• 2019 Challenger® From Thor Motor Coach
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    2019 Challenger® From Thor Motor Coach

    Picture yourself in this spot… family and friends gathered around… stories… laughs…this is where great memories start…. You’d rather be here… so let’s go … in a 2019 Challenger from Thor Motor Coach. Behind the wheel… Feel the power of the Triton V- 10…. And the strength of the Challenger’s strong and square MorRyde foundation…. On the dash… the 10 inch touchscreen takes you where you want to go with navigation, keeps you entertained with the radio and Bluetooth connectivity… and the screen is also your rear and side view camera monitor. After you have the one touch leveling jacks set… grab your mobile device and put the Multiplex wiring…

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    Outwell Collingwood tents 5 and 6 persons (2019) | Innovative Family Camping gear

    With 3-zone versatility, the Collingwood 5 and 6 are great tents for the large family Both front openings can be opened completely and feature mesh panels, for insect-free ventilation options in both the wet and the dry zone The additional side door, and full width front doors provides a plethora of options for how you choose to use the Spacious interior of the Collingwood tents Thank you so much for watching, for everything you need to enjoy your weeks camping in maximum comfort come visit us at Outwell.com

  • Beautiful Hand Converted Toyota 4×4 Van Conversion
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    Beautiful Hand Converted Toyota 4×4 Van Conversion

    This video is sponsored by RXBAR. For 25% off your first purchase go to Hey, my name is Alex Jackson and this is my little tiny home on wheels, Norton. That’s short for El Norteño the northerner in Spanish. I am Canadian and I’m down here in Baja. This is my little dog Willow and we like to travel together. I’m minus my wife right now who’s off in Australia racing her bike. I have been building vehicles since I was I think 17 or so. They’ve always been Toyota. Started with a 87 Toyota 4Runner then it was an 88 pickup and then it was a 96 Tacoma and…

  • Smallest Post Office, Urgent Care, & River Camping
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    Smallest Post Office, Urgent Care, & River Camping

    okay the rain has let up here for a second it’s still drizzling a little bit this ladies and gentlemen is the smallest post office in the country these smallest this is a seven foot by eight foot post office manned by one lady that works here in occupy Florida this sign does say that this is a former irrigation pipe shed belonging to the JT company tomato farm hurriedly pressed into service after the 1953 fire of the general store at the post office and now it’s still the city’s post office it’s closed today though but it is legit I don’t think you can rent a post office…

  • How to Choose 12V Camp Lighting for Beginners
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    How to Choose 12V Camp Lighting for Beginners

    (upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Ben from Snowys here today. I want to give you a very brief rundown on 12-volt lighting for those who might be new to the products. In particular, strip lighting. Come in two types. The first one I’m going to show you is this flexible strip light here. This plugs into your 12-volt power source. Many of these you can cut to length; great for going inside door jambs and places where you want to permanently mount it. Maybe inside a storage box in the back of your car. Good tip, though, make sure you use quality 3M adhesive when you’re attaching this anywhere.…

  • Van Life Tour – Solar Powered Off-Grid Camper Van on a Budget
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    Van Life Tour – Solar Powered Off-Grid Camper Van on a Budget

    in this video we’re giving you a tour of our budget campervan conversion for the past three years and the summers we’ve been using this campervan to live in to work and to travel it’s a 2002 Ford e-150 and we bought it originally for $5,000 Canadian when we first got it it was just a passenger van with a bunch of seats in the back so we removed those and we created on a really low budget just a nice functional livable space before getting to the tour we want to say a quick thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video we’ll give you more information at the…

  • I Tried To Backpack Alone And Make Zero Trash
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    I Tried To Backpack Alone And Make Zero Trash

    – In two days, I’m gonna be hiking The Trans-Catalina Trail. I’m running around trying to get last minute supplies. I’m excited for my trip, but I’m also feeling very anxious because this is my first serious backpacking trip. I’ve had a hard time this past year with some things in my personal life and also with the death of my grandpa, who I was close with, so I’m doing this hike in hopes of clearing my mind and letting go of some things. I’m also trying to do this zero waste. So, I’m gonna be packing all my food as much as possible zero waste. Zero waste means trying…

  • PIT PARTY AT MONSTER JAM WORLD FINALS (3.26.15 – Day 1091) | Clintus.tv
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    PIT PARTY AT MONSTER JAM WORLD FINALS (3.26.15 – Day 1091) | Clintus.tv

    – Good morning, clan. Welcome back to Las Vegas, Nevada. We are here in the pit Monster Jam World Finals and we are starting off with tons of action. We’re on our way to the New Bright tent to do some radio-controlled Monster Jam trucks. They’re already tearing it up. – [Voiceover] Oh, man. – [Voiceover] Oh! Max-D’s, it rolled over. Bryce to the rescue, Bryce to the rescue! – Oh! (people exclaiming) – [Voiceover] Bari, you’re the rescue truck. – Bari’s got the 1/15 scale, radio-controlled zombie truck. Morgan’s got the 1/10 scale. There’s a 1/8 scale over there. Bryce can’t wait to get control of one of those.…

  • Florida Travel: Remote Island Camping in the Keys at Dry Tortugas
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    Florida Travel: Remote Island Camping in the Keys at Dry Tortugas

    hi I’m Alexia Swanson with visit Florida and we’re here in Dry Tortugas the most remote national park in the continental United States this cluster of islands is 70 miles west of Key West Florida but I’m warning you if there’s no water electricity for campers but if you’re up for an adventure I promise you this is the ultimate Florida camping experience when you come out just for the day you still get to see a lot of the interesting things but it’s rush hour for us I mean 150 people on a 16 acre island of garden Keys pretty crowded believe it or not when you were here…

  • Wagon Camping in the 1800s and Recipes from Lewis & Clark
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    Wagon Camping in the 1800s and Recipes from Lewis & Clark

    Frank Paluka lived here bring the turn of the century He died from a rattlesnake bite in 1936 and is buried with the snake let’s go down the road a little further i wanna show you are really cool campsite next to the lake. The forest service has put up barricades so you don’t park too close to the lake. This is a good place to camp American beauty berry bushes keep the mosquitoes away Turks Cap are edible greens and the flowers are sweet and the young leaves the tender leaves are tasty are like them just as a salad raw or they can be cooked Passion Vines provide…