• 19-Year-Old Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted | The Dodo Adoption Day
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    19-Year-Old Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted | The Dodo Adoption Day

    Oh, you’ve got a great smile. The paperwork said Ace is nineteen. Ace was surrendered to the Sonoma Shelter, and then the fires started. And he ended up 150 miles away at the SPCA. I went to see Ace the day after he arrived at the shelter. – Hey bud! – I was surprised to see how he pranced like a much younger dog. When I asked to foster him, my only intent was to get him out of the shelter. Because he’s nineteen. And he’s been through enough. And he needs to get into a home. Okay. Ready to go home? I just was hoping somebody would adopt him.…

  • The New Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Craig Historic Site
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    The New Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Craig Historic Site

    This living history vignette is entitled, “Betrayal.” It is based on the true story of Private William Richardson who served in Company D, 9th U.S. Cavalry. This vignette was performed as part of the 150th anniversary of Fort Craig, New Mexico, in November of 2004, of behalf of the Bureau of Land Management. In November 1881, while stationed at Fort Craig, Private Richardson broke into the Sergeant’s locker, and stole the company fund, amounting to $550. He then deserted with the money. Two search parties were put into the field in pursuit. He was first tracked into San Marcial, a town several miles east of the Fort, where it was…

  • True Scary Stories: CAMPING
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    True Scary Stories: CAMPING

    this happened in 2003 I was eight years old at the time but I remember most of what happened due to the fact that it was crazy it was Labor Day and we went camping to this place in Virginia my dad invited his friend and his wife these people are the grandparents of my best friend I was like most kids who couldn’t appreciate nature but there was a place in the campground with a bathroom and some arcade games and I would bike there to play all day it was about a 10-second bike ride from our tent so my dad let me go by myself the path…

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    Undercover Cop Tricks Autistic Student into Selling Him Weed (Full Length)

    First and last name? My first name is Jessie My last name is Snodgrass Have you ever sold drugs at Chapperal High School? Nope You’ve never sold drugs to any students there? No sir. No? Okay. Do you know who this is? Nope You sure? Yea, I’m sure Daniel? It was the first thing he said when I spoke to him on the phone. It was… not “Mom I got locked up” But he said: “Mom do you remember my friend?” And I said “Yes” And he said: “He’s a cop”. The war on drugs is still going strong in America. Even though states like Colorado and Washington have legalized…

  • 5 True SCARY Hospital Worker Horror Stories | REAL Night Shift Nurse Scary Stories
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    5 True SCARY Hospital Worker Horror Stories | REAL Night Shift Nurse Scary Stories

    Hey everyone, before we get into these stories, I’d like to thank Audible for sponsoring this video. Them doing so really helps me financially pay for stuff like more videos and my medical bills. Sponsors tend to stay away from horror related stuff on YouTube, so please show them some love and that they’re welcome here, in the comment section. A lot of you have expressed to me that you enjoy listening to my stuff whilst cleaning, traveling, cooking exercising , etc and I think the Audible app is perfect for that. The app can be downloaded on any device, and you can even download titles to listen to anytime…

  • What if Your Loved Ones’ Betrayal Landed You in Prison? | NBC Left Field
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    What if Your Loved Ones’ Betrayal Landed You in Prison? | NBC Left Field

    There’s a saying that was popular in Albania under the brutal communist dictatorship: “Even walls have ears,” which really meant you were always being listened to. There’s this game I think we all play some version of. You look down the hall or across the street at your neighbor and you ask yourself, “If things got really bad in this country, like politically, whose side would he be on? Mine or the government’s? Would he save me or would he betray me to save his own skin?” In Albania, decades after communism fell, some of these old questions are just starting to be answered. More than 25 years after the…

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    Fearful Dog – Shelter Stories: Bailey

    Hey everybody! Ian here with Simpawtico Dog Training. we’re starting a new program on the channel today called “Shelter Stories.” Now last January I was offered a position with the Chemung County Humane Society and SPCA as their canine behavior and training manager, and I thought it would be kind of cool to document some of the things we do with enrichment and rehabilitation. Today we’re gonna start with a story about a very special lady named Bailey. Bailey is an eight-year-old Shepherd mix surrendered by elderly owners in Virginia who were no longer able to care for her. Having been transported up to us just 24 hours after being…

  • [Draw my life#1] Story of K 탈북민 김씨의 이야기 (Eng)
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    [Draw my life#1] Story of K 탈북민 김씨의 이야기 (Eng)

    I was born in Munsu-dong near the Taedong river in Pyongyang city on 29th of December in 1959 When I was born, my father worked as a soldier in the newspaper department of the Korean People’s army and my mother, too [Pyongyang] [Hoeryong] [Deportation in autumn in 1964] [District 64] [10 households from Pyeongyang to Hoeryong] There are no passports in North Korea [for the common people] The regime doesn’t allow people to travel, so we can’t hold passports However, we can’t just starve. We need to go abroad I used to sell pine mushrooms which were common in my town to China to earn money It was illegal –…

  • StoryCorps: Fort Scott National Historic Site
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    StoryCorps: Fort Scott National Historic Site

    I remember the very first time in 1980 when I saw Fort Scott National Historic Site, and I was absolutely amazed of all the buildings and the fact that it just seemed to just pop right out of the prairie. It was pretty special then, and it’s pretty special now. I remember as a child hs1 which was a museum at the time and that’s really all it was here except the modern buildings… and then coming back years and years later as an adult and seeing an actual fort standing here that was amazing to me because I had no idea that there was really a fort here. What…

  • 10 Incredible Military Inventions
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    10 Incredible Military Inventions

    The military invents a lot of things, and not all of them are new types of guns. They’re all about making things as efficient as possible, and every once in a while they come up with a product so good, it ends up bleeding into civilian life and becomes entwined with our daily lives. As a result, there’s a good chance that you’ve used many brilliant inventions that you had no idea started out in some top secret military facility or another. Inventions such as… 10. GPS Remember the awful days of yesteryear when everyone had to rely on mere maps to find their way from point A to point…