• Gentle Yoga Flow ♥ Start Or End Your Day Perfectly | Fort De Soto
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    Gentle Yoga Flow ♥ Start Or End Your Day Perfectly | Fort De Soto

    With every sunset and sunrise Mother Earth teaches us something Reminder about the impermanence of life the rise and fall of our journeys in this existence a Reminder that sometimes it’s ok to let things go because each morning. We are given a gift of a fresh start Today’s practice is something that’s perfect for a morning or an evening flow Easy gentle and peaceful way to become one with your body and mind All right friends we’re gonna begin today in a seated position at the back of your mat with your feet and knees together Let’s take a moment taking a deep breath in reaching both arms up…

  • Camp Guide: Munglinup Beach
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    Camp Guide: Munglinup Beach

    hey guys today I’m on my way to Muglinup beach camp for a few days so i thought i would show you guys around Munglinup Beach is located on the south coast of Western Australia about 70km west of Hopetoun 130km east of Esperance or about 620km away from Perth. the area is still recovering from some massive rains at the start of 2017 so some of the roads are still under roadworks or still washed out in places and while the campground is still accessible by two wheel drive vehicles or towing Caravans, it is something to be aware of on your way in, you will see an information…

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    Seated Barbell Military Press – Shoulder Exercise – Bodybuilding.com

    Sit on a military press bench. Your grip should be wider than shoulder width. Once you’ve picked up the barbell, lift the bar overhead with your arms straight. Hold the bar slightly in front of your head. This will be your starting position. Now inhale and slowly lower the bar down to shoulder height. Then exhale and press the bar back up to the starting position. ♪♪♪

  • Fort Sask Transit
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    Fort Sask Transit

    If you want to commute by bus between Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton, a commuter ticket is your ticket. You can buy them at Dow Centennial Center, Co-op, Safeway, Shoppers West Park and City Hall. If you’re a post-secondary student we’re part of the U-pass program, riding with us is within your reach. Riding locally? Then, you’ll love using the Passio GO! app. It makes it a snap to track your bus in real time! Just download the Passio GO! app from Google Play or iTunes. It even tells you the exact time your bus will arrive. We think boarding should be as easy as possible. That’s why the bus is…

  • The 3 steps to eviction | housing advice | Shelter
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    The 3 steps to eviction | housing advice | Shelter

    If you’re a private tenant there are usually three steps to eviction.The first one is correct written notice. The second step is if you haven’t left by the date your notice has run out, your landlord must apply to court for a possession order. Then if you’re still in the property on the date after the possession order has been granted your landlord will have to go back to court and apply for a bailiff’s warrant which means that court bailiffs will legally be allowed to evict you on a set date and at a set time.

  • Sergei Bondarchuk. The Fate of a Man (1959)
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    Sergei Bondarchuk. The Fate of a Man (1959)

    Prisoner-of-war Sokolov reporting at your orders, Herr Lagerfuhrer! And so, Russky Ivan, four cubic meters are too much to dig, are they? Yes sir, too much. And one meter would suffice for a grave? Yes, Herr Lagerfuhrer, a yard would suffice with room to spare. I shall do you the great honor of shooting you myself for those words. This is not the proper place. We’ll go outside. As you wish, sir. Before you die, Russky Ivan, I want you to drink to the victory of German arms! Gentlemen, to our armed forces! Thanks for your generosity, but I don’t drink. So you don’t want to drink to our victory.…

  • West Coast Trail Hiker Preparation Guide
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    West Coast Trail Hiker Preparation Guide

    [music] [Narrator] The West Coast Trail is a multi-day backcountry hike along the west shoreline of Vancouver Island. the trail lies in the traditional territories of the Huu-ay-aht, Ditidaht, and Pacheedaht First Nations. These Nations have been here since time immemorial and continue to call Vancouver Island home. Today, through cooperative management, the West Coast Trail Guardians from each of these Nations help maintain the trail, share stories and welcome hikers. This is one of British Columbia’s most challenging hiking routes. It covers extremely difficult terrain and should only be attempted by seasoned backcountry hikers with multi-day trek experience. Before reserving your space, know what you’re signing up for to…

  • QanA 11: An Under-Used Tax Shelter (Life Insurance)
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    QanA 11: An Under-Used Tax Shelter (Life Insurance)

    Let’s look at an underused tax shelter. Hi, I’m Promod Sharma, your actuary at Taxevity. Imagine a financial instrument with a tax-free death benefit like your principal residence, tax-sheltered growth like your RRSP, tax-free access like your Tax Free Savings Account — at any time for any reason. And tax deductions like your Home Equity Line Of Credit, if you borrow to invest. You get all four with permanent life insurance that has a cash value. You don’t need to use all the tax advantages. Life is unpredictable. Someday you may want them. Temporary life insurance only gives the first benefit. There’s no tax sheltered growth unless you convert to…

  • Snowshoeing & Camping : Snowshoeing: Securing a Campsite
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    Snowshoeing & Camping : Snowshoeing: Securing a Campsite

    In this clip we’re going to talk about how to secure your camp before going on a day hike. First of all of course is your food. You’re going to want to have it either in a bear canister or a bear bag and secured according to those directions so that when you come back, you’ll still have a meal. Your tent, you want to make sure it’s well anchored down and all zipped up tight so no creatures can get in it and so no wind can catch it and take it away. Also your backpack. You’re going to want it all zipped up and covered with a waterproof…