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    Tour de Mont Blanc Detailed Packing List | Wilderness Backpack for maximum self-sufficiency

    Hello, there! We are Angelina and Dima from Walking Nature World. And we are going to show what’s inside our backpacks for Tour de Mont Blanc and Dolomites Hike. As we’ll be wild camping most of the time and we’ll be out in the wilderness we tried to be as autonomous as possible and as independent as possible. So we brought lots of interesting stuff this time and lots of new one so we are very excited to share this with you. So let’s begin with my backpack! So we’ll start right from the backpack, I have a new backpack this time – this is a 20 L Quechua backpack.…

  • Why I Love Camping
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    Why I Love Camping

    (guitar music) – Alright. So you don’t like camping. Fine. But I find that offensive. (lively mandolin music) Saying you don’t like camping is like saying you don’t like food or music or stories. It’s just way too broad and frankly, it makes you sound kinda stupid There’s a 1,000 ways to sleep under the stars and yes, that’s reason number one that camping rules. (whip cracking) Okay. Obviously the proximity to nature thing is great. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And yeah, you can camp next to a fucking iceberg. This guy did it in Iceland. You ever cook dinner in the woods? It’s great! Look…

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    Mountain Wilderness Survival in Alaska

    Often the weather on Baranof Island is cool and rainy in September but not on this day I made this poncho from of a large piece of deer hide and this Indian hemp belt to secure it around my waist I borrowed this knife and sheath from a friend “The mountains are calling and I must go…” – John Muir I am somewhere on the right side of this mountain One of many edible berry species Over half way up the mountain and above the tree line Spectacular views in the silence of the mountains Near the top of the mountain is this alpine lake The broken rock is evidence…

  • Minister Creek in 4K | Backpacking the Best Trails of Pennsylvania
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    Minister Creek in 4K | Backpacking the Best Trails of Pennsylvania

    [Andrew narrating] On perfect days, the wilderness becomes luxury: the sky and the canopy are the Sistine Chapel and every leaf and wildflower the Crown jewels With a warm fire and the company of the trees, time spent outdoors shows you what it means not just to be alive, but to thrive Now, we would journey into the woods to experience it for ourselves [Adventure Archives theme song plays] [Andrew narrating] On an early summer day, we made our way out of the city for another outdoors adventure [Bryan narrating] For a day with such idyllic weather, we decided to return to an idyllic part of the Midwest: Allegheny National…

  • Canoe Camping 3 Days Exploring the Backcountry, Canoe, Fish, Camp – Episode 1
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    Canoe Camping 3 Days Exploring the Backcountry, Canoe, Fish, Camp – Episode 1

    [Music] duh striving to our first leg here the canoe in the water okay so here’s where we left with the canoe carts and we did the three kilometer with the canoe in the cart left the cart here is where we are right now we want to go down check out this campsite maybe this campsite [Applause] right good to go we’re leaving the little dock here [Music] [Music] campsite here we’re looking at fit decent for us to stay or not okay we can put our food away from the Bears their side over here which is a little bit more sheltered from the wind land on the…

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    How To Have a Good Night’s Sleep While Winter Camping

    Hi! I’m Eric Hanson and I want to talk to you about sleeping great while winter camping. When you sleep great in winter camping there’s truly nothing better but I do know that it can be an intimidating thing to think about the long, cold nights and so I want to talk to you about a few simple ways that you can really improve your sleep quality and make sure that you’re having a really good night’s sleep—and not just making it through and surviving—there’s a big difference. So a few things that are really important. One, just having a really good sleeping bag. There is a big difference between,…

  • Bushcraft In August | Net Making, Tool Heavy Experiment, Char Cloth, Campfire Cooking
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    Bushcraft In August | Net Making, Tool Heavy Experiment, Char Cloth, Campfire Cooking

    It’s August. I’ve got my bushcraft gear with me. I’m bushcrafting in August, no honestly I will be doing some bushcrafting! Hii folks I’m Craig Taylor and as always a huge sense of joining me here on my youtube channel the bushcraft Padawan if you’re a regular viewer or subscriber you’ll know that for the past over 2 and a half years now I’ve made a commitment to get out for at least a full day or a full May or possibly both combined together into the woods at least once a month every month and I’ve done that for two years eight months now I know it’s eight months…

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    Top 5 Winter Camping Gear Picks!

    hey what up it’s alex haney here and today I’m gonna talk to you guys about my top five gear picks from my recent winter backpacking trip. okay so i’m kinda one of those people who tries not to make it about you know the gear you have or all the gadgets and stuff like that. really i just want to get outside and have a good time and thats what its all about. but at the same time I am kind of a nerd when it comes to gear. and these are just all items that went above and beyond my original expectations and had just made my time…

  • Could You Live in a Tiny Home?
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    Could You Live in a Tiny Home?

    There is a movement going on where people are choosing to live in incredibly tiny homes. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Gooooooood Mythical Morning! Whenever I hear that there is a movement going on, I am immediately interested. – (laughs) – And I begin to question whether or not – I should be a part of this movement. – ‘Cause it’s going somewhere. And then I’m like, if I gotta be a part of this movement, you gotta be a part of this movement, because we kinda move in parallel. Well, that’s the dynamic here. You’re intrigued by movements, and then you come – to me and…