• What is Boondockers Welcome and How Does It Work? * Full Hookup Camping for Only $30 a Year
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    What is Boondockers Welcome and How Does It Work? * Full Hookup Camping for Only $30 a Year

    Good Morning YouTube! Today we are leaving Spring City, Tennessee and headed to Maryville to stay with a friend of ours and we just spent the last four nights at a Boondockers Welcome location here in Spring City we had an absolutely great time. It was on a hundred acres, and it not only had 30 amp electric, but it also had water and sewer so we were pretty set for the four days that we stayed here. Now I’m going to show you guys a little bit of the property to kind of show you… you know an example of a Boondockers Welcome site, and then we’re going to…

  • Review the New Lance 2465
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    Review the New Lance 2465

    hi I’m Bob Rogers I’m director of marketing at Lance Camper and we’re at the RVIA Show and Lance is introducing a couple new products this week which we’re really excited about One is our all-new 2465 Travel Trailer it’s our longest ultralight travel trailer at about 24 feet and it’s really excited about because it’s a dual slide and it has some really cool unique features One is a roof rack. We’ve had a roof rack on our truck campers for years and now we’re putting it on the travel trailers So that allows guys with kayaks, canoes, and that kind of thing now can strap it on the…

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    RV CAMPING – Tour Our AMAZING Sheep Camp!

    Hey there welcome to camp 216 come on in so we get a lot of questions about our camp Why it’s called a camp? Why we bought the camp versus another trailer and I’m going to kind of go over some of that with you today And I have to say this was the best purchase we probably have ever made And we use it a lot on our ranch down here in Southern Oregon so it’s called a camp Because it’s used by sheep herders, and also ranchers to just have on your property And then you’ve got a nice place to stay while you’re on your ranch, but…

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    Ep. 111: Refilling 1-lb. Propane Tanks | RV camping tips tricks and how-to

    Hey folks, welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and chances are you have some things in your camping kit, maybe even a bunch of things that use these little one-pound canisters of propane. But they’re awfully expensive in the store. We found a great way that we save a bunch of money with these, and we’ll share it with you on today’s episode, so stay tuned! Now if you buy one of these tanks in the store it’s going to cost you at least $4 for one of these one-pound canisters, but if you get a 20-pound tank refilled it’s going to cost you $13, $14,…

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    Ep. 105: Boondocking Security | RV camping tips tricks how-to

    Welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and on this episode we’re going to talk boondocking security, so stick around! So one of the biggest fears folks seem to have about boondocking is personal security out in the wilderness. We get asked all the time, and it seems to be mostly from folks who have never boondock before or maybe have only done it only a few times, they worry about the personal safety. They worry about the security of their gear and their trailer, and I’m here to tell you we don’t worry about it at all. As a matter of fact I get a little…

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    Add a 2nd RV Battery

    Hello YouTube I’m not Chuck and I decided to add a second house battery to my travel trailer in order to have longer times that I can use the batteries the batteries between charging as you can see my battery is located on the tongue of the travel trailer I currently only have one battery and it’s in that black case that you see on the screen first thing we need to do before we access the battery is make sure that the gas is turned completely off from the bottle on the front of the trailer that is done by turning the knob clockwise then to disconnect the cable…

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    Ep. 116: Oregon | Travel RV camping adventure

    Welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and in this episode we’re going to travel all across Oregon from one end of the state to the other, so stick around! Now while we prepare our rig for an upcoming 4,000-mile road trip, we’re going to spend this week bringing you back to Oregon. Oregon is an incredibly diverse state, and we’re going to share with you adventures that you can enjoy from end to end. This video is a collaboration between Grand Adventure and our friends over at Campsite Videos, who lent their beautiful videography to complement our own photos and videos from across Oregon. We encourage…

  • RV Camping – Camp 216 Needs Fresh Water!
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    RV Camping – Camp 216 Needs Fresh Water!

    Well I just got through filling up the water tank in the camp with a 12-volt water pump I’m having a little trouble with our well. I do have the pump guy coming out later on tomorrow But I did want to continue showering doing dishes and Drinking water in the camp luckily we have a potable water source nearby and I filled up four 5-gallon jugs and very easily transferred them with a 12-volt water pump, so hopefully I’m not gonna have to do that a lot But we’re good to go for another three days at least I am now off to my other little problem And that…