• Outwell Knigthdale 5PA & 7PA – Inflatable Air Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Knigthdale 5PA & 7PA – Inflatable Air Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    Looking for a large tent for the entire family, our Knightdale 5 and 7PA are designed to provide room for everyone The full mesh door at the front, in combination with ventilation panels along the side and across the rear ensures ample airflow throughout the Knightdale tents The included front inner can be used for single person accommodation, storage or easily removed to increase living space Thank you for watching, now go check out the Universal Extension and other extras at www.outwell.com

  • Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Day Trip | Clipper Vacations
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    Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Day Trip | Clipper Vacations

    Five, four, three, two, one… Merry Christmas, everyone! We don’t celebrate Christmas until we come here first. And the lighting ceremony is so moving. When they light all the lights on the trees and on all the buildings, it’s a very magical place to be. It’s beautiful! We got to see a nutcracker and a snowman come by. We sang a lot of Christmas carols. “Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh. Over the fields we go…” It’s a great place to come and find gifts because they’ve got unique shops. Puts us in the mood. The wine tasting has been unbelievable. Big bratwursts. I proposed to…

  • This Incredible Underground Shelter Will Survive Any Apocalypse
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    This Incredible Underground Shelter Will Survive Any Apocalypse

    I Was browsing the internet and came across a picture of a small door sticking out of the ground well? I click the link and what the door led to blew my mind I hear a lot of talk about a zombie apocalypse or some sort of government breakdown happening in the near future And it looks like this is the best solution to your worries The company ant lists survival shelters is creating underground shelters for those of you who want some security? These underground shelters are as small or as big as you want them to be But just make sure to get to one before the end…

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    House Swap Review | Travel Tips | LifeofReilly.TV

    Hello, and welcome to San Diego… where we’ve decided to try home swapping for the very first time. We’ve been coming here for over a decade… to visit my family but now our family has grown… we’ve had enough of sleeping on couches and staying in spare rooms and we need our own space. We booked two swaps for our trip to San Diego… including a week at this gorgeous house in the beach town of Encinitas… complete with it’s own hot tub… and zip line, which our 4-year-old loved! And we spent eight days just around the corner from the Pacific Ocean… in the poshest place in the city:…

  • Dometic Portable Fridge Stand
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    Dometic Portable Fridge Stand

    Howdy folks, Ben from Snowys here today with the Dometic CFX fridge stand, sometimes called the Cool Freeze Fridge Stand. Handy product for getting a fridge and ice box or whatever you’ve got at the campsite up off the ground, might be just to get it out of the wet or out of the dirt, also just to save your back. I’ll show you what comes in the box, so packed up there’s about 68 in length, 68 centimetres in length, 12 cm wide and 9 cm high and weighing a little bit over 2 kilos, so nice and compact, easy to fit into your vehicle. Come in their own…

  • Outwell Newburg 160 – Poled Drive Away Awning (2020) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Newburg 160 – Poled Drive Away Awning (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    Looking for a compact, fully featured drive-away awning? For 2020 we introduce the Outwell Newburgh 160 The Full mesh front door allows for ample insect free ventilation throughout your entire home away from home Our innovative HookTrack System gives you full control of hanging points and running cables throughout the entire Newburg 160 Thank you for watching, to check out other options from our Cruising Collection come visit us at www.Outwell.com

  • Quechua Conception – Tent Test
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    Quechua Conception – Tent Test

    When designing tents, Quechua always bears in mind their primary function: providing shelter from the wind, the sun and the rain We find labs where we can simulate this reality. During the rain test, first we put sensors in sensitive places, like zips or the ties between the inner chamber and the outer roof. Then we put absorbent pads inside the tent to absorb every last drop of water. Now we’re ready to test using the rain simulator with a range of 120 to 450 litres an hour per sq.m, equivalent to tropical rain. We check the tent won’t collapse under the weight of the water and that no moisture…