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    RV Tour: 2016 Winnebago Era 170A Class B Diesel Motorhome | RV Texas

    Hey y’all this is Stacie with RVTexasYall.com. Tom’s behind the camera. [Tom: Hey guys!] Today we are at Camping World in Katy, Texas checking out this Class B. This is 2016 Winnebago Era (E-R-A) 170 B… [checks for model number] 170A! [laughs] and uh it is on a sprinter chassis a Mercedes sprinter chassis so its a diesel Class B. I mean you can see from the size of it you could drive this thing anywhere. You could have it in your driveway you know and then be ready to go whenever the mood strikes you. So come on in and let’s take a look. One thing that struck us…

  • Are You Ready to Bug Out?  How to Test Your Preps And Survival Skills
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    Are You Ready to Bug Out? How to Test Your Preps And Survival Skills

    Are You Ready to Bug Out? How to Test Your Preps Camping is prepping test your emergency preparedness skills try your survival skills practice Bugging Out how to prepare for emergencies how to I know I am ready for emergencies Hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper Are You Ready to Bug Out? How to Test Your Preps did you realize camping is a form of prepping cheap outdoor gear review learning emergency preparedness skills avoid top prepper mistakes are you ever worried about having gear and having to bug out in an emergency situation well then you need to conquer your fear test your prepping avoid top prepping mistakes how to…

  • David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 3.3
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    David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 3.3

    – You know what, fuck you guys. I’m fucking, I’m out of here. – Wait, Joe, you’re just… you’re just jealous, man. – Yeah, well, at least I know that about myself. You, however, have your head so far up your own ass, you have no idea how far out of your league Jandice is. She’s gonna drop your limp ass in a week. So enjoy it while it lasts, Bunny. – “Bunny”? Why’d you call me Bunny? – You said, you said that you fuck like bunnies. Right? Well, that’s your swell new nickname. Now I call you Bunny. – Oh, what? – Oh. – The warriors have returned…

  • What to take on a high altitude trek
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    What to take on a high altitude trek

    Hey everyone, I am Swathi, if you are watching this video you are probably getting ready for a high altitude trek, which is awesome, I get super excited before each of my treks. So today I am show you everything that you need to take on your high altitude trek, I am assuming you are going on a summer trek and that’s one week long, that would be a Roopkund, Rupin pass, Buranghati, Hampta pass, any of these trek, this is what you will need to take. So, let’s get started. Now, in summer, if you are in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, its going to be 40 degrees but in the…

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    Dear America, I Don’t mean to sound harsh but what I’m about to say needs to be said See we have money in our pockets, but it is time. We put more sense in our heads In 1990 Americans took 20 days of vacation each year in 2018 Americans left more than half of their vacation days Unclaimed but did you know that people who take 11 more vacation days are more likely to receive a raise See when I was little my parents would take time off each year to take us to the Grand Canyon I was that annoying kid in the backseat always asking are we there…

  • 12 Unexpected Uses for Vicks VapoRub
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    12 Unexpected Uses for Vicks VapoRub

    Twelve unexpected uses for vicks vapor rub We all know vicks vapor rub as our good friend and Ally and fighting colds its main ingredients camphor menthol and eucalyptus help relieve a cold and nasal congestion However, these are not the only benefits of the product it. Also has some super powers like relieving headaches and back pains Disciplining your pet and even reducing belly fat We put together a list of 12 alternative, but amazing uses for vicks vapor rub We’re pretty sure you’ve never heard any of them 12 works as an insect repellent Imagine it’s a perfect day, and you decide to spend some quality time outside…

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    Florida Dental Implants – Transformation Vacation with New Teeth Now

    (Shawna Rau) New teeth now is so unique because we have patients that come from all over the world right here to Lakeland to have their implant surgery in one day. So if you suffer from missing or loose teeth periodontal disease or are just miserable with your dentures we can help you with new teeth now. We’ve designed the transformation vacation so that our patients can come to Florida without having to worry about all of their travel arrangements. The first step in the new teeth now transformation vacation is a phone consultation. We may spend 30 minutes to an hour together on the phone going over your dental…

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    Road Chef 12V Camping Oven

    – So, Road Chef 12V Camp Oven by Camp Easy, for fresh baked food on the go. Let’s check it out. (upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s Lauren from Snowys here, I’ve got the Road Chef 12V Camp Oven by Camp Easy in front of me today. Now, if you’re anything like me and can easily drop a hundred bucks in a bakery with hungry kids on the road, or you’re travelling out bush and there’s nowhere to stop for lunch, this oven is the perfect accessory for your adventures. Now, in your box you’re obviously getting your 12V oven with a main power chord attached at the back. We’ve got…

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    DIY Coffee Pods Bags For Camping Coffee Without Electricity Hack

    diy coffee bags pods for camping off grid bug out how to make your own coffee bags no coffee pot coffee recipe how to make coffee without power hi it’s AlaskaGranny did you wake up at camp and want your coffeee how to make coffee without power diy coffee bags for camping off grid hunting camp here’s a trick to how to have good tasting coffee make your own single serve coffee bags pods when you’re at camp making coffee bags starts before you go to camp you take a coffee filter and dental floss then you push the coffee filter down into a measuring cup just to hold it…