecklenburg Lake Plate
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    Kayak Tour Day 1: Secret Campsite | Mecklenburg Lake Plate

    This is the first day of our kayak tour through the Mecklenburg lake plate. My brother, my father and I went on this tour a year ago and since the nature was astonishing, I wanted to capture some moments on video, which is what you are seeing right now. On the first day we mainly got to know our kayaks. After some rivers and lakes we got to a hidden campsite, which was not even on our map. That is where we put up our tents for the first night. I hope you enjoyed this video! If so, consider subscribing to get notified, when the video of day two comes…

  • Campsite Tour and First Insight!!
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    Campsite Tour and First Insight!!

    hi guys like back to my channel travel bug bee so it’s day five here in Greece and basically I just didn’t have have a lot of time to film and I was kind of settling and kind of learning about what we do here so basically I’m just gonna explain that to you now so the main focus of the project is sea turtles so the turtles come up and nest on the beaches here it near Kyprissia and basically we go out we find the nest and look for the eggs and then mark off where the nest is. We also put down some protection to stop them…

  • ◄ Fort Point, San Francisco [HD] ►
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    ◄ Fort Point, San Francisco [HD] ►

    Welcome to the brilliant Fort Point. Though it today lies in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point was once the first thing that greeted visitors entering the San Francisco Bay. This great fort has been keeping a watching eye over the strait for more than 100 years. Fort Point is perhaps one of the most underrated tourist attractions in San Francisco, so I’m glad you have made it here. The fort has a long and intriguing history. The story of this site dates all the way back to mid 18th century, when the San Francisco area was under Spanish flag. In order to secure the region against…

  • Beautiful Amer Fort Tour Jaipur Rajasthan
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    Beautiful Amer Fort Tour Jaipur Rajasthan

    Amer fort is located in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan on a Hill top. Main entrance is Suraj Pol (Suraj Gate). Through main entrance people reach in Jaleb Choke. Jaleb Choke is the first main courtyard. It used to be the parade ground for Army, after the victory in war. This fort is built by Raja Man Singh – I. It’s made of Red sandstone. Amer originally built by Meena people. but later Kachwaha Rajput kings ruled this area. People can take elephant rides to reach the fort. This fort has four main areas. Each area has a big gate and courtyard. One has to enter through Singh Pol to…