• Frame Tent Basics – Dead weights and Water Barrels
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    Frame Tent Basics – Dead weights and Water Barrels

    There is nothing wrong with water barrels, if you do it right. Most people are using water barrels incorrectly. How many water barrels would you use on a twenty by twenty tent? Four I thought you would have at least said eight. Four is not near enough. Eight is not near enough. The problem with water barrels is that it is plastic barrel filled with water. If you actually picked it straight up, it would weigh about four hundred and fifty pounds. You will place it next to a tent and you attach a rope to the top of the water barrel. This is how most people do it. They…

  • Campfire & Camping Safety Tips : How to Avoid Being Burned By a Campfire: Camping Safety
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    Campfire & Camping Safety Tips : How to Avoid Being Burned By a Campfire: Camping Safety

    Hi! My name is Dan and I’m here with Expert Village. Right now we’re going to talk about how to avoid getting burned by your campfire. There’s a few pieces of safety equipment you can bring. Leather gloves don’t burn very well so you can use them to manipulate your fire. Also, wearing cotton or wool clothing, which doesn’t burn as easily as synthetics. You want to make sure that the area around your fire ring is clear so you can travel around as the wind travels with you. You also want to know what kind of wood you’re using. As some woods seem tend to pop and throw a…

  • easy tent, easy food.
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    easy tent, easy food.

    1st Oct 16, 9:24am umbrella tent bulky, heavy, not easy to carry but easy to set up very comfortable recording time, at the peak of Mount Nuang many other hikers were there a very nice dog video shot, at the sign board 4898 feet above sea level 18:17 hr, at the base camp boil hot water and preparing dinner get some water in the bottle easy food, instant food chicken fried rice look so delicious the tea is ready Ariff already start to eat we don’t have microwave put the package in the hot water reheat the chicken enjoy our dinner bon apetite! 19:12 hr, already dark 6:16 am, 2…

  • How to use a RV/campervan dump station in New Zealand
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    How to use a RV/campervan dump station in New Zealand

    If you’re choosing to rent a self-contained camper van, sooner or later, you’re going to need to know how to use a dump station. A dump station is a special drain for emptying your on-board toilet, and also your grey water– that is, the water from your on-board shower and sink, if you have one. They can be identified with this blue sign and can be located using the free CamperMate app. Normally, there will be a metal cover, which you lift up. This will expose two drains. The one with the lid is for your toilet cassette. The other is for the grey water. You may also encounter just…

  • Glaskogen, Sweden – 8 days in a canoe (and some trekking)
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    Glaskogen, Sweden – 8 days in a canoe (and some trekking)

    After a long time of planning, preparing for our first trip outdoors in this fashion, a whole lot of bought equipment praticing to pack our bag, Test-runs and exercises (like making fire in the rain) we were finally on the verge of testing our proficiency in the outdoors. The setting of this act should become the nature reservation of Glaskogen, in Sweden, that we were to explore in a canoe on our own, before hiking back to Oslo, Norway, to catch our flight. The first difficulties we encountered came early: during the journey to get there. This is our story πŸ™‚ Oslo Airport – customs inspection (empty all your pockets…

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    plumberparts.co.uk honest reviews and advice Hold Tight and welcome to todays plumberparts.co.uk video, I’ve dug deep today because i’ve got Man flu I don’t know if you can hear, my nose is all bunged up so i thought istead of doing an insane video I was going to do a simple video on to solder copper pipe. Now we have done one video before, I think it was the first one we ever uploaded so I thought we’d re visit that and also show you how unrealistic every other plumbing video is on soldering copper pipe so lets go now oh yeah Hold tight! So firstly what we need is…

  • Mobiler Wasserfilter zum Campen | Van Life
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    Mobiler Wasserfilter zum Campen | Van Life

    In this video we wanted to show you our water filter. That is this thing here. We think it is very handy, not only for van live but also for hiking, anything where you need to get drinking water somehow. Our problem was, that we arrived in India and for some reason we couldn’t get filtered water anywhere. Also no big water bottles or containers with drinking water. So, for the first days we had to by 1 L bottled water. That was when we stated thinking about getting a water filter ourselves. We wanted something simple, that we can use in the car. We had heard of big filter…

  • Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent TV Commercial
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    Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent TV Commercial

    When you get the chance to get outdoors make the most of it. Camp in confidence and comfort in a Kodiak flexbow tent. Wherever you may camp, from the hot deserts to the frigid mountains – be it summer or winter – you can depend on Kodiak Canvas tent to stand up to the elements. Setting up the Flex Bow tent is quick and easy. It can be done by just one person. The flexible tent has a sturdy frame made with 1 inch steel tubing and solid spring rods made with high tensile spring steel. All Kodiak Canvas tents use top-of-the-line materials and components. Our flexbow tents are made…