• About Us | Backpacking, Hunting and Camping with Luxe
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    About Us | Backpacking, Hunting and Camping with Luxe

    We specialize in simple lightweight teepees, a variety of hot tents, wood stoves and camp tarps, for backpacking hunting and camping. Our warehouse and retail store is in the rainy Pacific Northwest town of Forks, located in Washington State where we ship worldwide. We carry lightweight and unique camping gear that we hope will inspire everyone to spend the night outdoors. Our company was started by Pacific Northwest native Jake Morrison, out of his obsession and passion for camping equipment, Luxe Hiking Gear was born. My name is Jake Morrison owner of Luxe Hiking Gear. I grew up hunting, it’s just in my blood a way of life. I’d go…

  • G-Stove Heat View – Tipiofen Zeltofen – Jurtenland
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    G-Stove Heat View – Tipiofen Zeltofen – Jurtenland

    Der Zeltofen G-Stove Heat View. Hallo hier ist der Ralph von Jurtenland. Herzlich Wilkommen hier in unserer Jurte. Lagerfeuer brennt. Uns ist ein neuer Zeltofen zugelaufen, den habe ich selbst noch nicht gesehen. Die Beschreibungen haben mich zwar fasziniert. Das ist ein Ofen komplett aus Edelstahl, geschweißt. Also dürfte ein sehr wertigen Eindruck nachher dann gleich machen. Es handelt sich um den G-Stove. Das ist ein ganzes System von Zeltöfen. Das fängt an vom Ofen selber über einen Wasserspeicher über ein kleines Backofenfach, was man dazu setzen kann. Aber was wir heute in diesem Karton wohl drin haben, ist das G-Stove Heat View. Und den möchte ich mal jetzt einfach…

  • DIY Stove Jack for Tent Wood Stove Kit
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    DIY Stove Jack for Tent Wood Stove Kit

    Hi guys, today we’re going to show you our DIY Stove Jack Kit. You can see on the back, that we’ve included pre-cut and pre-placed basting tape, to make it easier to stick right on the tent for sewing. It includes these rain covers, that when you get it, you’ll just rip this off first thing, underneath you’ll see the stove jack. Now let’s put the rain cover to the side, and take a look at the stove jack, here it is. It’s 10 by 14 inches, here’s the flap, and right here is where you’ll cut the hole for your pipe. Here’s an example picture, cut it to whatever…

  • Alpkit’s Top 10 Tips for Winter Camping
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    Alpkit’s Top 10 Tips for Winter Camping

    Winter can be pretty challenging and the temptation to stay indoors and turn the heating up some be really strong but with a few minor Adjustments it can also be a great time to get out in the mountains pitch your tent and enjoy the outdoors So here’s our top tips to helping you get out camping this winter As you can see we’ve pitched our tent in a nice open clear area We’re free from any overhanging trees. And then you potential Avalanche risks as nicely that looks underneath these trees It’s not actually the ideal spot for setting up camp the wind picks up in the night This…

  • Annual Alaska Winter Camping trip – Men And Boys Big Campout
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    Annual Alaska Winter Camping trip – Men And Boys Big Campout

    Hello welcome to another video from far north bushcraft and survival Every year a group of men and their boys go on a campout up in the mountains and We’ve been doing it for I don’t know probably over 20 years So I thought this year I might bring you along let me show you what it looks like here and We’ll take a look okay, I got the snow machine all ready to go I got things all packed and This is the area where we’re headed All right now before we get started. Let me show you how I pack the sled Somebody asked how I pack my…

  • Stove Jack Tips for Any Tent  | Pipe Out the Shelter Side Wall
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    Stove Jack Tips for Any Tent | Pipe Out the Shelter Side Wall

    I have been getting a lot of questions in customer service, on what exactly a Stove Jack is for a tent. A Stove Jack makes it possible to put out a stove pipe from the tent through a hole. The fabric of the stove jack is usually made up of a fiberglass silicone fabric, that’s very heat resistance to super high temperatures, then they are attached to the tent by either sewing them directly in at the manufacturer, or you can do it yourself usually or have it done at let’s say a sail shop, or this one is just velcroed in and the velcro is sewn onto the fabric.…

  • My Personal Survival Kit – New PSK Gear ideas 2017
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    My Personal Survival Kit – New PSK Gear ideas 2017

    (bird calls) – When you’re hiking it’s normal to keep most of your equipment inside your backpack, such as your tent and your sleeping bags. The only risk with having everything inside your backpack is, if you are separated from your backpack, you could be left out here in the bush with nothing. That’s why I always like to keep a series of basic equipment on my person at all times when I’m trekking. In this video I wanted to show you what those items are. This is the small bum bag that I carry with me when I’m hiking in the snow and the bush. If I am trekking…

  • Talking Winter Camping…Part 4
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    Talking Winter Camping…Part 4

    On the last video is talking about stoves and I mentioned I use my old MSR whisper light and that’s the stove right here had this stove for 20-something years. It used to be the stove I used for every trip now with the advent of canister stoves and alcohol stoves and all that I’ve gone alcohol for most of my trips except for winter Other than having my Medallia daughter from the from the hammock. I have to melt a lot of snow. So here’s how this one works So first thing you do is you I got my bottle in here with my fuel Giving it a few…

  • Winter Camping below -30°C with an Atuk Kanguk Tent and Kni-co Woodstove
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    Winter Camping below -30°C with an Atuk Kanguk Tent and Kni-co Woodstove

    We’re going camping, woohoo ! I just got up onshore looking for a spot to set up the tent there’s a lot of deer activity some deer pooh right here little pellets deer tracks, all right let’s look around here’s a spot where the deer rested lots of deer tracks see where all that snows melted under the spruce trees deer would have slept right there this is our spot I’m starting to clear it out with the shovel, take some snow out we got a nice fire going to warm up if we’re cold and then we got all our gear to set up, the tent, the wood stove…

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    Hey everyone Billy Rioux. Well, I just spent the night, outside. Winter on the lake. Today is about -25 C. And I really wanted to show you a minimal winter camping kit. If you wanna go outside in winter time. But it’s very minimal. So you need a good sleeping bag, with a mat. It’s very hard to speak now, because it’s very cold. And I always carry a blanket. To cover myself in front of the fire or on my sleeping bag at night. I carry always another pair of glove. I’ve got an axe. I’ve got a kettle. For water, good water, hot good water… to hydrate yourself…