• World War One – Episode 1. Documentary Film. Historical Reenactment. StarMedia. English Subtitles
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    World War One – Episode 1. Documentary Film. Historical Reenactment. StarMedia. English Subtitles

    Autumn of 1914. A troop train was on its way from Odessa Overcrowded coaches were filled with soldiers and bursting from loud chatter, letting a young 15 year old boy go completely unnoticed as he hid underneath the bunks. With nothing but a bundle of dried bread and a change of clothes, the boy was in pursuit of his dream to become a real hero, whatever it took. An new kind of war had come to Russia Unlike any war humankind had seen before. A war of machines and airplanes… The first war of armored battleships and gigantic zeppelins… The first war of tanks and poison gas… This young boy…

  • ESCAPE FROM SOBIBOR (1988) – 1080p – 🎬 Full movie – Optional english subtitles
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    ESCAPE FROM SOBIBOR (1988) – 1080p – 🎬 Full movie – Optional english subtitles

    – In 1942, SS chief Heinrich Himmler initiated Operation Reinhardt, Nazi Germany’s final solution to the Jewish question. Three death camps were built and staffed under top secret orders. These camps, all in eastern Poland, were Belzec, Treblinka and the most secret Sobibor. Sobibor, it was here on October 14th, 1943, that the biggest, most successful prisoner revolt in World War II took place. This is that story. – Did you speak to them? – Yes, Leon. – But they’re still going to do it. Leon, Leon. – What’s going on? – We’re assigned to the vegetable lot today. While you’re all at the station, we are going to go.…

  • The haunting of Fort Monroe
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    The haunting of Fort Monroe

    [♪techno beat♪] [♪drum beat♪] Welcome back. Fort Monroe is one of the oldest posts in America. It’s seen a lot of wars and been home to many famous folks, some of whom still wander around the post today. Crystal Park shows us how current residents are dealing with their lingering neighbors. Boo! >>Oh, my gosh! During the day Fort Monroe looks like an old historic post. Situated on the Chesapeake Bay and surrounded by a moat, the fort’s original mission was to protect the entrance to Hampton Roads and several other port cities in Virginia. But at night the fort takes on a different light. Lieutenant Colonel John Doe, who…

  • Judas “The Hammer” – Greatest War Hero is History?
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    Judas “The Hammer” – Greatest War Hero is History?

    It is the year 160 BC, and in Judea, a force of 24,000 Syrian invaders is being met by a band of only 3,000 Jewish defenders. Hopelessly outnumbered, the Jewish defenders know that they must make a stand here and hopefully buy time for the rest of their newly-independent nation to rise to arms. It is a grim choice, but one that must be made if the nation of Israel is to be free for the first time in almost 500 years. Leading the 3,000 Jewish soldiers is a man who has by now become a legend in his own right. Judas Maccabeus, the Hammer of Israel, knows that he…

  • Found Underground Tunnels Beneath Abandoned Fort
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    Found Underground Tunnels Beneath Abandoned Fort

    Welcome to the abandoned military city of Bernard Four thousand people used to live here Now one thousand do…. after an outbreak of plague back in 2003. We just rocked up and some guys just walked straight in. So I don’t think there’s going to be any problems at all here. Come on Lloydy. Chin up mate! Negative Nigel over here. Listen Norton right… When you have been through as much shit as I have, Through childhood. You know not to take shit like this for granted. Alright? What do you mean? You’ve been tampered with? That car is definitely nicked. Look… Filling fucking trailer full of scrap. It’s a…

  • Roman Military Technology and Tactics
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    Roman Military Technology and Tactics

    2000 years ago, the Roman army is the best equipped army in the world. While the architects have mastered the art of manipulating stone and concrete, military engineers have fashioned metal and wood to create devastating weapons of war. The Roman foot soldier’s main weapon is a fearsome sword called the Gladius, a double edged blade about 18 inches long with a sharp point. It was used for stabbing and thrusting, rather than slashing. But if a sword could be deadly at close quarters, their spear called a Pilum, could kill from a distance. It can be thrown with lethal accuracy around 100 feet. DR KATE GILLIVER: The Pilum is…

  • Veterans And Peace Activists Seek To Find Common Ground
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    Veterans And Peace Activists Seek To Find Common Ground

    Kids… killed kids. It’s not fun, and so desensitizes what we have to do because that is our job. It’s a job.>>Against that wall, with the ‘X’ on it, can I have all my veterans? The other wall, on this side, I’m gonna have all my peace activists.>>The military brainwashes its soldiers.>>Veteran: (quietly) How?>>Oh, wow. Um, I don’t think the natural inclination for a human being is to want to kill another human being. There is a necessary requirement in the military to get you to perform a certain action. And in order for that action to occur, it is my theory, that there is a part of changing the…

  • 亮剑:武僧魏大勇单挑日军特种部队队长!不可一世的日本军人被打趴下!
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    Go fast Hurry up. go Go. Hurry up. fast Go fast. fast Go. Go fast Go fast Hurry up Hurry up. Hurry up Go fast. Sit down Wei Dayong. The former martial arts monk of shaolin temple. Squad sergeant, 72nd division, 19th army, National Army. Nickname monk Chinese prisoners of war Now the imperial army gives you a chance to live You can work in groups of three. Holding a knife And attack an unarmed Japanese soldier If you kill him You can be released immediately It depends on you Chinese soldiers If you have the guts I am joining in. Is there anyone with me? Count on one It…

  • Hardballheaven airsoft – The water fort – 30 july 2017.
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    Hardballheaven airsoft – The water fort – 30 july 2017.

    This video got shortened a bit, because it started to rain As you can see behind me…. But that´s what happens, when you play outdoors In Denmark ,at summer But enjoy the video anyway ! bang bang ! Nice try F… , some agressive bee´s No armband, got the fort ! No armband, can not respawn ! no armband one dead in A (spawn point) Fuck, I´m hit where are you !… here! Whatch that window, if they pass ! Left side…. Got it ! Give info, if you see them ! Good shooting ! remember to watch each other…. i don´t see them there is too many, I can´t…