• World War One – Episode 1. Documentary Film. Historical Reenactment. StarMedia. English Subtitles
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    World War One – Episode 1. Documentary Film. Historical Reenactment. StarMedia. English Subtitles

    Autumn of 1914. A troop train was on its way from Odessa Overcrowded coaches were filled with soldiers and bursting from loud chatter, letting a young 15 year old boy go completely unnoticed as he hid underneath the bunks. With nothing but a bundle of dried bread and a change of clothes, the boy was in pursuit of his dream to become a real hero, whatever it took. An new kind of war had come to Russia Unlike any war humankind had seen before. A war of machines and airplanes… The first war of armored battleships and gigantic zeppelins… The first war of tanks and poison gas… This young boy…

  • Military Reforms of Diocletian – Roman Imperial Army DOCUMENTARY
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    Military Reforms of Diocletian – Roman Imperial Army DOCUMENTARY

    Constant plague, invasion, political upheaval, and economic failure during Rome’s Crisis of the Third Century burned away the principate created by Augustus. While the imperium romanum was resilient enough to survive the years of turmoil, and emerge out of the other side of the tunnel, catastrophic defeats such as those at Abritus and Edessa proved that the imperial army was becoming obsolete, so three emperors of Rome – Gallienus, Diocletian and Constantine – began the laborious process of reforging the military into a stronger, more versatile force. Shoutout to Brilliant for sponsoring this video! We are happy to be partners with Brilliant, as this educational platform and our channel share…

  • Marian Reforms and their Military Effects DOCUMENTARY
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    Marian Reforms and their Military Effects DOCUMENTARY

    This video is sponsored by Skillshare. Learn more about Skillshare and the exclusive offer they have for our viewers at the end of the video. In the late second century BC, Rome had defeated and subjugated Greece and Macedonia, wiped Carthage from existence and had delivered the Seleucid Empire a devastating blow. Its fortunes seemed to be ever increasing, but problems were growing slowly. The stress of ever-increasing warfare and wealth division in their society was threatening to tear the Republic apart. On top of this, the militia army of the earlier republic was stagnating, and becoming inadequate for facing new enemies due to a lack of manpower. Soon a…

  • Military Reforms of Augustus
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    Military Reforms of Augustus

    This video was sponsored by the Great Courses Plus. Go to thegreatcoursesplus.com today to start your free trial. In the previous episode in our series on the history of the Roman military, we discussed the reforms of the famous Gaius Marius. He allowed the capite censi to join the legions, introduced the Cohort as the standard unit, and helped to make his forces logistically self-sufficient and swifter in their movement. Though the effectiveness of the legions was undoubtedly increased by his actions, the republic was irreversibly damaged. In the wake of his reforms, a series of civil wars were fought, which eventually would lead to the rise of the Roman…

  • Military Reforms of Alexander the Great
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    Military Reforms of Alexander the Great

    It is 336 BC and Philip II of Macedon is dead. In his lifetime he had completely overhauled the Macedonian army, transforming it into the greatest force the Hellenic World had yet seen. In this episode, we shall cover the evolution and reorganisation of the Macedonian army during the reign and conquest of Philip’s son, Alexander the Great. Arguably the element of the Macedonian army that evolved the most during Alexander’s conquests was his siege machinery. Just as his father had before him, Alexander quickly embraced the great potential of siege warfare for his campaign. Ladders remained the most cost-effective way to capture a settlement and we know Alexander took…