• Can’t believe how majestic are the glaciers! | Day 1 of TMB from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc to Houches
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    Can’t believe how majestic are the glaciers! | Day 1 of TMB from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc to Houches

    Finally we made it! We are here at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. After a long 2 day trip finally we are here. Now we are going to search for a tourist office and for the weather forecast because it’s very important here. And we’ll show you around the town as well but for now it’s so impressive. We are so excited! The mountain office was closed already it’s 18pm. Now we are going to check out the camping. There are 2 or 3 campsites here. If the price would be good we rest there and if not we are going to wild camp as always. And tomorrow maybe we’ll be back here in…

  • Camping Doku, Wild Campen Adventure trip
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    Camping Doku, Wild Campen Adventure trip

    During 3 days 3 friends fought there way through the woods of Germany. The compass showed them the way. Besides, they slept under free sky, conquered many obstacles and experienced thus a small adventure directly before the front door. The city we have left behind us and now we are running just next to a gravel pit. Matze has a little too much in his backpack. Now the shoulders already hurt him. We just found an old military hall. Earlier we have also found something metal what we didn´t want to touch. Well let’s see where we get out again. Here you have to be careful, that can realy hurt…

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    The Wakhan Corridor is a remote and mountainous region of Badakhshan Province, located in north eastern Afghanistan. Traveling in Afghanistan is difficult, but some areas like the Wakhan have remained relatively safe. We’re on our 3rd blown tire, but that’s because the roads here are really bad. I entered through Tajikistan, and hired a 4×4 to reach the village of Sarhad-e Broghil. From Sarhad I began a 10-day trek into the mountains. After 2 days of driving, and about a day of getting permits, I’m now starting my journey into the Afghan Wakhan. The Wakhan is extremely isolated, surrounded by rugged snow-capped peaks of the Pamir and Hindu Kush ranges.…

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    Carinthia Observer Plus Biwakzelt IRR – Testbericht Gear Review

    Hey Guys today i introduce you to the Bivy Tent Observer Plus from Carinthia. I’ve already tested it for a while and will tell you a little bit about it. Have fun and see you later! The bivy tent of Carinthia, in contrast to a normal bivy bag has free-standing poles that forms a kind of dome at the head end. Through this expanded space, the one-man tent is good for observation, wildlife photography as a hiding place or for hunting. Of course it can also be used as inconspicuous weatherproof one-man camping tent. The Observer Plus will be delivered in a spacious pack sack with compression straps and has,…

  • Introduction to the Tour de Mont Blanc and how we got to Chamonix
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    Introduction to the Tour de Mont Blanc and how we got to Chamonix

    Hello, our friends! It’s Angelina and Dima here from Walking Nature World and today we are starting the tour de Mont Blanc hike. This trail is around 150kms in total and it goes around the summit of Mont Blanc. It crosses France, Italy and Switzerland. So it’s quite an international hike. And for us it’s probably won’t be the longest hike we’ve done because we’ve already done the Camino de Santiago and it was around 500kms. But definetely most high elevation one and possibly one of the most challenging. We are planning to do it in 8 or 9 days. But it will depend a lot on the weather conditions…

  • Couple Night Routine while Camping and Hiking
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    Couple Night Routine while Camping and Hiking

    Hello, our friends! In today’s video we want to share with you our detailed night routine while camping and hiking. After being hiking for a year and a half we finally seem to have established our own routine that we tend to stick to every day and you are about to see everything that we normally do in the order of appearance. And it was actually filmed while being on our Camino de Santiago so it is very true to reality. Let’s get into it! So when we arrive at our camping spot the first thing we do is setting up our tent. If we are at the campground it’s…

  • Chariot Path via Pussallawa – Hewaheta | Sri Lanka *Hiking | Camping*
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    Chariot Path via Pussallawa – Hewaheta | Sri Lanka *Hiking | Camping*

    Hellow guys! Now we are at prtoft estate which is situated 2100m mean sea level, and this is the old protoft hospital. This area is sorounded from kothmale reservoir, piduruthalagala, hanguranketha and hewaheta. Today we are going to the Chariot path of King Rawana, and we are planning to camp at there. Now we are on the pootpath to the chariot path, on this pootpath you have to turn left at one point. This is a better place to have a look around very clearly, but somewhat dangerous. So now we are at the final part of the hike, and let’s go ahead. Ok after 2 to 3 hours hike,…

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    Top 5 Winter Camping Gear Picks!

    hey what up it’s alex haney here and today I’m gonna talk to you guys about my top five gear picks from my recent winter backpacking trip. okay so i’m kinda one of those people who tries not to make it about you know the gear you have or all the gadgets and stuff like that. really i just want to get outside and have a good time and thats what its all about. but at the same time I am kind of a nerd when it comes to gear. and these are just all items that went above and beyond my original expectations and had just made my time…

  • Discover the Underwater world – Incredible As Catedrais Beach in Ribadeo, Galicia | Camino del Norte
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    Discover the Underwater world – Incredible As Catedrais Beach in Ribadeo, Galicia | Camino del Norte

    Hello! Yesterday we got to the camping very very late and very exhausted. Camping was good because there weren’t much people in this season. Today we want to take the short day because we are still tired. Our backs are dying, aching so much and the legs as well. Don’t know why, probably because 30 kms is too much with the backpacks and it’s not for us this distance is crazy. Today we plan to film several beaches, town Ribadeo, to take train to the next village Foz. This is where our next camping is and we’ll try to explore the area there as well. Such a soft yellow perfect…

  • Condor Classic Camping Axt – Testbericht Gear Review
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    Condor Classic Camping Axt – Testbericht Gear Review

    Dear viewers, today I introduce you to an axe again. This time from another manufacturer. In fact by Condor Tool and Knife. Here i have the Camping Hatchet ot the Classic Series. In Germany somewhat rarer but I still wanted to introduce you to. So enjoy the video. The axe is made in El Salvador is 35.8 cm long and weighs together with the 52g heavy leather sheath 875 grams. The slightly rounded edge is 7,8cm long and has a very convex grind. This reduce canting in material. Here you see the small beard of the axe at the bottom end of the cutting edge. On the other side the…