• SUMMER VACATION: Nashville + Chicago
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    SUMMER VACATION: Nashville + Chicago

    Hello, family. Say “hi”, mom. Say “hi!” Going to watch Brittany defend her thesis. Woo-hoo! He said, “I want you to be the best little scientist you can be!” And I was like — *laughter* So back to why we’re all here, let’s wrap this story up. Um, uh, the gravitational waves the contraints… *applause* Woooo! That is NOT the same as the one I ate. And I never even ate it! I just stuck it in my mouth and I spit it out! Carolyn: Na na na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN! Rachel: Kay, tell –…

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    Welcome to Peru! | Best Essential Tips & Travel Guide

    What’s up? You’re watching Vagabrothers, and this is Peru. What’s going on Vagabuddies? Welcome back to the channel. Right now we are in Lima, Peru. It’s our first time coming to this country, and we are super excited to be here. We’ve got a lot of things to tell you. We’re in Peru because we’re part of a program at YouTube to make four virtual reality videos, and we’re going to make a VR tour of Machu Picchu. But we didn’t want to come all the way down here for just a couple of days. So we’ve arrived a little bit early to explore Cusco and Lima, as well. To…

  • We Made Family Christmas Cards *Vacation Vlog*
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    We Made Family Christmas Cards *Vacation Vlog*

    I Know they love the snow so much What a win and get snow Duke you want them by over there, dude Yeah, well we were gonna have more video tomorrow, but tar fell asleep it’s six o’clock and I’m just What are you doing And ourselves, right this is like your dream to have all the dogs in the same place, huh? Take 18 Also totally kidding it was actually me who fell asleep at 6 o’clock, I fell asleep right there and What did you do? I sat there by yourself by myself. So sad, this is Rosie This is my original dog guys jealous my lord or…

  • Vi är nybörjare – Nya Zeeland VLOGG
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    Vi är nybörjare – Nya Zeeland VLOGG

    Hey everyone, and welcome back to the life in a campervan in New Zealand! What are you doing? I’m rocking Fanta. Fanta is my baby. Look! It seems like it’s my baby. I’m going to go jumping now. On the trampoline. Let’s go! We are such amateurs at this. Last night we slept at a paid pan… “Panking ground”… “Paid pancake”. Paid camping ground – where you pay to stay and you have access to electricity… …and a kitchen, and things like that. Mhm. We really needed this, because the poop tank was full and we were out of tap water. There was chaos in our home. It’s a good…

  • Traveling Full Time With A Roof Top Tent
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    Traveling Full Time With A Roof Top Tent

    welcome back to another accidentally video hope you’re doing well hope you have a smile on your face cuz today’s a beautiful beautiful day well with the rain coming down we are loading up the truck and we are headed to a new location slept in the tent last night and it was actually our first time sleeping in the rain so some people have commented and asked how the rooftop tent the hardshell tent specifically does in the rain and aside from being able to hear the raindrops hit the roof there’s nothing wrong in the rain the sides of the tent actually have gotten less wet than I…

  • The Hard Shell CVT Roof Top Tent
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    The Hard Shell CVT Roof Top Tent

    welcome back to another accidentaly video hope you’re doing well today’s video is all about popping up our rooftop tent so we have a hard shell CVT tent and if you don’t know in about three weeks from now we’re leaving this ranch and my wife and I are gonna do some traveling seeing friends and family hope you come along so hit the subscribe button and we’re gonna be using this what looks like a cargo case shell on the top of our truck it’s a tent pops up straight and it’s about a queen-size bed in there and so today we’re going to pop it up for you…

  • My Hat on Vacation
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    My Hat on Vacation

    On Earth the men and women… live together… help each other. I do not think your words are allowed. Together, my friends we have begun a political revolution to transform America and that revolution, our revolution, continues.

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    VLOG: 72 Hours of Non-Stop Worship! (David’s Tent 2018)

    Joseph The Dreamer Good Christian Music Blog We’re at David’s tent. It’s 72 hours of non-stop worship! “Nothing I Hold On To” Here we go, here’s my tent. It’s MTV Cribs now, mate. Gotta give us a tour. It’s probably a bit of a mess. It looks like it’s nice and cozy but it was really cold last night. I like your flowery duvet mate. I’ll tell you what, now it really is intense. Where are you Stephen? I’m here. So we’re in the middle of the campsite and we’ve just come across this! The tiniest caravan in the universe. Dude, this is so… Can I go in? Yeah, yeah…

  • 24 HOURS OVERNIGHT TENT CHALLENGE | Epic girls gone wild | Idaho
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    24 HOURS OVERNIGHT TENT CHALLENGE | Epic girls gone wild | Idaho

    Hello Parents, so we were as we were passing the tree house we were thinking of starting our own YouTube channel! Okay, so you may think I’m a little inexperienced and a little immature, but we can do it We’re really thinking about doing like teaching kids our age mostly girls, about crafting and cooking adventuring and lots more you’ll be really exciting and Ainsley here would be doing all the eating on the cooking shit on the cooking part. Very true All right. We hope you we hope you think this is as fun as we do Okay friends, how’s it going I am vlogging today? I haven’t been…