• World War One – Episode 1. Documentary Film. Historical Reenactment. StarMedia. English Subtitles
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    World War One – Episode 1. Documentary Film. Historical Reenactment. StarMedia. English Subtitles

    Autumn of 1914. A troop train was on its way from Odessa Overcrowded coaches were filled with soldiers and bursting from loud chatter, letting a young 15 year old boy go completely unnoticed as he hid underneath the bunks. With nothing but a bundle of dried bread and a change of clothes, the boy was in pursuit of his dream to become a real hero, whatever it took. An new kind of war had come to Russia Unlike any war humankind had seen before. A war of machines and airplanes… The first war of armored battleships and gigantic zeppelins… The first war of tanks and poison gas… This young boy…

  • The McKenzie Break Intro HQ
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    The McKenzie Break Intro HQ

    Corporal. Come on, let’s have you!|Get fell in! It’s roll call!|Let’s have you! – Sergeant, check the other huts. – Quick march, double! Come on! Move! Move! Come on! Fall out for roll call, or it’s blood for breakfast! Kapitan Schleutter’s compliment to Major Perry. He will speak only to the Major. The P.A. Captain Schleutter, your men will now fall in for roll call… and 25 of them will be handcuffed, as previously ordered. Your country started this in violating the Geneva Convention. Twenty-five British officers were shackled… in Ludwigsdorf Prison in Germany. After roll call, we must handcuff 25 of your officers… Captain Schleutter. How do you plan…

  • How A Prisoner Of War Escaped Capture 4 Times
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    How A Prisoner Of War Escaped Capture 4 Times

    The date is 1941 and the second world war is in full swing. In the deserts of North Africa, the British Royal Air Force is tangling daily with the formidable Luftwaffe, and the costly engagements have sounded a call for fighter pilots. Responding to that call is a unit of Australian fighter pilots, shipped across the world to fight the Germans in Africa. Hearing of this, the German pilots snicker amongst themselves- what do a bunch of Aussies know about air to air combat? The Germans will find out soon enough, as an Australian rookie fighter pilot takes to the sky in his P-40 Tomahawk and quickly becomes one of…

  • CONCENTRATION CAMP in Belgium, Fort Breendonk –  Willebroek – Visit Belgium #40/589
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    CONCENTRATION CAMP in Belgium, Fort Breendonk – Willebroek – Visit Belgium #40/589

    Fort Breendonk, a concentration camp in Belgium Fort Breendonk: 3500 prisoners suffered here, 184 were shot, 23 were hanged, about 100 died of mistreatment, torture and exhaustion Hello everybody welcome to a new video, a new municipality here in Belgium today, I am at the fort of Breendonk, which is former concentration camp here in Belgium So, yep… It is sad but Something important to see Initially most of the prisoners were criminals, people deemed anti-social, or wo did not conform to the German race laws Later on, resistance fighters, political prisoners and ordinary people captured as hostages were detained as well Another section was used as a transit camp…

  • The Curious Case of Captain Robert Campbell
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    The Curious Case of Captain Robert Campbell

    The Curious Case of Captain Robert Campbell Captain Robert Campbell began his British Army career in 1903 at the age of 18. Shortly after WWI started, in July of 1914 Campbell and the soldiers he was leading, the First Battalion East Surrey Regiment, were sent to Mons-Condé canal in the north west of France. One week later, after an attack by German forces, Captain Campbell was seriously injured and ultimately captured. He was then treated in a German military hospital in Cologne, and, once healed up a bit, sent to the prisoner-of-war (POW) camp in Magdeburg, Germany. None of this makes Captain Campbell particularly unique in the “War to End…

  • The Second World War: On a Wing and a Prayer
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    The Second World War: On a Wing and a Prayer

    (sweeping instrumental music) (upbeat triumphant music) – In May, 1992, 47 years after the end of the second World War, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother unveiled a statue at the Aria Church of Saint Clement Danes in Strand. Amidst protests from German dignitaries, the statue of Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris was erected not only as a permanent acknowledgment of the immense contribution he made to the Allied war effort, but also of the men he commanded, and in particular, of the 55,000 who lost their lives. Those men were the backbone of the RAF’s largest fighting force, Bomber Command. (“My Country ‘Tis of Thee” by Samuel Francis…

  • Escaping The Nazi Death Camp
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    Escaping The Nazi Death Camp

    World War II was a time of terror that brought out the worst in many. Yet even in the darkest, most desperate times people joined together to fight against the wicked in positions of authority, even when the consequence they would face was often certain death. Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler are two such men who fought for what was right even when all of the odds were stacked against them. They wanted to save others from execution, but first they’d have to escape from the Nazis camp they were imprisoned in. They knew that if they were caught they’d be executed, because they were trying to escape from a…