• World War One – Episode 1. Documentary Film. Historical Reenactment. StarMedia. English Subtitles
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    World War One – Episode 1. Documentary Film. Historical Reenactment. StarMedia. English Subtitles

    Autumn of 1914. A troop train was on its way from Odessa Overcrowded coaches were filled with soldiers and bursting from loud chatter, letting a young 15 year old boy go completely unnoticed as he hid underneath the bunks. With nothing but a bundle of dried bread and a change of clothes, the boy was in pursuit of his dream to become a real hero, whatever it took. An new kind of war had come to Russia Unlike any war humankind had seen before. A war of machines and airplanes… The first war of armored battleships and gigantic zeppelins… The first war of tanks and poison gas… This young boy…

  • 亮剑:武僧魏大勇单挑日军特种部队队长!不可一世的日本军人被打趴下!
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    Go fast Hurry up. go Go. Hurry up. fast Go fast. fast Go. Go fast Go fast Hurry up Hurry up. Hurry up Go fast. Sit down Wei Dayong. The former martial arts monk of shaolin temple. Squad sergeant, 72nd division, 19th army, National Army. Nickname monk Chinese prisoners of war Now the imperial army gives you a chance to live You can work in groups of three. Holding a knife And attack an unarmed Japanese soldier If you kill him You can be released immediately It depends on you Chinese soldiers If you have the guts I am joining in. Is there anyone with me? Count on one It…

  • How Can a Cheap Submarine Sink an Expensive Military Aircraft Carrier?
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    How Can a Cheap Submarine Sink an Expensive Military Aircraft Carrier?

    Just off the coast of California a hunt is underway. American cruisers and the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier ply the deep Pacific waters, and underneath a Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine prowls for its quarry. Overhead, anti-submarine warfare helicopters buzz around the carrier battle group, routinely stopping to dip their hanging sonar into the water and listen for the sub everyone is hunting for. Poseidon aircraft fly overhead, their powerful magnetic anomaly sensors scouring the sea beneath the big planes. Thousands of eyes are glued to electronic screens, or scouring the sea with binoculars. Just three miles away from the mighty USS Ronald Reagan, a slender periscope breaks…

  • Canadian Army Newsreel No.103
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    Canadian Army Newsreel No.103

    [Canadian Army Newsreel Musical intro.] Narrator: The … of Victory Year is founded as the North Nova Scotia Highlanders of Canada plant their regimental standard on German soil – the first foothold in the Reich. The turn of the year in Northern Italy sees the 1st Canadian Corps battling the enemy and the weather. Crossing the Lamone River crossing, they make a determined drive up to the Senio. In the snow cloaked Apennines, mule trains supply forward positions as the slow advance to Ferrara continues. On the western front too, old man winter bogs down operations with a deep blanket of snow. Having driven several bridgeheads over Maas River, the…

  • The McKenzie Break Intro HQ
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    The McKenzie Break Intro HQ

    Corporal. Come on, let’s have you!|Get fell in! It’s roll call!|Let’s have you! – Sergeant, check the other huts. – Quick march, double! Come on! Move! Move! Come on! Fall out for roll call, or it’s blood for breakfast! Kapitan Schleutter’s compliment to Major Perry. He will speak only to the Major. The P.A. Captain Schleutter, your men will now fall in for roll call… and 25 of them will be handcuffed, as previously ordered. Your country started this in violating the Geneva Convention. Twenty-five British officers were shackled… in Ludwigsdorf Prison in Germany. After roll call, we must handcuff 25 of your officers… Captain Schleutter. How do you plan…

  • Unbroken Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Angelina Jolie Directed Movie HD
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    Unbroken Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Angelina Jolie Directed Movie HD

    However dark the night, however dim our hopes (inbound 4 o’clock, Woah!) the light will always follow darkness keep going the way you’re going, you’ll end up as a bum on the street you train, you fight harder than those other guys and you win if you can take it you can make it you can do this Lou, you just gotta believe you can Pop does Ma does I do Loui, a moment of pain is worth a lifetime of Glory We’re gonna die out here . We’re not dying! Who is the Olympic athlete? Don’t look at me Hello, mother, father. This is your Louie talking. I am…

  • Fred Korematsu – PROTEST
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    Fred Korematsu – PROTEST

    Very nice, right on your heart. Korematsu! We stand up for what is right! At Fred T. Korematsu Discovery Academy in East Oakland, kids start the day with a pledge that emphasizes morality and courage. We chose the name Fred Korematsu because we really felt like the attributes he showed in his work are things that the children need to learn, is that common people can stand up and make differences in large numbers of people’s lives. In 1942 an ordinary American took an extraordinary stand. Fred Korematsu boldly opposed the forced internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. The children, they relate very strongly to Mr. Korematsu. A lot of…

  • Instrument of War – BYUtv Holiday Special 2017
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    Instrument of War – BYUtv Holiday Special 2017

    [bombs whistling] Hello Amerikaner. For you the war’s over. [thump] You are now prisoners of the German Reich. ♪♪ Play it one more time. So, you’re actually going to build a violin, in a prison camp. [cheering] Before long, you’re ready to trade anything just to stop that next drop from falling. You just keep thinking, [gunshots] peace on earth, good will towards men. This war will end. Now we face it in here. It will make all the difference when it does. ♪♪