• Campsite review: Westerley Lakes, York
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    Campsite review: Westerley Lakes, York

    Westerly Lakes campsite is situated on the edge of the village of Wheldrake around seven miles from York. The route to the campsite is on large roads, so access is not a problem. Despite being on a good road network the noise from the road is virtually non-existent, and the only vehicles we heard were motorbikes winding the throttle and the I can only assume boy racers revving the hell out of their small engine cars with loud exhausts. The first thing you come across at Westerly Lakes campsite are the most friendliest people ever. Geoff and Barbara are the nicest, most welcoming, most accommodating and helpful campsite wardens I’ve…

  • Europa #02 – Von Montenegro nach Albanien – Ulcinj, Komani Lake & Valbona
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    Europa #02 – Von Montenegro nach Albanien – Ulcinj, Komani Lake & Valbona

    We leave the Neretva Delta after two weeks and head on to Montenegro. After a short drive trough Montenegro, we arrive at a 13 km long sandy beach close to Ulcinj. It’s the beginning of May and there are almost no other kitesurfers on the water. So I decided to practise on my smooth- and coolness during Kitesufing! Hmm… Still a long way to go. We leave Montenegro 10 days later. Heading on to Albania. People were saying, that the streets in Albania will be quite … bad. And then some. Well. We ended up at a dead-end. We don’t see any other option but to stay where we are…

  • Campsite Tour and First Insight!!
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    Campsite Tour and First Insight!!

    hi guys like back to my channel travel bug bee so it’s day five here in Greece and basically I just didn’t have have a lot of time to film and I was kind of settling and kind of learning about what we do here so basically I’m just gonna explain that to you now so the main focus of the project is sea turtles so the turtles come up and nest on the beaches here it near Kyprissia and basically we go out we find the nest and look for the eggs and then mark off where the nest is. We also put down some protection to stop them…

  • Outwell Stone Lake 5ATC & 7ATC – Inflatable Polycotton Air Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Stone Lake 5ATC & 7ATC – Inflatable Polycotton Air Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    From our Imperial Air Collection, the 3-zoned Stone Lake tents are great polycotton options offering plenty of space for larger families Breathable Technical Cotton fabric and ample ventilation at the sides and rear ensures condensation free internal climate for comfort throughout the seasons With its 2metres 20 standing height, and Panorama front opening the Stone Lake tents offers an impressive roomy feel and bright ambience throughout the tents Thank you for watching, now go camping and enjoy the great outdoors, or come watch some more of our videos at www.Outwell.com

  • I strolled BGC (Fort Bonifacio Global City)
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    I strolled BGC (Fort Bonifacio Global City)

    Hi guys! I’m here in BGC! and I’m gonna show you the places and things in here. So just stick around. Ooh.. the Mind Museum! We’re about to go to Mind Museum. They are watering the plants and grass right now. cool! This is the J.Y. campus park. That’s what they call it. St. Luke’s Medical Center. right there. “Ang Supremo” right there Chatime Singapore Food Republic Look at that! What are those? I love Taguig! That’s like… written all over the place. It’s actually… BGC actually…it actually belongs to Makati. I found a park guys! What is that? This park is intended for children below 12 years old. and…

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    Meet the Kids Going to Prison in South Carolina

    Hello. Hi. It’s lovely to meet you. I’m Jamali. Samantha. Nice to meet you, Samantha. How you doing? I’m all right. Thank you for letting me come today. You’re welcome. Appreciate it. So, how many kids you got? Just one. Oh, just the one? Yep. Yeah. You all right? Yeah. You got long hair. Thanks. How you doing in school? Good. Yeah. Do you like school? No. But what’s your favorite lesson, though? Uh, going home. Going home. So, you’re putting him in the S.T.O.R.M. program? Yes. How come? Um… There was a situation at school where he was pushing kids up against the locker for their money. Yeah. And…

  • Outwell Lindale 3PA & 5PA – Inflatable Air tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Lindale 3PA & 5PA – Inflatable Air tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    Quick and easy to pitch, our compact Lindale 3 and 5 person tents are great for touring holidays Strategically placed Storm guylines aids in maintaining the Lindale tents integrity and stability in rough conditions The pre-shaped air tubes deliver stability plus ample headroom with their steep sides optimising internal space Thank you for watching, to learn more about the attention to detail gone into designing our Lindale tents come visit us at www.Outwell.com