• Glaskogen, Sweden – 8 days in a canoe (and some trekking)
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    Glaskogen, Sweden – 8 days in a canoe (and some trekking)

    After a long time of planning, preparing for our first trip outdoors in this fashion, a whole lot of bought equipment praticing to pack our bag, Test-runs and exercises (like making fire in the rain) we were finally on the verge of testing our proficiency in the outdoors. The setting of this act should become the nature reservation of Glaskogen, in Sweden, that we were to explore in a canoe on our own, before hiking back to Oslo, Norway, to catch our flight. The first difficulties we encountered came early: during the journey to get there. This is our story 🙂 Oslo Airport – customs inspection (empty all your pockets…

  • Camping Doku, Wild Campen Adventure trip
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    Camping Doku, Wild Campen Adventure trip

    During 3 days 3 friends fought there way through the woods of Germany. The compass showed them the way. Besides, they slept under free sky, conquered many obstacles and experienced thus a small adventure directly before the front door. The city we have left behind us and now we are running just next to a gravel pit. Matze has a little too much in his backpack. Now the shoulders already hurt him. We just found an old military hall. Earlier we have also found something metal what we didn´t want to touch. Well let’s see where we get out again. Here you have to be careful, that can realy hurt…

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    Carinthia Observer Plus Biwakzelt IRR – Testbericht Gear Review

    Hey Guys today i introduce you to the Bivy Tent Observer Plus from Carinthia. I’ve already tested it for a while and will tell you a little bit about it. Have fun and see you later! The bivy tent of Carinthia, in contrast to a normal bivy bag has free-standing poles that forms a kind of dome at the head end. Through this expanded space, the one-man tent is good for observation, wildlife photography as a hiding place or for hunting. Of course it can also be used as inconspicuous weatherproof one-man camping tent. The Observer Plus will be delivered in a spacious pack sack with compression straps and has,…

  • Wasser-Camping: Schlafen im schwimmenden Bett auf dem See | BR24
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    Wasser-Camping: Schlafen im schwimmenden Bett auf dem See | BR24

    Zelten am Brombachsee – das gibt es eigentlich schon seit Jahrzehnten natürlich. Aber mittlerweile auch auf recht unkonventionelle Weise: zum Beispiel in solchen Baumzelten. Das ist aber gar nicht unser Thema heute. Wir wollen nicht zwischen den Stämmen übernachten. Sondern: Viel weiter unten. Auf dem Wasser. Das soll hier am Absberger Ufer des Brombachsees nämlich vielleicht bald möglich sein. Noch ist alles in der Testphase… Ein schwimmendes Zelt. Eigentlich sieht es recht stabil aus. Mal gucken, wie wackelig es dann wird, das Schlafen auf dem Wasser. Vor dem Schlafen kommt das Balancieren, über den Steg der Wakeboarder geht es zum wackligen Domizil. Dort wohnt momentan Kendra aus Kanada. Sie arbeitet…

  • Complete Packing List: Two Years World Bicycle Tour
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    Complete Packing List: Two Years World Bicycle Tour

    Hello and welcome to our “Equipment Video” Today we want to show you all the equipment Which we have with us after almost 2 years of cycling the world We want to show everything and explain it Have fun! Bikes and Panniers So we have two bikes, that’s important of course These are two bikes from the company “Boettcher” The model “Expedition” Very robust bikes, we are very happy 26″ tires Steel frame and a rohloff hub Magura, hydraulic rim brakes We are very happy Great bikes Most important at my bike This, it’s a honk Which is called airzound It works like this, you have a pressure tank here…

  • Radreise Balkan #3 – Bosnien & Herzegowina – GER with ENG subtitles
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    Radreise Balkan #3 – Bosnien & Herzegowina – GER with ENG subtitles

    Balkan – Fall 2016 45 Days 2110 km Part 3 Bosnia and Herzegovina Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina! We are about 4 km behind the border now And we looked up this place at the lake in advance We found it on Maps.ME And it’s much nicer than we’ve expected Nice beach and no people Awesome! Hello! That was day one in Bosnia and Herzegovina We cycled about 45 km Now we found a cool old house A ruin – or what’s left from it Here we will pitch up our tent Because it will rain in the night Then we have a roof And tomorrow we can have a…

  • Motorcycle camping gear: Lightweight cooking set
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    Motorcycle camping gear: Lightweight cooking set

    Hello my friends… Not only backpack hiking has focus on lighweight equipment. It is also interesting for us, adventure motorcycle riders. Today I want to introduce you my cooking set, my lightweight cooking set with only 1,2 kg based on my experience and for very cheap price. You need a pot with lid like this one. I prefer stainless. Do not take aluminium, because during the transport the neverending vibrations will grind down the aluminium surface and enjoy your meal later. Next important part of my cooking set is a stainless coffee cup like this one. Spoon, knife and fork- all made of stainless. In the past I used the…

  • Festival im Luxus: Glamping vs. Camping bei Parookaville
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    Festival im Luxus: Glamping vs. Camping bei Parookaville

    Louisa: Wenn man sich jetzt mal überlegt, auf dem Deluxe-Campingplatz zahlen die ja 589 Euro. Würdest du so viel zahlen? Besucher: Niemals. Dreh mal die Kamera. Für das würde ich das niemals tauschen. Niemals. L: Drei Tage Festival – das bedeutet normalerweise auch das Zurückstellen der eigenen Körperhygiene auf dem Campingplatz. Es gibt aber einen neuen Trend zum Camping: das Glamping. Da tauschen dann die Dosenravioli mit dem Sternekoch und das Zelt mit einem Häuschen. Ich persönlich war dieses Jahr auf zwei Festivals und für mich hat das eigentlich auch dazugehört, dass es eben nicht so luxuriös ist. Ich bin hier auf dem Parookaville gerade angekommen, am Deluxe-Campingplatz, denn dort…

  • Fenix CL25R Camping Leuchte/Lantern – Testbericht Gear Review
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    Fenix CL25R Camping Leuchte/Lantern – Testbericht Gear Review

    Hey Guys, recently I have introduced you to the CL20 camping lantern by Fenix and today it is supposed to be the CL25R. Available in stores only recently and have to say I like it already very good. More on that now in the video. Have Fun The CL25R is an All Season camping lantern makes a diffuse scattering light. By the maximum output of 350 lumens it is very suitable to illuminate larger places or camps. As the small predecessor you can place the light normally or hang on the hanging loop in the upper part for example inside a tent or simply on a branch. In combination with…