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    Stealth Camping at Tunnel Bridges / Washouts – Bicycle Road trip Tour Vlog #12

    Bicycle Touring Road Trip Eastbound Across the Southwest USA – Vlog #12 Tunnel and Bridge Stealth Camping and Tips there were many times during my cross country travel that I couldn’t find any trees or bushes to stealth camp at… eventually I figured out that I could go down around the base of the tunnel bridges, or washouts some call them, and pitch a shelter which was usually my tarp or military poncho… as you can see, I could camp in these locations undetected from passers by on the road above… this first location was a pretty good sized bridge that made for easy bicycle stealth camping. There was a…

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    The Great Picnic Mix Up: Crash Course Kids #19.1

    [INTRO MUSIC] Summertime is picnic time, with sweet iced tea, and yummy fruit salad — and ants — but still, yummy fruit salad! And hey, did you notice something? Those foods have something in common: they’re both mixtures — things made by combining two or more different things. Not the ants — they’re just ants, but the iced tea and the fruit salad are mixtures. Anytime you combine two different things, you make a mixture; whether it’s strawberries and bananas, raspberries and blackberries, or cantaloupe and Legos, which I don’t recommend eating — at all — I’m just saying it’s a mixture. So let’s have a little science with our…

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    Mountain Wilderness Survival in Alaska

    Often the weather on Baranof Island is cool and rainy in September but not on this day I made this poncho from of a large piece of deer hide and this Indian hemp belt to secure it around my waist I borrowed this knife and sheath from a friend “The mountains are calling and I must go…” – John Muir I am somewhere on the right side of this mountain One of many edible berry species Over half way up the mountain and above the tree line Spectacular views in the silence of the mountains Near the top of the mountain is this alpine lake The broken rock is evidence…

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    Best Carbonara Ever! – Cooking in the Forest

    First, get the fire started Now, get some water in your pan Heat the water and pour it into a pot Put the pot on the fire to heat it up Then, mix it by hand Now, knead the dough Dice it into small pieces Smash it into little bits Dice this up to fine size Add the garlic yum ooh close up And the parsley Flatten the dough into a thin, medium circle Roll the circle into a wrap- halfway in on both sides Cut the whole role into small strips Open your pot of boiling water and gently place the noodles inside Mix thoroughly Vigorously whisk Plate your…

  • Showing Dad My Secret Fishing Place The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1863
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    Showing Dad My Secret Fishing Place The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1863

    oh good morning good morning ladies and gentlemen guess what we are getting ready to go on to the lake with this bad boy yeah that’s right we got our fishing rods right there hopefully we have some better luck today well yeah my dad is gonna come we’ll just pick up here right away and hook up the boat and then we’re gonna go fishing we just finished having breakfast we had a good night’s sleep there’s still a real fine mist out there but whatever doesn’t matter anyways that’s cool fishing was just some better luck today okay alright guys we came back we got a couple of…

  • RV Camping – Camp 216 Needs Fresh Water!
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    RV Camping – Camp 216 Needs Fresh Water!

    Well I just got through filling up the water tank in the camp with a 12-volt water pump I’m having a little trouble with our well. I do have the pump guy coming out later on tomorrow But I did want to continue showering doing dishes and Drinking water in the camp luckily we have a potable water source nearby and I filled up four 5-gallon jugs and very easily transferred them with a 12-volt water pump, so hopefully I’m not gonna have to do that a lot But we’re good to go for another three days at least I am now off to my other little problem And that…

  • DIY Emergency Kit In a Water Bottle- Mini Emergency Survival Kit- DIY Survival Gear
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    DIY Emergency Kit In a Water Bottle- Mini Emergency Survival Kit- DIY Survival Gear

    DIY Emergency kit in a water bottle emergency survival homemade mini kit set gear must have hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper part of planning or emergencies is making sure that you have the supplies emergency survival situations that you need most of us are probably not prepping for an apocalypse or being lost in the wilderness and needing to survive for weeks at a time we’re trying to get through the day-to-day activities the simple family outings the hiking camping trips trips to town those kind of emergency situations where an emergency can come up that maybe you need to make a shelter you need to start a fire you…

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    How to Set Up a Campsite : How to Layout a Campsite

    Hi, this is Bruce Lessels from Zoar Outdoor on behalf of expertvillage.com, talking about choosing and setting up a campsite. The layout of your campsite is important to enjoy in your camping experience because it allows you to do various activities in various different areas and not have them either interfere with each other from a safety point of view, from a noise point of view or just from a convenience point of view. It’s great to have a sleeping area kind of off to itself and off on the side where it’s away from the fire, away from the cooking and away from the food smell and also away…

  • Snowy winter camping with Amok Draumr 3.0 / Norwegian forest (Subtitled)
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    Snowy winter camping with Amok Draumr 3.0 / Norwegian forest (Subtitled)

    Back for new adventures! Now i find myself close to a road, as you can hear.. I have walked for about.. max 10min from Marius.. Drove to Marius, parked my car there and walked Went into the forest, but instead of going left, where we always hike I went straight forward.. Just found this place Which looks amazing Reminds me of Femundsmarka national park With the small Spruce heather and ground Loads of raven here aswell! I have my Amok with me Marius got his Amok aswell! Not sure if im going to set it up before he comes.. He`s gone atm.. coming later Prob about 4-5 pm 2pm atm…