• Marmot Tungsten tent review
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    Marmot Tungsten tent review

    Hello my name is Joff Summerfeld and welcome to Iceland. This is another of my On the road reviews. Today are we talking about the Marmot Tungsten one-person tent this is the first time I’ve used this on this trip and now I’ve been sleeping in it for about 20 days. I have to say I’m very impressed it’s not very big its light and it does the trick it’s not leaking at all and I’ve had plenty of rain here in Iceland so the main thing is that it doesn’t leak now temperature-wise here it has been cold and with this type of tent because the wind can blow…

  • Camping Cooking Set Gear Ideas
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    Camping Cooking Set Gear Ideas

    (down tempo electronic music) – Hello there, just a quick video today to show you how our ultra light backpacking cook system has evolved over the last few years. On the right here, we have the ultra light titanium Snow Peak range, and a bit of Trangia, and some aluminium baking trays from thrift stores. And in the middle here the kind of thing that often just ends up in landfill. Just simple meat trays that you get at the supermarket, that could obviously be used as plastic plates and little bowls to eat out of. The entire three-piece set there only weighs about 50 grams. And another use for…

  • Stealth Rain (Teepee) Camping and Dry Baking | Alone in Rainforest
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    Stealth Rain (Teepee) Camping and Dry Baking | Alone in Rainforest

    Alright guys, I decided to come out for a quick camping trip, out here in the forest. Supposed to get heavy thunderstorms through the area. It’s about an hour before dark, so I’ve got some time to kill, so I thought I’d play with my new little stove setup. We’ll see how it goes! Alright, we’re gonna attempt what is called dry baking. It’s basically you just have your standard canister stove setup, and then inside the pot, you want to have this aluminum cooking pan, and then you put the batter in there and you set the cook temperature very low. It tastes about an hour and then it…

  • 3W Folding Wood Stove Titanium for Tents: First Set-up
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    3W Folding Wood Stove Titanium for Tents: First Set-up

    Let’s take a look at the 3W Folding Backpacking Stove for Tents. This foldable stove fully stores in the zip pouch, including chimney. The full system can be stacked for easy storage in a backpack. including the damper piece. This connection section makes it possible to hook the stove pipe to the stove body, it also has two slots, so you can insert a damper and a spark arrestor piece. Until the chimney is burnt-in, you are gonna want to use two people with gloves for safety, and this makes it easier to put the rings over the chimney pipe.

  • 2018 backpacking gear list
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    2018 backpacking gear list

    Hey guys what’s going on so I just want to do a quick video on my 2018 gear list everything I’m going to show you is what I currently bring along with me on the trail So let’s just get started with the things that I carry and my clothing So first off my clothing. This is what I hike in almost all the time if it’s 50 degrees or lower I wear the this Under Armour 2.0 long-sleeve shirt its quarter zip and this is the shirt I hike in so I Do have a lighter one for when the temperatures warm up and? I’ll be wearing that when…

  • Nature Photography Mountain Camping | Bad and Good Weather Hike
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    Nature Photography Mountain Camping | Bad and Good Weather Hike

    How you doing, I had a chance to do a quick overnight so I took the chance. This may be the last time to get into the high country for the season without having snow on it, so I thought I’d go up. The route I’m doing is about five thousand feet of ascent and seven and a half miles and it’ll get me up into the subalpine country and hopefully I’ll be able to do some landscape photography. I’ll set up a base camp up high and then wander around. I brought my cold weather gear because it is possible that it could snow on me if we do…