• Vacation Rental Potential Episode 10 | Vacations by design
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    Vacation Rental Potential Episode 10 | Vacations by design

    When renting your period home, you want to maintain its charm and original character without sacrificing modern conveniences and comfort that guests will appreciate. People enjoy an experience of history, not feeling like they’re staying in a museum piece. Most period homes are designed with grand foyers. This is an important area; it’s your guests first impression. The key is to marry form and function. Good lighting is a must. A chandeliers in keeping with the period, but make sure it’s got the wattage required. A beautiful mirror is not only practical, but enhances character and makes the foyer feel bigger. This space needs to be clutter free and inviting,…

  • Renting a Car on Vacation
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    Renting a Car on Vacation

    Imagine this, you’ve been planning an exciting vacation for months and the big day is finally here. You go to the rental counter to pick up your car, they ask if you need to purchase insurance and you’re not really sure. Are you already covered through your auto insurance policy? And how much protection does that provide? These are good questions and we’re here to help. The rental company will typically offer a few coverage options which provide coverage for liability, your belongings, medical bills and damage to the rental car. The good news is that if your auto policy has collision or other than collision (which is also known…

  • Adam Sandler FaceTimes Justin Bieber While on Vacation
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    Adam Sandler FaceTimes Justin Bieber While on Vacation

    -Real quickly, I just saw on the Internet. is this true? Are you friends with Justin Bieber? -I know the Biebs. [ Laughter ] I’ve met him several times. He’s very nice. He came to my show the other night. And he’s a very, very nice kid. Very nice to my family, like, says hi to my kids. I was in Hawaii — [ Cheers and applause ] That’s right. You like it there, too? [ Laughter ] -That section of the audience is a roller coaster. Every five minutes…Aah! They scream, and then they calm down. Sorry about that. It’s a new interactive show now. [ Laughter ] -Well,…

  • The Serrano 40 episode (Vacation)
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    The Serrano 40 episode (Vacation)

    I thought the whole world loved nice weather but I’ve discovered that my dad and my uncle hate it because it’s bad for the tavern. They’re doing well again! Damn them! Their garden is full and no one came here since 6! Not a soul! Calm down. -Calm down?! It’s ok. This year, they opened a garden across of our tavern. Even the regulars of brothers Serrano started going there. Maybe the problem’s not the garden but something here. Toilets are horrible. What are you talking about?! They have electric disinfection. –Don’t say stupid things! You have to get in there in a boat! It stinks! -It really does. Another…

  • Rick and Morty  – We Need a Vacation [VERY UNCENSORED]
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    Rick and Morty – We Need a Vacation [VERY UNCENSORED]

    *Cheering* *Walking* *Doors Open* *Seat belt Clicks* *Sighs* Rick: Fuck *Morty Starts Crying* Rick: daarGHHHH FUCK Rick: FUCK Morty: I can’t fucking do this anymore Rick: That was seriously FUCKED UP, we almost died Morty: So you agree?! Rick: FUCK YES! That, that, this was insane!!! That was pure luck!! I was NOT in control of that situation AT ALL… Morty: AaAaHuHaRgHhHh Rick: Look at this, Morty!! Look at my fucking hands!!! Look at this SHIT!!!! Morty: Why do you… keep doing this to us?? Rick: I dunno Morty! Maybe I hate myself? Maybe I think I deserve to die?! I, I, I, I don’t know!!! *Morty keeps screaming his…

  • Summer Vacation (Vidéoclip officiel)
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    Summer Vacation (Vidéoclip officiel)

    Summer Vacation The month of June, we have all the same fear, because we hear: big notes. Except for the geek they already learn all the theory but all night, we got to study if we don’t wanna go for summer class, not obligate to get hundred, at all, be ready for the minister exams Summer vacation is like a recreation that during almost all the season there is something I should know, all the crow want to finish school and doing their hobby like Youtuber come back like podcaster girls with bikini on the beach and they taking a little selfie, macho’s make their own show and the break…